Reverse YHM episode 7


I this am extremely sorry for not uploading from few days

Today’s episode starts with………

Days go on and misunderstandings and arguments go on between ishita and raman and the day has come when ishita and raman had heated argument and all are listening to it.
Raman: how many times should I say sorry to you ishita and shouts
Ishita: don’t shout raman, ruhi and others may listen.
Raman: I don’t care, just tell me, will you forgive me or not?
Ishita: I don’t know.

Raman: what do you mean by that.
Ishita: I need some more time, whatever you did was very and did you remember, you were blaming me that time when I was arguing with you.
Raman: I was irritated by all your blaming and scoldings, I am ruhi’s father, how can you all blame me that I did not try saving her….
Ishita: just leave raman, I need some more time.
Raman: ok fine, take your time, I need pihu now. Will you please give me.
Ishita: fine go and take her, she is with mummy ji.
Raman gets excited and says Thank you so much and goes without seeing ruhi near the door.

Ruhi gets shocked seeing their arguments about her and cries saying all were blaming papa these many days, I need to tell them the truth. She goes and sees raman with pihu and hugs him saying I missed you so much papa, raman says me too and kisses her. She goes to hall and shouts asking everyone to come. Everyone come and ask ruhi what happened, she says why did you all blame papa when nidhi took me? Did he intentionally leave me there? Did he not stop me when I said I will go to nidhi? Answer me, everyone lower their gaze. Papa tried so much to save me, but that nidhi threw pihu up, in order to catch pihu, papa left my hand. When he was catching pihu he fell down and nidhi held my hand and made me sit in the jeep and went, then also papa started running behind us, but nidhi increased the speed so that he can’t run. Papa had no mistake in this, did you people remember, I said to papa and ishima that I will go to nidhi, but papa never agreed, at last when nidhi said she will kill pihu then he agreed. He tried so hard to save me but you people were blaming him about my death. She hugs raman and he is the best dad in the world and kisses him. Raman and everyone get teary eyed.

Precap: A masked man kidnaps ruhi, while ishita runs behind their car with pihu in her hand and falls down.

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  1. Nice part but again kidnapping drama but I think this time blame goes to ishita……plz upload soon next part..

  2. Nice update….please update daily….plz plz…

  3. Purna

    Really nice episode……scary precap!!!!

  4. Emotional one….but this time Raman will blame ishita or this is a plan to make ishita realise her mistake….If this kidnapping is real…I hope ki sirf Raman hi ruhi ko bachale….so that ki ishita ko pata chale ki Raman ki galti nahi hai us vakht. ….im waiting waiting …plz update daily na….plz plz its a request….

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