My revenge in my way (swaragini) Part 1


Hey guys thanks for ur precious comment. One thing I want to clear the boy will be varun kapoor aka sanskar. Because he is my favorite. Sry raglak and swalak fans.Regarding girl I have decided I named her diff so u guys can imagine swara or Ragini as ur wish.I hope both swasan and ragsan fans will be happy.So suggest me name for character. Now no more bak bak.

Scene 1
A huge man is shown .The girl is sitting in dark room.
Girl’s POV
Finally Tomorrow I am coming back Mumbai.Where my life took drastic change.Now I don’t have any regret expect trusting u.

Next morning
Bye London now I am going back to Mumbai for writing my own story.
At Mumbai airport
One girl is waiting for her.So finally u comeback.She is sahi our heroine best frnd.
Girl- ya dear I have to comeback. I miss u so much.
Sahi: me 2 yr.Wht are ur next plans? And are u sure for ur revenge.
Girl- Yes I am hundred percent sure.I will tell all my plan to u just keep patience.
Sahi- kk dear I know u will be never wrong. I am with u in ur entire plans.
Girl; Thanks for always be with me.After my parents left me only I have ur family support.
Sahi; omg u become so senti now stop ur emotional drama ma baba will be waiting for u. Let’s go!

A huge mansion is shown That is mital mansion.
Shekhar mital:Finally my daughter comeback.
Girl hug him.baba I miss u so much.
Shomi ; So u only miss ur baba u don’t miss na.
Girl; No ma I miss u 2.She to toward her and hug her.
Sahi; This is wrong u all forget me by seeing her.I will not talk to u guys .
Girl; Oh dramaqueen now I am back why will they remember monkey.By saying this she run from there.
Sahi; I am not monkey u r chimpanzee.
They continue their fight for some time.
Shomi; Now both stop ur childness fight.both of u go to freshen up.Me and ur baba are waiting for u at table.
Sahi and girl; Kk mom ji aapka hukum sat aakho par.
Sahi; So when r we going to start our plans.
Girl; From tonight.
Scene end by spilit of sahi and girl face .
End of 1st part.

I am not so gud in English so forgive me for my mistake. Thanks for reading. I will update next part after holi.Bye guys till wait.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Put the girls name as tanvi plzz

  2. Plzzzz girl name as swara or hellyshah yaar

  3. Well I suggest Maira , Alliya , Amaya or Sanha and nice story

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