Reverse YHM episode 5


Today’s episode starts with…

Raman and ishita catch nidhi and ishita slaps her hard. She beats her a lot, raman says calm down ishita and cools her. Raman makes nidhi stand and asks where is ruhi, nidhi says she is dead, raman shouts then how can you be alive, he twistes her hand and she shouts you will never get ruhi, ishita says it means ruhi is alive and gets happy. Nidhi shouts YES, she is alive but you will never get her. Raman warns her that if you did not say where is ruhi then I will kill you, nidhi says you both can kill me but you will never get ruhi and laughs evilly, ishita gets dizzy and holds nidhi’s legs and pleads her to say where is ruhi, and cries. Nidhi pushes her, raman gets angry and drags nidhi and makes her sit in the car, he asks ishita to hold nidhi and sit. He takes them to a place, ishita asks where are you taking us, raman ties nidhi to a chair, shouts what are you doing, raman takes electric wires and gives shock to nidhi, ishita shouts what are doing, she will die, raman asks nidhi to say where is ruhi, nidhi takes a long breath and says I won’t says, ishita says If you say, then we will leave you, we will not give you to police, nidhi laughs, ishita says are you mad Raman gets more angry and brings matchbox, he says I don’t care if I go to jail after killing her, he pours kerosene on her and lights the matchstick, ishita shouts no raman, nidhi gets scared and says I will says where is ruhi, ishita asks where? Nidhi tells the address, raman smiles and says ruhi, takes nidhi and ishita to that place. He searches everywhere while ishita catches nidhi and searches.

Raman finds ruhi very weak and tied by ropes and gets emotional, he makes her conscious and hugs her, ruhi says Papa and cries, ishita comes there too and also hugs ruhi and talks to her, she says sorry for leaving you with nidhi and cries. Nidhi sees both of them busy talking with ruhi and silently goes out. Ruhi shouts nidhi left and asks raman to catch her. Raman catches her and says your house is police station, nidhi says but ishita told that if I will say where is ruhi, then she told she will leave me, raman says she may leave you but I won’t leave and says you will never be able to come out of police station in this life.

Precap: Ishita acts mad and tells to mr.bhalla that I got my ruhi back, Raman acts and says doctor told that due to emotional stress she became mad, mrs.bhalla cries after ruhi’s death nothing is going well, ruhi comes behind mrs.bhalla says when did I die dadi?

Oops, so sorry for the short update

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  1. Akshata

    awesome, update soon

  2. Purna

    Hi sarayumane!!!
    This was Amazing……..waiting for next….

  3. Ruksy

    wow amazing plz update longer.

  4. Wow…..finally ruhi milgayi…..yeyeyyyy….thank you for this awesome ff yaar…..plz update daily….

  5. I wish this was the real story and without leap it would be awesome

  6. ruhi milgayi . i get very happy reading ur ff .

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