Revenge ……who will win?(3 shots) Part 2

Revenge ……who will win 2nd part
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1st part :
Part 1/
Introduction :

Finally the day arrived for marriage.
Laksh call swara & told that I will come to get u in 1 hour so get ready for wedding. Swara nodes.
After laksh’s call , swara call to varun from her home & tell everything that laksh told her . than varun tell her that don’t worry I am just coming to u r home & I will help u to leave this city. swara nodes.
Sanky is already know about their marriage day so he is also try his level best.
Swara’ s home :
Knock at door she go to open the door in excitement that he is varun. But after seeing the person …..

Swara : tum? ( you)
Yes he is non other than sanky.
San : yes , I know aaj tumhari shadika hai but mai tum se kuch kahna chahta hon.
SWA: what!!?
San: magar phely hamy yaha se nikal na hoga bhar koi ham par nazar karny hoy hai.
SWA : but !!!
San: no but wat come on let’s go
Swara nodes because she also wants to leave the place as soon as possible any how.
Swasan comes out side the house but laksh’s men come to beat sanky.
1st sanky is confused as who’s men is this? Then he asked who r u & why the hell u r beating me?
They said that we r laksh bhai’s men .
After hearing the answer sanky became angry & beat all men in drastic harsh way ( actually sanky soch raha hai ke laksh ne uus ke men bhejy hai Swara ko lany ke liy)
& they both leave the place.
Here laksh & varun come to swara’s home but they didn’t find her they look at each other in confusion mood. Laksh think that she leave the place by her self where as varun is also think about this but didn’t digest the fact ( tum dono ko kaisy milegi swara wo to hero ke sath phely hi chali gai …
On the other side the beautiful girl wearing a top & jins is shown for asking some address to taxi man & tell him that I have to go this “XYZ” place. She reache the place & saw the laksh . ( yes she is ragini)
R : laksh

L : ragini u r here?
R : yes laksh I am here to get back u to home , dp uncle & ap aunty is very much worried about u .
L : but , I am not coming.
R : why laksh plzz think about u r family at least.
L : yes I am only thinking about them ( & he told everything to ragini that swara is here & all )
R : shocked , but
L : what ragini
R : forgot all this nonsense revenge & all laksh just comes to reality , & at least think about uncle & aunty they don’t want all this nonsense & all if anything happens to u than how could they survive & me …..she stops
L : & u ? What
R : ( she kneel down & hold laksh’s hand ) jab se tum ko dekha hai pheli bar mai tum se pyaar karny lagi hon. Yes laksh I love u more than anything in this world , & I will stay with u in any good or bad ( time) condition & l will not leave u alone in this world , I am always there for u to protect u to hold u & to love u . I am always beside u in any condition if this world is against u than also. I just want to see ur smiling face in my whole life & not else.
Laksh studd there numb , he didn’t react on her & leave the place.
On other side sanky comes to mandir holding Swara’s hand . she is in full of shocked state , she didn’t know how to react happy or sad.
He tell her that we r going to get married . she is now get more shocked 1 by 1 . actually she is also liking him but she is not ready for this. Than after so much thinking she agreed. ( actually she wants to protect her from laksh & his men aur agar wo Aisy insan se shadi karti hai jo bada business man hai aur uus ko koi kuch nahi kar sakta so than she agreed for this)
&& finally after lots of difficulty & consequences they both get married. They comes to home . after dropping home to swara sanky leave to other place without giving her answer.
Here laksh comes to house it’s 2 am, he is in full of drunk state , ragini is waiting for him. Laksh come close to her hold her shoulders tightly & said
L : why , why all this happening with me ? What I did that much wrong that everyone hates me only. That I am really very much bad?
R : ( she cupped his cheek) no laksh u r very pure hearted that this cruel world can’t understand u . no one hates u & see I am here na always there for u .
L : ( he holds her hand on his cheek ) sachchi ragini
R : nodes yes

They both get teary eyes & have painful eye lock.
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin, bhi ye sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahaan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa
They break the eye lock then laksh can’t handle his balance due to drunken so he slipped on ragini.
Humdard hai, humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaaye ajnabi
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaan
Then he close his eyes & sleep on her shoulder.
Jagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein ye raaton mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahe bas teri kami
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko paake tumse juda
She realize his state & gently place him on bed . & cover him with blanket.

