My revenge in my way (swaragini) Teaser


Hey guys thanks for ur comment. Now I am confused yr about pairs.I have already decided about pairs but after seeing ur comments I don’t able to figure out should I continue with my decided pairs or change the pair.Pls suggest me what should I do.

Here is teaser
Girl- Did u find out his detail what he done in last 2 year.
Mrverma- yes mam ur work is done.In this file there is all his details whatever he had done in these years.
Girl- kk you may go now.

Girl’s POV
Now I am coming back Mr maheswari . Whatever u had done to me I wish I could able forgive u but only due to u I lost my parents, my Di and my brother. I also don’t know my brother is alive or not.Only due to u my parents do suicide. My Di was brutally raped.I lost my identity for this world I am die.But for my revenge I am alive. I have only one motive to destroy u.
Will she able to destroy him? Does that boy is really reason for her miserable life or truth is something diff.
I will upload next part on Monday.Till wait guys.Again thanks for ur comment and forgive me for any mistake.

Credit to: unknown

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