Reverse YHM… episode 1

Hi friends, I am going to write a short ff on ishra and their union after the leap, i know many people are miffed with raman due to his bad behaviour with ishita even though she is not fully at guilty, so i thought to write a total reverse story from the real serial, read the ff and most important is don’t forget to comment,

This is just an introduction….

The scene starts with….., in the hospital, baby pihu is born, romi is with her and raman is with ishita as she got shot.., just then romi gets a call and goes out, nidhi in burkha goes inside and kidnaps baby pihu, and runs. Romi cuts the call and gets shocked seeing the empty cradle, he runs and informs this to ishita and raman. Whole bhalla family comes inside and he recites the same. Raman gets angry and beats him. Ishita asks him to stop and think what to do next. Just then she gets a call from nidhi. She keeps the call on speaker. Nidhi tells them that she kidnapped pihu and if you people want then you need to give me ruhi, ishita shouts are you mad, nidhi asks her not to shout and don’t you dare to call police. She cuts the call. Raman and ishita cry, ruhi says please don’t cry ishima, I will go there and she will give you pihu, OK, ishita says no ruhi, i will not leave you, your sister will come, I will go and bring her and gets up, but shouts as it is paining, raman says I will take ruhi there and bring both ruhi and pihu, ishita says no raman, she is dangerous, nidhi is very powerful, and moreover, I won’t let you take my ruhi and hugs her, ishita says I will inform abhishek, he may help, raman says no ishita, you will not inform police, he assures her that I will bring both our daughters safe and takes ruhi with him.

Ishita with bhalla family, reaches bhalla house and starts praying to god.
Raman goes near nidhi with ruhi, ruhi gets angry seeing nidhi and throws sand and some stones on her face, nidhi shouts and leaves pihu on air, raman leaves ruhi hand and catches pihu, nidhi drags ruhi and takes her in her car, raman runs behind her car, but couldn’t reach, he sees the car going towards cliff and shouts, the car blasts and falling and raman gets shocked witnessing that.

He reaches bhalla house with pihu, ishita takes pihu and kisses her, mrs. bhalla asks for ruhi, raman doesn’t respond, everyone asks him but he doesn’t say anything, ishita shouts at him asking where is ruhi, raman says ruhi, ruhi.., ishita asks him to say and shouts, raman gets enraged and shouts that RUHI IS DEAD, he then recites the whole incidents, everyone shout at him and blame him, after everyone ishita says go and bring ruhi, i need my ruhi, just go and bring her, she scolds him a lot. Raman says it is not just my mistake, it is your mistake also, why didn’t you call police, mr bhalla says but you told us to not inform police, raman says, ishita you know me right?, that i always take wrong decisions and says when you know that I am doing wrong, then why didn’t you stop me, ishita goes near him with an angry face and slaps him, she says don’t try to put your mistakes on me, understand Mr. raman kumar bhalla.

She takes pihu and goes to her room and cries.

Precap: ishita tries to leave house with pihu but mrs. bhalla stops her and says you are my daughter and you will not leave the house.

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  1. U r starting new ff

  2. Next episodes put fast I m waiting to read

  3. this is really nice , update next episode soon , if u don’t mind can I ask u something , what is the meaning of ur name

  4. Sarayumane

    my name sarayu is a river in ayodhya

  5. It is a different ff please continue I like the way u started. Update the next episode waiting to read

  6. Really it’s a fresh starting.. Plz continue it and it’s a very wonderful..nowadays yhm give a more tension but this is good….

  7. Its really super yaar

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