Here swara is waiting for sanky & watching outside the window. Its 3 am he didn’t came so she go to sleep on bed. After some time sanky entered in room & to see swara is sleeping he get mesmerized & comes near her , he tugged her hair into her ear & cup her soft cheeks & said how beautiful u r then he goes to kiss her cheeks but unfortunately he get kavita’s face in his mind & he immediately get up from bed & start to throw all the things beside him.
After listing some kind of noise swara get up & try to stop sanky but he is not in his sense so he push her hard & she fall on ground & in ground there r some piece of glass that sanky break just a minute before so that pieces Pierce in her head badly & she get bleeding on her head . sanky shout on her loudly & told her to leave the room. & go to other room . with no option she get fear & comes to next room. She cried whole night & sleep beside the bed in seating position.
Next morning lucky wake up with heavy head & feel pain in his head than ragini enter in his room with lemon juice . he drink the juice & start to remember last night.
Here sanky also get up from his bed & feel more pain in his head , he hold his head tightly to avoid the pain. He shocked to see the scenario , his whole room is messed all things r broken into pieces & found some blood on ground . now he is worried & as what happened last night . he try to remember the night & finally he remember last night incidence. He worriedly run to Swara’s room & shocked to see her ( she is sleeping holding pillow beside bed & dry blood marks r clearly visible on her head)
He immediately call doctor & said him to come home asap.
Then he come to near her & cup h
er face with his thumb & tell I am sorry swara for last night I don’t want to do this but what should I do I have nothing option to do this .
Then after sometime she wake up & doctor is also come to her room .
Doc : Mr maheshwari is every thing is fine ? Why u called me
San: doctor check her ( after saying this is left the room without listening to any one)
Doctor check her & give some medicine & Vitim tablets because she lost some blood from her head.

After some time sanky is ready to leave office but stop in middle to see the scenario , swara is preparing breakfast for him.
Sanky : umm…humm
Swara look towards the voice.
Sanky continue ….u can join office from tomorrow( he about to leave the place)
Saw: wait a second I have prepare breakfast for u. Come seat on dinning table I will serve bf for u.

San : No thanks , I am not interested in ur food. ( then he leave the house)
Swara try her level best to stop him but he didn’t. It is daily routine for both of them sanky avoid swara & insult & taunt her like hell in office , on road , at every possible place but not in home because he only want to scolds her in front of world actually he want to show people that she is not good & she is nothing for good .
In office varun always try to save her but he also get scolds from his boss( sanky) . sanky always get jealous to see swara & varun ‘s good bond they always chit chat with each other so sanky made varun busy in work ( bechara varun) but swara & varun r just best friends not more than that. & sahil is also frustrated from them( swasan) like daily their tom & jerry fight & all.
Sanky get bored from all this things, he always thinks that I am doing wrong with her but after think about revenge his mind get diverted .
Like this all time swara bear his all nonsense talks , insult , taunts in front of world to save his husband’s reputation.
One day swara pack some cloths in bags & about to leave its 10 pm . ( actually she is in funny mood so she think to do something)

Sanky see her & come to ask her …
San: where r u going at this time? ( u can see his worried face clearly)
Saw: I am going anywhere why r u worried
San : (fumble) I …..I am not worried for u
Saw: oohh than see ur face in mirror
San: ahhh…(frustrate)… what the hell , I told u na u r not going anywhere it’s my order.
Saw: in office u r my boss not in home & who r u to give me orders
San: I am u r husband (in little voice , u can’t leave me)
Saw: oohh…(little voice ,finally u remember this ) so , Mr husband I am not leaving u , I packed some old cloths to give poor people. So I am going to give this cloths.
San: what ? At this time?

