The Revengeful Ghost (Thapki Pyaar Ki, Swaragini, Vishkanya and Tei) Episode 4


Bihaan:Take care of your self Thapki.

He goes downstairs.Bihaan sees Kunj going out and stops him and says

Bihaan:Areee Kunj where are you going?

Kunj:I am going there where Malay has gone.

Bihaan:Means office okay.I forgot today you also have to go.

Kunj:Now let me go.

Kunj goes from there Bihaan thinks

Bihaan:Kunj”s behaviour is odd today.I have follow him.

Bihaan follows Kunj.Kunj goes to Malay who is about to sit inside the car.

Kunj:Malay wait.

Malay:Yeah Kunj.

Kunj:I am also coming with you.

Malay:Okay Kunj sit.

Kunj sits inside the car.The car goes from here and quickly Bihaan also sits inside car and follows them.

Malay is driving the car when Kunj asks him to stop the car.

Kunj:Stop the car.

Malay stops the car.

Malay:What happened Kunj?

Kunj:See the view of mountain is very nice let’s see.

Malay and Kunj comes out of car and Bihaan stops his car seeing them coming out.

Malay:Yeah view is very nice.

Kunj comes behind Malay.And takes his position to push Malay.Bihaan sees this and
comes out of car and runs towards them but while running his one leg gets stick to land like a glue.Bihaan tries to free his leg but is not able to do so.Kunj turns and sees Bihaan and smiles evily and he pushes Malay.


Malay is falling down from mountain when he gets stop.Now he is standing in air.Malay thinks

Malay:What’s this?

Then automatically he gets on mountain and Kunj is shocked.Bihaan sees Malay and gets relief and his leg also gets free.


He goes to him.

Bihaan:Malay are you okay?

Malay:Yeah I am okay.

Bihaan:Kunj what did you do.I was not knowing you are like this.

Kunj is listening to Bihaan when he gets unconscious.


Bihaan and Malay takes Kunj into car and they go to hospital.


Doctor comes and sees Kunj and says

Doctor:Don’t worry he is stressed that’s why he got unconscious.But let him stay here for some hours then you can take him to home.

Precap:Magical fight between Kunj and Sanskar.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Nice yr

  2. Wow nice siddhi I wonder what will happen next woah fight between Kunj n Sanskar :O and love ur writing skills keep it up dear 🙂

  3. Nice siddhi…but u may try writing a bit more scary and if u don’t mind can I have ur email id …I want to give u some ideas and suggestions… Only if u don’t mind… Keep going..

    1. My email I’d is [email protected] and plus send me it would be a pleasure.

  4. Salley145

    Hi, nice story siddhi, u know I m not getting ideas to continue my ghost series, can u give some ideas if I send u the plot of my story?

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