Reverse YHM episode 4


Today’s episode starts with….

Nidhi saying from the last one month, I did every arrangement to go to Australia but only one thing remained, that is your passport, I will get that today any how, Ruhi says when you go to my house then everyone will catch you and kill you, nidhi says i am very smart, I will go there tonight as everyone will be going to temple as a big pooja is going on and no one will be there at home, ruhi gets tensed and nidhi smirks evilly.

Ishita feel nausea and vomits. Mrs.bhalla and simmi asks what happened and gets worried for her. Ishita faints. Mrs. Bhalla calls raman and informs this. Raman gets shocked and says I will bring doctor and cuts the call.

Doctor comes and ishita, raman asks what happened to her, doctor says she is in emotional stress and very weak right now, don’t make her worry for anything and make her happy by any way, raman worries that how can she be happy when her daughter is dead. Doctor leaves. Raman sits beside ishita and caresses her. He makes her sit. Ishita opens her eyes and sees raman’s hand on her shoulder. She pushes his hand and says no need to worry about me. Raman says shut up, I worry for you and care for you, you can’t stop me from worrying about you, understand. Mrs.bhalla says stop it raman why are you arguing with her, she is so weak, let her rest. Simmi says then how will ishita come with us to pooja, raman says she will not go anywhere, she will take rest. You all go. Mrs.bhalla says yes, she needs rest, but someone should be there with her, neelu is also on leave, then who will be with her. Raman says i will be with her. Ishita says no need, you go with them. When raman tries to convinces her, she shouts at him to leave me and go. Raman leaves. Ishita cries saying ruhi… my daughter and kisses her picture.

Everybody get ready to go to temple, raman comes and asks mr.bhalla and romi to take mrs.bhalla, simmi and go. I have some work in office, I will do that and come there. Ishita stares at him and gives an impossible look. She goes inside. They all sit in car and goes. Ishita yells at raman that you want to be with me and take care of me, right, that is why you told them that you have work. Raman says nothing like that, I have work, ishita says then go to office and do, I want to be alone, raman says but… and goes. Ishita goes inside and rests. Raman goes to office.

Nidhi comes to their house via pipe and thinks no one is at home, she uses a duplicate key to open the back door and goes to ruhi’s room. She checks everywhere and doesn’t get the passport and pushes a vase in anger. Ishita wakes up by the sound and says WHO IS THERE and goes towards ruhi’s room, nidhi gets scared and says oh no, ishita is here and runs from there. Ishita lightly sees a glimpse of her and says nidhi, she sees a blue bracelet near her and reminisces nidhi wearing a same bracelet and thinks she is surely nidhi and runs behind her by taking her phone. Nidhi throws some stones on her, ishita gets hurt but runs again. Ishita calls raman shouts raman, raman, I am running behind nidhi, she is alive, he says what and asks her the address, she says I don’t know and gives some clues. Raman says ok and speeds his car, nidhi runs so fast and stops a car and asks lift, the driver opens the car glass and it turns out be raman, he gets angry and comes out, nidhi gets scared and runs on the other side, Ishita comes behind her and block her way. Ishita holds her hair and slaps her hard.

Precap: Nidhi says you both can kill me but you will never get ruhi, ishita says it means ruhi is alive and gets happy.

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  3. nice .. eagerly waiting for next episode ……………

  4. Jaldi ishra ko milado yaar plz……emotional wala milan dedo na plz

  5. Great every day i want updates those days i missed drama so i can read every day…thank you

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