Revenge ……who will win?(3 shots) Intro

Hi friends I am reader of swaragini telly update page. This is my first ever writing plzz support me. My story is about revenge , romance , funny moment & little bit ego.

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Sanskar maheshwari : leading business man of Mumbai .arrogant type & angry young man type. living alone . always thinking about his business & to get revenge from lucky & dp.
So all characters r same as serial swaragini. So Guy’s u all know about in starting lucky & swara r going to marry each other but ragini make some plans to stop this wedding.

In my three shots only ragini make some plans to stop this marriage. Sanky didn’t involve in this. Actually he does not return home after kavita’s death . he is living in Mumbai unaware of his family & lucky’s wedding.
So I am starting with…….
Lucky & all MF & GF think that swara was eloped from her wedding but actually she is in hospital surviving from life or death.
Lucky is continuously crying on his fate that swara leaved & she does not love him & eloped . ragini is consoling him . The whole day he is waiting for swara but she didn’t came. Than after long thinking he decided that he didn’t marry anyone. & he leave the badi in frustration.

After 3 days ##
Finally swara came with so much difficulty to her house. Only shekhar , shamishta is present in house. They both scolds swara & insult her that she is eloped bride & she does not care about their parents reputation . & told her that she is no more to them. Dida is not in my Ts. So swara does not have any ones support so after much emotional talks & all finally she pack her bages & leave the house. Shekhar & shamishta does not tell this thing to any one.
On the other side lucky is also missing actually he also leave the house in frustration, tension & anger.
Ragini is feeling guilty on her deeds that she spoiled 3 lives & laksh is missing because of her & she thinked that swara is no more in this world . she cried alto. She want to rectify her mistake .

In Mumbai @@
Swara came to Mumbai & find a hostile & she is living in that. She is quite silent type does not talk much with any one . her eyes r always swelled & red due to crying . her sparkling eyes r missing some where.
She wants to fine job asap. So she applied for sanskar’s p.a post .
Note: sanky & swara they don’t know about each others past.
In this Ts raging is in positive. & don’t take tension about pairs swasan & raglak is the pair. From next part I will write this ts in present & giving dashing entry of sanskar maheshwari .

So plzz comments if u like it . & tell me if I will continue it or not. If u want I will give some short prologue if majority people want it or else not Cz it will end in three shots. Love u all bye see u in next part. & in next part I will give long update.

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  1. Alia


    1. Mariya

      Thank u alia.

  2. Swasan as the pair

    1. Mariya

      Yes tank u

  3. Its story is nyc btw i dont know the meaning of ts can u tell me plzz and what 3 shot mean usually i have seen in brackets it is written 2 shots and they take it to part 6 and so on can u plz explain

    1. Mariya

      3 shots means I will give u 3 part of this story . & surely I will end this story in 3 parts. thank u

    2. Mariya

      3 shots means I will give u 3 part of this story . & surely I will end this story in 3 parts. thanx

  4. We want the story yar pls update

    1. Mariya

      Ya sure dear I will update the story on today night. Cz I am writing it now. & they will post it tomorrow. Thanx

  5. Rosey

    wow great 1 i loved this plz post next soon i m waiting eagerly pzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Mariya

      Ya sure dear I will update the story on today night. Cz I am writing it now. & they will post it tomorrow. Thank u for loving it .

      1. Rosey

        ohhhh wwowww i will wait

  6. SRSL

    Awsm.continue soon.

    1. Mariya

      Yes . thank u

  7. Fairy

    Frst of all warm welcome dear 🙂 Its really interestng story i wanna know dat vl u gve equal importance to ragini/raglak..coz den nly i cn read dis ss…waitng for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much dear. Ya I will give equal importance to the pair but in first part I will give bonding between swasan. & in next part I will show all couples. Thank u & plzz read it.

  8. pls copls continuje

  9. Radhika..

    awesome part and it sound interesting continue soon dear swara parents didnot support how can they do so and ragini rectifing on her deeds all are positive how swasan meet and raglak love story start waiting for the next part an dabout prolouge if u wanna give u can its ur wish loved it continue soon ??

    1. Mariya

      Thank u dear. All r not positive in this story if u will read the further part u will clear all ur doubts. Yes swara’s parents r not supporting her Cz they only wants their reputation in samajh , on wedding day they will declared that her daughter is no more for them so for saving their words or for name sake reputation they do all this.

  10. PLZ continue❤️

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much.

  11. Rabia

    awesome dear 🙂

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much I love u 3 short.

  12. nice..continue soon..

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      Yes Thank u

  13. Awesome

  14. Awesome

  15. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Swasan ?

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much

  16. KrsytleS

    awsm Dr … waiting for next part

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much dear , I will post it soon.

  17. Interesting and waiting for next

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  19. Awesome

  20. Deeksha gupta

    Pls update nxt part ..awsm

    1. Mariya

      Yes I will post it soon thank u

    2. Mariya

      Thank u ,Yes I will post it soon

  21. A.xx

    Nice waiting for the 1st epi ?

    1. Mariya

      Thank u , I had post the first prat. But it is not come yet now?.

  22. Nyc dear

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      Thank u dear

  23. Super awesome

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      Thank u dear

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  25. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome !!!!! Plz make it a ff … don’t end it as a ts ….

    1. Mariya

      Thank u so much dear but I don’t have regular time to write daily ff so sorry dear .

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