Reverse YHM episode 3


I am so sorry guys for not updating the update, I am so busy as my school and decided to end my ff, I know it is just 3rd episode, but please understand…

Today’s episode starts with…

Ishita donates clothes to poor people, suddenly a little girl with a women come there to take blankets, they are in burqas, while giving clothes to the little girl, ishita touches the little girl’s hand and feels attached to her. She doesn’t leave her hand and keep staring at her. A lady behind asks the little girl to move fast and she takes her hand and goes. Ishita asks mrs. Bhalla and amma to donate the remaining clothes and goes inside temple.

She sits in front of god and cries asking why did you take my ruhi, she turns to go and wind blows heavily, the burka on the lady’s face flies and she tries to cover it, ishita sees the lady and gets shocked, she shouts Nidhi and runs to catch her, the burkha lady silently goes in crowds area. She makes the little girl sit inside the car and goes. Ishita shouts and searches madly, mrs bhalla sees her and asks what happened, ishita takes a heavy breath and says nidhi, she is nidhi. Mrs bhalla worries seeing her state and says Come with me and takes her with Amma.

Ishita runs to raman’s room and says raman, raman, he makes her sit down and cools her, he asks what happened, she says i have seen nidhi, she wore burka and came to take clothes near when I went to donate clothes, raman says what, He says ishita may be you are imagining her, she is dead a month, you know that right? Ishita says no raman, I have seen her, you please try to remember raman, did you really see nidhi dying, then where is her bodies, raman says stop it ishita you need rest, come and rest, stop this nonsense right now, ishita shouts and says answer me first, did you see nidhi dying, raman shouts NO, I have seen the car going towards the cliff and fallen from there, then after few minutes it was blasted, he says my daughter… and cries. He says police said that bodies will not recognized as the car was blasted, I don’t have that much strength to see my daughter’s dead face, ishita says may nidhi ran from there before the car blasted or before the car fell from the cliff, raman says it can’t be possible. Now no more arguments, you take rest, I am going to office, ishita tries to speak, but raman closes the door and goes. Ishita gets tensed and sits worried.

Raman in his office thinks about ishita’s words and says ishita’s words can’t be totally wrong, if her words are true and what if nidhi is alive then… then my ruhi can also be alive and gets happy.

That burkha lady goes to some haunted place with the little girl. She takes her burka and she is none other than nidhi.m, she fumes thinking almost I would be caught today, she goes to the little girl and takes her burka, and she is our ruhi, ruhi mouth is tied, she cries and signals nidhi to open her ties. She makes sound, nidhi says hi pretty girl, is it paining for you and takes the plaster from her mouth, she says we will be going to Australia tomorrow, ruhi cries and asks her to take her to her home. Nidhi gets irritated by her words and says shut up, you are dead for your family, no one cares for you right now, your dad hates you, that is why he asked me to take you and give his baby to him. Ruhi says it is nothing like that. Nidhi says from the last one month, I did every arrangement to go to Australia but only one thing remained that is your passport, I will get that today any how, Ruhi says when you go to my house then everyone will catch you and kill you, nidhi says i am very smart, I will go there tonight as everyone will be going to temple as a big pooja is going on and no one will be there at home, ruhi gets tensed and nidhi smirks evilly….

Precap: Ishita vomits and feels weak. bhalla says then how will she come to temple then, ishita says I will take rest, you all go, raman says I will be with you, ishita says no need, when raman convinces her, she gets angry and asks him to go.

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  1. If u r going to stop the update of this ff please complete this ff don’t stop in the middle

    1. Sarayumane

      Yes, sure. I will complete this ff as u hate leaving something in middle, it just bugs me a lot

  2. Wow touching love it

  3. i wish this was the real track and no leap 🙁

  4. Purna

    Lovely……..I really liked it a lot

  5. nice episode . update next episode soon . if u r going to end it , end it in a proper way dear . go ahead, rock on

  6. Simon Walawender

    The role reversing gets very difficult for Raman while Shagun’s attempt to manipulate Ruhi and fails miserably Mihir asks Aaliya to confirm the meeting with Rajat, who messages that he can t come as he is getting married today which pisses Mihir off. When Aaliya asks what s wrong in that Mihir say marrying against one s parents wish is extremely wrong for him.

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