Reverse YHM episode 2


So sorry guys for the late update….Please forgive me…

Today’s episode starts with…

Next day, everyone is mourning for ruhi’s death. Ishita doesn’t cry and sits like a stone, suddenly pihu cries, the also ishita doesn’t respond, raman sees ishita not responding and goes to pihu, just ishita comes there and takes pihu from his hands, she shouts don’t you dare to touch my daughter, raman says but she is my daugh…., ishita cuts him in the middle and says you don’t have any rights to touch my daughter, anyways, if my daughter will be here then he will always try to come closer to her, it is better that I will leave from here, raman gets shocked and says you will not go anywhere, ishita ignores his words and packs her clothes, raman asks mrs bhalla to stop her, but she says let her do whatever she wants, I am with her decision. He begs her to stop Ishita….
When ishita is going to step outside, mrs.bhalla stops her and says you are my daughter and you will not go anywhere, but ishita says I need to go, I don’t want my daughter to get attached to this raman, please don’t try to convince me, simmi says why should you go, this is your house, and pihu is the daughter of this house, please don’t go. Everyone tries to convince her and finally she says OK, i won’t go anywhere, whole family smiles.

1 month later

Ishita is still the same, she couldn’t come out of ruhi death grief. She sits sadly with pihu…
Mrs.Bhalla comes to her and says, ishita can we go anywhere, ishita nods no, mrs.bhalla tries to convince her. Just then ishita’s amma comes and says we will go to temple and donate some clothes to poor, ishita says but…, amma says they will give blessings for pihu, ishita says ok and goes to get ready. Mrs.bhalla says this will lighten ishita’s mood and prays to god.

Ishita goes to temple and donates clothes to poor people, suddenly a little girl with a women come there to take blankets, they are in burqas, while giving clothes to the little girl, she touches her hand and feels attached to her.

Precap: Ishita lightly sees a glimpse of nidhi’s face and gets shocked, she goes to raman and says raman, raman I have seen nidhi.., raman says WHAT?

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  1. Samreen

    vry nice dear keep it up

  2. nice …… nd make it long episode nd continue this ff……..

  3. Loved it……very nice story….please one suggestion ishra ko equal importance dena while finding ruhi….pls sirf ishita ko zyada importance math do…..and thank yoh for this lovely story……plz update daily….and sorry if you dnt like my suggestion…..

    1. Sarayumane

      Actually, I think the same. Don’t worry raman and ishita will have the same impotrance while saving ruhi

  4. Ruksy

    wow love it plz update soon

  5. Wonderful ff and a very nice ? episode . Upload next epi soon

  6. Very nice ff I like the way u are writing the ff. I also suggest that u give equal importance to both of them. Make it a long ff with some love and romance. Don’t mistake me it is just a request. But i will read your ff.

  7. Very nice …..plz update regularly

  8. Y there is no further updation of your ff for past two to three days.

  9. Y no updation of ff. It is very nice. Make it little long episode and update it regularly.

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