Reverse YHM episode 8

Today’s episode starts with….

After listening to ruhi emotional words about raman, ishita goes inside, ruhi stops her and says do you forgive papa now, I want to see you both like before, you both don’t look good when arguing. Ishita says please leave me alone and goes. She goes inside and cries saying did I do mistake by blaming raman, but…..ruhi listens this and may be ishima is feeling bad and is fully confused i guess, i will make her understand clearly and goes.

After sometime, She again everyone and ask them to get ready, we need to go to temple and also for shopping, they ask why shopping now, she says tomorrow is raksha Bandhan, I need new dress and dadi said to papa that she wants to go temple as I returned, Adi says i also need to buy gift for ruhi and pihu, they agree. Ruhi asks ishita to come, ishita says no ruhi, i am not in a mood to cone, you all can go, ruhi says no ishima, I want you to select my dress, Ishita says please don’t force me, ruhi acts and says after so many days, I came here and you all are not valuing me and emotionally blackmails her, ishita smiles and says ok, ruhi jumps in joy and goes, ishita says nautanki.

They all get ready and go near car. Ishiya goes to sit with mrs.bhalla but ruhi asks her to sit with raman, raman says no need ruhi, if she wants to sit with me then she will come, you don’t need to force her. Ruhi says offo papa, I am talking to ishima right then why are you talking in middle, chup. Ishita says ok and makes ruhi sit in between her and raman, raman thinks at least she did this and says not bad ruhi and smiles.

They go to temple, they all get down and go towards temple, ruhi says I need water, ishita says I will give you water, come, it is in car. Ruhi says ok, she goes inside car while ishita gets a call and she takes, now her back is faced towards the car, while drinking, someone grabs ruhi and takes her into to other jeep, ruhi shouts, ishita turns and gt shocked, she shouts ruhi….. And runs behind her, raman also comes running hearing her shout, he also runs behind the jeep, ishita falls down and sees the kidnaper went away taking ruhi, she cries vigorously and blames herself for the happening, raman calms her down and says Don’t worry, I will call police and we will get ruhi, don’t worry.

Just then someone comes behind ishita and calls her as ishima, raman and ishita get shocked seeing her, Yes, she is none other than ruhi, ishita holds her and kisses her all over her face, ruhi says ishima, now did you understand, how papa must be feeling when he lost me, ishita gets stunned, she reminisces when she scolded raman for losing ruhi, she gets shaken up and raman holds her. Raman says what is this ruhi, how did you do this and how did the kidnappers leave you, ruhi calls the kidnapper and asks him to show his face, he removes the cloth and they both gets shocked seeing abhishek, abhishek says yes, it is me, he says, ruhi called me yesterday and said about your fight and blamings etc, she asked me for help to make ishita realise that it is not raman’s mistake, so I agreed to do this and trust me ishita ji, you both are very lucky to have ruhi as your daughter, ishita cries seeing raman and hugs him emotionally, ruhi gets glad and shouts, abhishek smiles and leaves, mrs.bhalla and family come there and see they both hugging emotionally and gets happy, simmi says bhai this is temple, raman and ishita part ways, mrs.bhalla asks how did you both reconcile, raman says it is a long story, i will say you afterwards, ruhi says let’s take a selfie, they says ok, they smiles broadly and take selfies

After Sometime, raman goes to ruhi’s room, he sees ruhi and adi on the either side and pihu on the lap of ishita and gets teary eyed, ishita sees him crying and asks what happened, raman says I am crying because I don’t have any place near you people, ruhi laughs saying you are crying for this, come here and sit in my place, I will sit on your lap, raman says OK and sits beside ishita, they smile and raman takes selfie.

Screen freezes on their smiling faces, They lived HAPPILY here after…..

Thankyou so much guys for constantly supporting me by commenting on every episode, love you guys so much and may god bless you all. ALL THE BEST for your future.


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