The Revengeful Ghost (Thapki Pyaar Ki, Swaragini, Vishkanya and Tei) Episode 3


Swara goes to kitchen and drinks water.She is boutique to go when sees listens someone’s crying notice from storeroom.She opens the door of storeroom.Swara and she enters.Someone catches her leg and when she looks down she sees a hand coming from floor.She gets scared and shouts.


Listening her noise everyone comes to store room.

Sanskar:Swara what happen? (Worriedly)

Swara:Sanskar someone catched my leg and when I seen down I saw a hand.

Malay:But here is no hand Swara.

Swara:No I saw that hand.

Bihaan:It would be your imagination.

Kunj:Yeah Bihaan is right.

Apu comes to Swara

Apu:Swara I think you should take rest as you work all day then you should need some rest.


Thapki:No but but now ta…….ta…….take rest.

Twinkle:Yeah Swara they are right.

Sanskar:Swara come.

Sanskar takes Swara to room and everyone goes from there.Kunj is also going when he feels a sudden pain in his body.Then he gets relief.

At morning everyone wakes up.Malay comes to hall and sees Kunj.

Malay:Good morning Kunj.

Kunj:Okay okay.

Malay thinks

Malay:What happen to him?Why he is behaving like this?

Malay:Kunj yesterday Swara was scared very know.

Kunj:She was scared then what can I do.

Kunj goes from there.Apu brings tea for Malay.

Apu:What happen Malay what are you thinking?

Malay:Today Kunj’s behaviour is weird.


Malay:He is talking rudely.

Apu:Yeah when I came to his room to give him tea then also he was talking rudely.

Malay:Something is fishy.

Kunj goes to his room.He sits there when Twinkle hugs him from back.

Twinkle:Good morning Kunj.

Kunj Jerks and says

Kunj:What are you doing Twinkle.

He goes from there.

Twinkle thinks

Twinkle:What happen to him?

Bihaan is combing his hair when Thapki comes there.He starts whistling.

Thapki:Bi……….Bi…………Bihaan why are you whistling and looking at me?

Bihaan:They are my eyes I can look anywhere and this is my mouth I can whistle any time.

Thapki goes to book shelf.She keeps a book but her leg slips and is about to fall when he catches her.Pehli nazaragoza mein plays.

Bihaan:Are you okay Thapki?

Thapki:Yeah and th…………th……….thanks.

Precap:Kunj to push Malay from mountain.And Bihaan to see this.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Nice please add more thahaan scenes

  2. Awesome 🙂

  3. Very good episode… Siddhi… Oh no… Pls save Malay… Kunj become ghost now… Waiting for the next episode

  4. Gud…now a horror at the the end..NYC..keep horrify

  5. thanks for adding thahaan scenes

    add more
    precap is So horrible

  6. Y bihaan is seeing some one falling from mountain with out saving. Her

  7. awesome……..

  8. wow siddhi u r awesome i really like ur ff a lot keep it up dear 🙂 and how u write so well at a young age and btw your dp is very cute dear

    1. Thanks and I also don’t know how I write I just start writing and automatically ideas come in my brain.

      1. oh wow nice and yes the baby in ur pic is very cute 🙂

      2. Se is my little sister Samiksha.

      3. I have written a funny ff it’s name is Vishkanya Family As Alien And Human pls read n comment.

      4. Awww she is so adorable so cute and sure will read it siddhi and which class r u in dear?

      5. I am in 8th standard and my age is 13.

  9. please add more thahaan scene

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