Revenge ……who will win?(3 shots) Part 1

Hi friends I am back with 1 part hope u all like it & give ur comments.

The huge building of 20 floor is shown . the employees r working very seriously but one of them is newly joined so he is in full of attitude & enjoyable mood so he is showing her new gf pic to his group members & praising his gf but at the neck of time a handsome dashing elegant charming lavish princely man entered ( he is wearing black tuxedo) Seeing him all employees get scared & back to their work. He entered in company & all greet him.
A new p.a entered in company & dumped to this handsome man but to her surprise he does not save her & she fall immediately she fall on ground & shouts aahhhh .
she get injured in her back , all employees r laughing on her . then the handsome man shouts
Man: miss kavya u r a big dumbo can’t u see u huge man in front of u ? He shout at the top most level.
All employees stop their laughing .
Kavya: sir…….sir ……wo ( scared)
Man: u r fired miss kavya , a girl who can’t handle her in proper way , what she will handle my company’s work . & why r u late ? get out from here,& find the new job OK. & sahil immediately find a new p.a . ( & he goes to his cabin without listing any ones replay)
Yes u all r correct the man is non other than our sanky. & sahil is right & varun is left hand in his company means helping sanky in his company as head of department & varun is manager.
Swara’s POV:
It has 10 days that I came here . yes I leave my house they all r cruel & matlabi . drops of tear automatically come out from her eyes. She thinking about what just happened some days before her sister betrayal her her parents does not accept her she thinks about lucky & tell yes he is also missing only because of raging’s stupidity , I hear that mom is telling…..
Flashback : sumi told her that because of u laksh is missing , anyone does not know about him .

Present :
Why laksh why u leave the situation , where r u why u can’t trust me & face the society without me . why people always think about society & leave our loved once . it is not love , yes laksh it does not have love between us . if there is love between us na then surely u trust me in love we support each other , feel each others pain , trust each other & fight for each other against world. U r just a fainthearted.
She wiped her tears & tell swara u have to become brave yes u will & I have to face this cruel world without anyone’s support or company yes I will move on. I have applied for job & tomorrow is my interview . now sleep swara or otherwise I can’t wakeup early. She Ley on bed & try to sleep but sleep is far away from her eyes.
On the other side one handsome dashing charming hot man is sitting on chair & thinking some thing. ( he is wearing some gonda type cloths like black shirt & jins , shirt’s top button r opened & half sleeves r folded & wearing “L” letter chain on his neck) he his non other than lucky.
Laksh POV:
I came here in Mumbai ( yes friends laksh is also in Mumbai , its just a coincidence) to find swara . I won’t leave her she spoiled my whole life & my parents reputation , my parents have to bear bitter words of people present on that wedding day. What a ……(he laugh pain full in tears & continue) ….. What a fake wedding . I won’t love her now , that day she leave me only that day I break all my relations with her. Ragini is far far better than her. I came here to find swara , my men told that they have saw her in Mumbai . I won’t leave her . she left me for other person na now I will show her my real side , she only saw my love not my hatred & revenge . just wait & watch miss swara gadodiya I will come soon to distroy u.
Lucky’s thought disturbed by one of his man
Man : bai its too late come & sleep .
Lucky : yes u go I will come.
The background music is play
Love mai thoda ….woww woww…wowwoooo
Love mai thoda ….woww…ooo…hangover Teri yadon ka
Na hona tha Jo hogaya ….
Ye ye …ye tuny kya kiya
Both swara & laksh think about their past & slept.

Next morning @@
Swara is ready to go for interview.
In sanky’s company (SRK – sanskar ram maheshwari) sahil is taking interview of many candidates but for this job he does not get the perfect one. But after meeting with swara his eyes r only on her. He thinks that such an awesome beauty she is. Swara give all answers correct in interview . than sahil said
Sahil : u r perfect for this job beauty with brain. & from tomorrow u will joine the office.
Swara node in yes & leave the place.
Next day swara joine the office . & working with sanky as his personal secretary. Always sanky mesmerized to see her but at the next moment he jurke the thought & comes to reality. Sometimes swara lost in her thoughts & sanky clear his throat or sometimes shout on her that she will come back to reality.
Both r working with each other & know about each others behavior but they don’t talk about rather than any office work.
1 month has passed now~~~
Swara became good friend of varun & sahil. Swara told varun everything about her past. Varun always cheer up her mood. & help her in her work also.
On the other side ragini & MF r trying hard to find out laksh . & finally they succeeded with the help of police. They find his last transaction in Mumbai . ( laksh is having bank account & in it he has huge amount of money , of course yaar he is son of durga prasad maheshwari na so he have full money in his account)
Then after convincing a lot to GF & MF ragini leave to Mumbai. & told them that I will come back with laksh don’t worry about us. dp blessed her & told her that if u want any help than just call me beta I will reach there in few hours. Ragini nodes & leave to Mumbai.
Here in Mumbai—
Sanky give big party at 5 star hotel. Because he take the project deal & to celebrate his success.

