Reverse YHM episode 6


Today’s episode starts with….

Ruhi, ishita and raman coming back home after making nidhi arrest, ruhi shouts saying after so many days I am in my home back, she asks ishita to make something for her, i am so hungry, ishita cups her face and says I will make your favorite milkshake, you go and fresh up, raman says I also want to make something for ruhi, ishita says no need and be rude to him, ruhi notices it but doesn’t respond and goes to fresh up.

Raman asks ishita to please forgive him, now ruhi also came. Ishita asks him to get up and don’t do anything like this in front of ruhi, she may get upset seeing all this. She goes to kitchen and raman sits upset. Ruhi comes there after fresh up, raman makes her sit on his lap and says I am so sorry ruhi, because of my carelessness you faced so much trouble, ruhi says i trust you papa, it is not your mistake, I asked you to take me there and when nidhi is taking also, you ran very fast behind the jeep, but that evil witch nidhi speeded the car, and you fallen down. Raman asks your car fell down and blasted right, then how did you…., ishita comes and says ruhi came just now and she must be tired, why are troubling her, ruhi says it is nothing like that ishima, actually when raman is running behind us, nidhi increased the speed and kept on seeing back, she didn’t see the road is not there, by the time the car is going to fall down, she catched me and jumped aside, then we were rolling down and she catched a tree branch and came up by somehow, I was catching her, so I also came up. Then she immediately took me to place, I have been there for 1 month, actually she wants to take me to australia, that is why she needed my passport came to this house. Ishita hugs her and says you would have had trouble there and cries.

Just then they hear car sound and thinks may mrs.bhalla, simmi and others came, they will be very happy seeing ruhi alive, I will inform them, ruhi says no ishima, I want to tell them in another way, will you both help me, raman and ishita say sure, ruhi tells them a plan. Raman smiles and pulls ruhi’s cheeks.

They come inside and see Ishita keeping knife near raman’s stomach, mrs.bhalla shouts and romi catches ishita and asks simmi to bring rope to tie ishita, simmi goes inside. Romi asks what happened to you bhabhi, ishita acts mad and tells to mr.bhalla that I got my ruhi back, raman acts and says doctor told that due to emotional stress she became mad and cries fakely. mr.bhalla says how did this happen? mrs.bhalla falls on the chair and cries saying after ruhi’s death nothing is going well, ruhi comes behind mrs.bhalla says when did I die dadi? Mrs.bhalla rubs her eyes and asks Mr. bhalla to pinch her, romi and simmi also pinch each other, all at a time shouts this is true and says RUHI and hugs and kisses her one by one, ishita laughs seeing ruhi wiping the kisses on her face. Everyone ask ruhi so many questions, ruhi shouts STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, don’t make me irritated by your questions, Ishima will tell everything. Ishita narrates them the whole incidents and mrs.bhalla prays god, finally this house got its charm back. Ruhi asks mrs.bhalla to give pihu to her, she kisses pihu and pihu giggles, everyone smile seeing them.

Precap: ruhi listens ishita and raman’s arguments and asks why are you both arguing……

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  1. wow ishraruhi drama was so funny . finally the whole family is reunited . now eagerly waiting for ishra reunion

  2. Ha ha ha……ishraru ki notanki ……???…loved this ….plz update soon…..

  3. Kumud

    hahaha funny

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