Saw : ya , because at this time they find in one place , they r not roaming so I choose this time , nice na ( haha ….mad girl) (???) .
San : OK ( but he is not satisfied with her answer so he also want to come with her ) Wait , I am also coming with u to help u .
Saw: I know this Mr husband & she laugh whole heartedly .
he get amaz & mesmerize to see her like this after so many days.
Saw : now come on let’s go , what r u seeing?
San : no…no….nothing. Come lets go.
They come on road side & there r some poor people r seating . swara goes to them holding sanky’s hand to tell him come fast . as she holds his hand some current pass through on his body then she give this all clothes to that needy people. Her smile is as bright as sun shine. He also smile to saw her smiling face.
Saw: u know Mr husband after helping to needy people u feel happiest person in this world. Hai na
They start to walk on road slowly slowly .
San : u r very unique. ( in mind he thinks how is she , in bad condition she is always think about others , & feel happy to help that people & happy to see them happy ) .
Saw : yes , wo tu mai hon.
Swara saw ice cream on road side & eagerly want to have it so she is demanding for it.
San : no swara this road side food is not good for health .
Saw : ooh my Mr husband is thinking about my health , good.
San : now we should leave no its late.
Swa: plzz plzz sanskar plzz I want it plzz.
San : but saw…..( before he could say she drag him to that side)
Saw: Bhaiya one double chocolate ice cream & sanskar what do u want
San: no I don’t eat this road side stuff.
Saw : shut up & tell me which flavor u like
San: innocently chocolate ( because 1st time swara is told him shut up & ordering him, & also he his liking her antics )
Saw : Bhaiya 2 chocolate ice cream.
Now they r holding ice cream in their hands & walking slowly on road.
Saw : eat na

San : but
Saw : no but wat ….now eat (she hold his hand & feed his ice cream to him , first he hesitate but later eat small small )
Swara’s legs r slipped due to harsh & slippery surface of road & she fall but sanky hold her on time. But her ice cream falls from her hand . now they have passionate eye lock.
Har pal meriyaan yadaan
Yadaan vich ae tu
Dil di gal main dassa
Te dassa fir kinnu (x2)
Teri meri, meri teri ik jind’di
Ik jind’di what to do
Jhoomu main naachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana (churana..)
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse mil kar tumko hai batana
Sham wahi, kaam wahi
Tere bina o sanam
Neend nahi, chain nahi
Tere bina o sanam (x2)
Teri meri, meri teri ik jind’di
Ik jind’di what to do?
Jhoomu main nachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana (x2)

They break the eye lock now sanky’s ice cream also melting & here swara is seeing sanky with puppy eyes as she want his ice cream .
San : u want this
Saw : hmm
San : take it
Saw: then u ?
San : now my stomach is full & I am done with it .
Saw : but
San : I said na no but wat take this
Saw : OK my Mr husband.
Then she take his ice cream eat fully in childish way. Sanky didn’t change his gaze from her.
Laksh & ragini saw everything . laksh come to sanskar .
L : bhai u
San : laksh
Swaragini : u both r brothers.
L : yes , but bhai swara is with u ?
San : she is my wife .
Laksh & ragini r shocked .
L : but bhai she is not good girl she is character less.
San : lakshhhhh , don’t u ever dare to tell bad about her, she is my wife. ( now this time swara is shocked to see sanky’s support , actually sanky wants to see jealousy on lucky’s face as his love married to some one else , that pain sanky wants to realize lucky)
L : but bhai u don’t know about her …..before he could say
San: I know everything about her & she loves me a lot . ( now swara is double triple shocked ? & happy too )
L : ooh I see , so misses maheshwari ( swara) because of that man u cheat me & left me .
( note : laksh is telling about their marriage held in badi not in Mumbai, but sanky understand that he is telling about their marriage in Mumbai)
San : yes , so what , what should u do? ( sanky thinks now laksh feel that pain which I suffer from so many years)
Saw : sanskar ( she drag his hand ) now we should leave now , its to late.
San : wait a sec baby ( hold her waist tightly) I meet my bro after so many years I have lots of things to talk to him.
R : laksh its very late we should leave now , & sanskar u can talk him later .
San : but , ok late it be & we can exchange our phone number & also address.
Then both the pair leave to their respective house.

In home @@
San: swara I know u r not love me & nor I will do . just before I said is all a drama nothing else . & he goes to his room.
swara feel like broken heart. A tear escaped from her eyes. She also went to her room. i.e next to sanky’s room.
On the other side raglak came to house. Ragini is very happy to see Swara alive & also happy for her married life. Lucky is also some what happy to see his brother after long time . ( he thinks that swara loves his brother more than anything & both r living happy life)
Next day sanky is leaving to home after completing his office work. ( swara is not well so today she can’t join him in office)
Sanky saw kavita on road talking to some one else. First he get shocked he can’t believe on his eyes so to conform he goes to near her.
San: kavita ………….. Ur alive?
K : yes sanskar I am alive.