Sanky’s POV :
Today I am the top most business man but without u I am no more alive kavita , I am just a lifeless body which know only working day & night but I promise u I will take revenge of u r death.
The party is going on in full swing. All guests r arrived & swara is also present here. Always seeing swara sanky get mesmerized of her innocence , her care , he love towards people , her beauty & beautiful brown eyes but after seeing he always change his gaze yo other side to avoid eye contact with her.
Varun ask swara for dance , sanky is continuously watching them with jealousy but swara simply avoid him & he also know her very well so he don’t want to force her.
After some time swara is setting alone & she gets the call.
Swara : hello
OS: hello shona
Swara identified the voice & get shocked.
Swara: hh..he..hello…laksh..
Laksh: oohh u identified me so soon , come to parking area immediately I am waiting for u . & if u don’t come than I will in & tell everything to u r office staff.
Swara : nodes( & leave the place without anyone’s notice) but varun notice her & follows her.

In parking area @@
Sanky is already present there ( actually he forgot some important files in his car so he come to take this files to show there clients )
Laksh is present on the other side with his men .
Swara came to laksh sanky saw swara is coming & talking seriously with some man so he came near them & hide him in building’s pillar .
Laksh : how r u my shona ( lovingly)
Swara : in fear nodes fine.
Now sanky is clearly saw both of them faces & he is shocked to see laksh.
Swara try to explain laksh but before she could say anything laksh stop her to show his hand & tell
Laksh : swara I don’t want to listen anything , in this week we r going to marry .
After listening this sanky , swara & also varun is get high voltage shock. Then laksh continue
L : swara I love u so much & want u marry u.
Sanky’s client comes there in search of him because they r getting late to leave & they want to see that files once again.
Client : Mr.sanskar what r u doing here.( note : sanky is little bit far away from laksh & swara so that they can’t see him)
S : (little scared after sudden voice behind him) no….no nothing sir. Come I will show u the files. They leave the place.
Note : only sanky hear that laksh loves swara & want to get her marry soon.
Laksh : hahaha….u r thinking that now only I love u after knowing u r truth . no swara no I only want my revenge . yes after marrying u in some days I will show my real side to u & take all my revenge from u . ( lakhs is thinking that she loves some one else) u love can’t get u r true love in this life miss swara gadodiya.
Swara stars crying on her fate.
L : don’t wast u tears babe save it for u marriage because after marriage I will make ur life hell. & don’t try to elope this time my men r keep eyeing on u 24 hours & I have keeped some guards on outside ur house. After saying this he leave the place.
Now swara is in full of tears & seat on her knee in shock state.
Varun comes to her & console her that he is with her in any bad situation , & tell her that we will go to police station .
Swara : varun u know he warn me that if I go to police that police is also not do anything against him because he is a ROWDY . ( powerful gunda)
V : don’t worry we will go far away from here , before marriage I will come to u home than we will go out of from here.
Swara watching him confused look.
V : he cup’s her face swara u have trust me na ? ( swara nodes yes) than I will not let happen this marriage. & they leave to their respective house.
In night :
Sanky is laying on his bed & thinking more seriously about laksh & swara’s talk & immediately he get the idea . & he made some plans.
Next morning : swara comes to sanky’s cabin & greet him . he saw her with smiling face & also greet her. & tell her to seat . she is shocked to see sanky’s behavior.
Now he gives more importance to swara , always try to convince her , try to attack swara towards his. All employees r very shocked as well as swara also on his behavior & his extra love & care towards swara.
One day swara is late in office so she is in very hurry & she dumped to non other than sanky . but to her & all staff surprise he hold her tightly to protect her to fall on ground. She open her eyes & their eyes meet with each other. They have long eyes contact.

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara
Maine chhode hai baki saare rastein
Bas aaya hun tere paas re
Meri ankhon me tera naam hai
Pehchaan le..
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaane le..
O karam khudaya hai
Tera pyaar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
O tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
They come back to reality when all office staff r clapping for them. They both get embarrass leave to their respective work.
Now swara is also liking sanskar in her heart.
Now I can’t write more , if my mom see me na she will kill me. Don’t worry pairs r swasan & raglak . I will give happy ending. & if u have problem than ask me & if u all don’t mind than I will write it in Hindi because my English is not good & I am in 7 standard. So plzz forgive my mistakes & give ur valuable comments.

Preca : full of twist & shocking wedding …..guess guess whose wedding is this…….& ragini’s entry & also one new entry who will give 100 voltage current to everyone.

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