The Revengeful Ghost (Thapki Pyaar Ki, Swaragini, Vishkanya and Tei) Episode 1

The ghost has came to take his deaths revenge.The ghost has came to take revenge from Bihaan,Sanskar,Malay and Kunj and there better half’s Thapki,Swara,Apu and Twinkle.See if the ghost can take revenge from these eight.

Bihaan comes downstairs and sees Malay finding someone.

Bihaan:What are you finding?

Malay:Not what whom I am finding say this.

Bihaan:Okay but to whom your finding?

Malay:Bihaan I Gave my important file to Apu and I want to ask her where it is.

Apu comes there.

Apu:Malay what are you finding?

Malay:Apu you remember I gave you my file.Where it is?

Apu:I know I will give you.

Apu goes upstairs and comes down with file.

Apu:Take your file.

Malay:Thanks Apu

And he goes from there.

Sanskar is in his room thinking about Swara when he listens some unusual sound coming from window.He goes to window.He sees a black shadow.

Sanskar:Who’s there?

Sanskar tries to look when a sudden force pushes him and he falls down.Sanskar shouts.Thapki,Bihaan,Swara,Kunj,Twinkle and Apu comes there.

Swara gets worried and goes to Sanskar.

Swara:Sanskar what happen are you okay? (Worriedly)

Sanskar:Swara I came to window to see from where the unusual voice was coming and when I came to window I saw a black shadow and when I tried to see more a sudden force pushed me to ground.

Kunj:I think Sanskar it’s just your imagination.

Sanskar:No no Kunj it’s not imagination.

Apu:Something is wrong.We have to find what is wrong.

Twinkle:Yeah we have to find it.

Thapki:Wai…….wai…….wait.Someone can be joking also.

Sanskar:No Thapki no one is joking something is very wrong.

Precap:Malay to see a man on road who’s back faces Malay.


Hope you all will like it.

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  1. See…to be honest i am a very very big darpoak…even then i red ur story at this time so its like Il have to stay awake till the light breaks. So please don’t stop writing as i am really interested to knw who’s evil spirit is it.

  2. Wow yaar interesting

  3. Okay honestly speaking when I saw the title and pic I got confused when I saw title I thought maybe it’s u siddhi but when I saw the pic I thought it was Narendran Bhaia. Now I got to know it’s u. Btw u n naru Bhaia have similar writing style that’s why I got confused 😛 and btw m eagerly waiting for the episodes as I m big fan of Twinj and thahaan

    1. I have written episode 2 and it will be posted soon.

  4. Black shadow , sudden force…. Oh siddhi… U scared me.. Very good start… Keep writing… Luv it… I mean not the ghost .. Ur writing…? Oh no precap.. Scary yaar… Excited to read…

  5. please make the episodes long

  6. This is interesting

  7. Nice…

  8. hey i hate ghosts & i too much fears to read such ffs

    Even i hate Ghost films or serials
    bt i will read this one bcoz u include Thahaan here & i really huge fan of thahaan

    if possible add romantic scene more & add few ghostly scenes

  9. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    nice dear but i requests ( i know its a horror st6ry) you dear plz explain d sein mor

    1. What does seinmor means?

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