San : but that letter which u write in that dp & laksh is responsible for u r death & I also seen u r death body which is completely destroyed.
K : Hahaha ( smirk evilly) ..….. This is all my plan to get revenge from u Mr sanskar maheshwari. & I didn’t love u & nor gonna do this in any birth. U r a stupid person that I ever seen in this world.

San : wh……wh….what , what r u saying kavita , I know u love me but u r little bit upset from me so u r telling all this , right.
K : hahaha … I am not joking.I only want my revenge so I am succeeded in this.
San : what revenge ?
K : u remember 7 years before that boy manik. He is my only brother.
San : what …..

Flashback start :
On dark road one man is flirting with one girl. The man is manik. It’s mid night & no one is seen far far on road . sanky is passing from this road. The girl is shouting for help. Sanky see them & came out off the car.
Girl : plzz save me plzz ( to sanky )
M : no one will save u from me baby. & turns to sanky & told him to leave the place or it is not good for u.
Sanky beat manik very harshly that his head r start to bleeding. & manik run from there.
Sanky told that girl come I will drop u home. She nodes & they leave.
But manik is running on other road & he try to stop the truck but the truck driver is in full of drunken state so he hit manik . & didn’t stop the truck & leave asap. & after that manik is no more in this world.
Present :
K : yes , u r also equal responsible with that driver for my brothers death . because of u all this happened with my brother. The driver is no more alive in this world as I killed him . & only u r left but I am not leave u so easily & I want to give u that pain so I made all this plan.
San : what the hell , u r gone totally mad, psycho .
K : hahaha… I am not but surely u r gonna mad. Because all u family hates u especially dp & swara .
Sanky is shocked.
K : yes , after what u did with swara all family members especially dp because dp loves swara like his daughter so they will not forgive u . & if they all forgive u than also swara is forgive u phely hi wo tum se pyaar nahi karti aur uuper se iitna bada dhoka janny ke baad to hargiz nahi. & all this things ( sanky’s revenge) I will tell her now so just wait & watch Mr sanskar maheshwari.
Now sanky become more angry ,his eyes r red . sanky hold her neck tightly.
San : I will not live u . ( he try to kill her )
& some one take their photos (as sanky is killing her) but he didn’t kill her because some one came at the neck of time & save her. & that person console both of them & stop sanky & tell to leave kavita. Now sanky is feeling guilty on his heart. He goes to near by bar & drink the alcohol . he wants to tell everything & sorry to swara before anyone tell this to her so after drinking lots of alcohol & gaining courage he return to home.

In home @@
Swara is waiting for him . it’s 2am he return .
Saw : where r u ?
San : I want to tell u something…….( he slipped due to drunken state)
Saw : (before he could fall on ground she hold him) ooh u r got drunken but why ? & why r u coming so late ?
San : swara listen I want to tell u something important.
Saw : (worried ) yes , tell
Sanky again fall but she hold him tightly & made lay on sofa.
San : saw……swa…swara
Saw : yes sanskar
San : Swara …..
( after seeing his state)
Swa : (slowly cares his hair) sanskar now sleep , we will talk tomorrow OK. U need rest .
San : ( angry ) no I want to talk to u
Swa : plzz sanskar
San : no means no …….( he blabbering sometimes in his mouth & sleep)
Swara didn’t understand as what he said . swara kiss his forehead . & sleep beside him on chair.
Next morning police comes in home.
Police arrest sanky for killing kavita.
Sanky get shocked & tell police that I didn’t kill her.
Swara didn’t understand anything but Swara try to stop them but all in vain. Swara told sanky don’t worry I will not let them do anything wrong with u & I will come with ur bail papers.

Precap : next part is last one. With happy ending. But before sanky is in jail…….guess who is the killer……..& lucky’s rowdy style.

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  1. Rosey

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      1. Rosey

        Yes I want happy ending but what about Swara Why everyone is blaming her even get mom dad abounded her
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