My revenge in my way (swaragini) Intro


The story starts with
One girl is sitting on chair in a dark room.Her face is covered with bandage.She take some pic from her wardrobe.
Girl’s POV

You use me for ur satisfaction na now I show u I am not weak as u think.Now I write my own fate.I will make sure that u also suffer .Just wait for me I am coming back in ur life Mr maheswari .To write my owñ story Now this story known as my revenge in my way.I will make sure you will die each day.Ur life will become more worse then hell.
What do u think who is that girl?what is she talking about?What has the boy done to her? Will she able to take her revenge? Will she able to write her own story? Or she fall love with him?
Should I continue or not?

U want only one couple or both.And my main pairs that girl and that boy.I disclose their name in first part.

Credit to: unknown

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  1. I think its swara

  2. Both pairs sawsan and raglak……update soon

  3. swalak please

  4. It can be (and should be) SwaSan…pleasee

  5. Sry for hurting u all I have all ready decided about pairs. I will disclose in 3 or 4 part. Whenever I will get time I will upload.

  6. Swasan plz

  7. Raglak

  8. Swasan …

  9. sounds good.. whoever is the pair i like them..

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