REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You n tei s2 promos

Hello guys
Guess what today is my b’day
N I’m here with a double dhamaka ??promos of my 2 ff’s n along with that my bak bak
Revenge vs Love
T: see kunj we have to do it I know it early
K: yes twinkle I know it is too early I mean we need to understand eo
T: Yessss but we have to do it for ur bebe we have to marry
K: Yessss twinkle
T(herself) kunj I can’t even tell u the truth but once I find my mom day I’ll tell u trust me
K(himself) I can’t even tell u the truth twinkle once I find that girl n give her to leela ji n rt uncle then I’ll tell u the truth


Tei s2
Caller: so kunj r u ready or should I kill rishi
K: nooooo plsss I’ll do whatever u say
C: wow !!!!
Here kunj is seen torturing twinkle but locking her in one room n lighting the candle n many more things
While twinkle is crying badly thinking what is wrong with kunj
Screen splits on both of their faces
Soooo hello guys surprised na na don’t scroll down I’ll tell u who I am see I’m a b’day girl so mera baat maana padega…… So no seeing the credit… guessed who I am I’m sure 100% sure you’ll must have gussed itna crazy kaam TU mei mere sivaye kaun kar saktha bataoo every time u all will bear me with my ff n bak bak now plsssss bear this bak bak also plssss I know u all will
So today 9th October is my b’day [according to India..]
So I’ll give u all my intro…..hope u all did not see the credit……
I’m very crazy,stupid,impatient, n get irritated damn easily very very easily hamesha sadti raheti hoon then attitude bhi dikhati hoon ek number ka pagal n a defective piece hoon but u won’t get anyone like me in this whole world so I’m unique n the craziest sidhantian ever n a bit samathaanian too!!!????
So I wanted to share my journey to TU n amazing frnds n sissy’s like u all
Actually abhi tak toh pata chalna chahiye I actually told that in coming days I’ll irritate u all a lot so today is the day guys its my b’day!!!!!!?????? okkkkkk I’ll tell u all wait……..
So my journey to TU how n when I don’t remember the date??
But introduced serial was TEI as I already told it was kaisi yeh yaariaan one of my favorite I used to read a lot of ff’s there TEI was not there still n remember I told once that it was UV in TEI who made me to watch it actually he was abhimanyu in ky2 n his character was sooooooo sweet n I used to like him n when I saw the first promo of TEI …. of yuvle I was shocked to see him..??then okkkk he will get new shows what’s there in that??? I just ignored it but thanks to my sissy??she started seeing it and along with her I had to see no other choice??actually not from first I don’t remember from where also…..
Around September starting twinj nok joks n challenges (date wala n swimming pool where kunj will be drowning before saving twinkle??I started liking it n coming to sidhant…first I used to hate him like but my sister used to like him alott I used to tease her saying that see ur hero came……. And like that sooooo many times I used to tease her ??then I missed 1 episode of TEI..then thought to read it in the internet I thought TU was only there for ky2 when I saw it for TEI I read the episode n saw something else… FF I really don’t remember the name exactly sorry it was tashan-e-dosti to tashan-e-ishq I don’t remember the title so sorry it was of 14th episode I saw…..
Then I read it I found it interesting n started reading it from 1st episode that night??sounds crazy right but its true…..then I saw many other ff’s then started reading all of them many many I just used to love the way u all write I used to be like “o God they r just brilliant “what did I know that some day I would also manage to write but not as gud as urs…. N I used to see the comment box…..but never dared to comment…actually I used to see gumrah n savdhaan India scenes a lot nooo soooo I uses to fear a lotttt
Then 1 day I decided to comment??
With a strong determination I typed the comment my name (not original haha ) n filled everything n was about to post comment n then backed off again I presses back n sat silently again I continued to be a silent reader many times I used to type comments but again pressed back?? n I ur ff’s when I saw thanq to silent readers also then I used to think n blush that so n so person is thanking me☺???
Then one day I decided to comment…
I remember this one my first comment….it was on ummmmm TEI – APARTMENT 5 shots story now this is quite funny actually….. I typed the comment on the name of jasmine.. Posted it it did not come it did not even come that it was awaiting moderation… Okkk chaloo then I typed once again it came I mean my 2 comments n it was written that they r awaiting moderation n really didn’t understand what it meant I left it I pressed back n again I came back to see whether my comment got posted or not but still it didn’t okkkk bolke again I typed still too it didn’t come u all know how impatient I’m I left it but my curiosity I opened it again n guess what?? I saw my comment 3 times then I understood how stupid I was n I started commenting by different names like Sam,jasmine,n all …. If anyone remember I guess it was Sara dii’s love is blind she asked me when r zee gold awards gonna come on TV as she wanted to see sidmin I exactly don’t know if it was she or not then I told her the date she thanked me it was Jasmine only my name n not to forget I used to blush soooooo much seeing my name in ur thanq ceremony….
Then I saw registered members…..even I wanted to get registered but I didn’t know how???many of them told but I couldn’t follow them because I don’t know where the menu was???next …….by mistake I pressed the menu without knowing while scrolling down there I saw register then I got it but it was very difficult as my phone was having a problem soooooo with great difficulty I registered my self…..???
n next part what happened is all because of u all yes u all read it right its all because of u all
Arre don’t worry u all inspired me to write stories all of u ff writers brought colours to my passion….. I even saw submit article but didn’t dare to post my episodes because I’m not a gud writer like u all so I uses to write all my stories in a dairy first I uses to write another one called “don’t u trust me” then I crazy brain got the idea of REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You which u all know how bad is it n then thought once to post n see n I posted it…. It took 6 hours to get posted like seriously yrrrrr then night 7:00 it got posted only 1 comment came first reading that I was showing my 32 teeth to my sister then next day morning only I opened n it was 15 I pinched my self to see whether I was dreaming or it was real it was real I was soooooooooooo happy then in the evening 19 I was in the air then…..I Saw my favourite ff writers also commented I was like wow!!!!!!!!! The best day then started writing…… Next turn was when sid was quitting TEI I just cries like I donno like what I went on crying for 2 days n I didn’t know that I like because I used to hate him n today I n my sissy fight saying that I love sidhant the most???I know its bit filmy…..
Then I managed my self n when I saw him in jdj my happiness tho it knew no bounds after his performance I jumped like a stupid on my bed n my blushing it was sooooo hard to hide it from my maama n dadda (daddy)
Next was TEI ending o just couldn’t believe it had a very special place in my heart o cried then also n started writing TEI S2 n I’m happy that u all r liking it….
So this was my journey to TU
N yaaaaa thanq sooooooooo much guys for always standing by my side n supporting me n I hope u all will be supporting me like this only ……n thanq soooooo much TU because of u all I’ve got such a wonderful family …..
N this is definitely my 2nd best b’day wanna know what is first ….
Arre obviously the day which I was born if not how will I meet u all n this b’day I’ve got one more family……
Love u all guys ????
One second its my b’day without eating cake only u all will goo okkk first sing (I’m sooooo stupid gonna sing for my own b’day)
Happy b’day to me
Happy b’day to me
Happy b’day dear thanmy
Happy b’day to me….
Okkkk guys lemme tell u all one thing I’m very bad at giving treats soooooo sorry instead of giving u all treat I irritated u all naa sooo sorry yrrrr n I will accept gifts no problem n u all know I’ll ask my gift sooooooo my gift is all ur wishes n support hope u all will give me that n love me
U know n I know I did a lot of bak bak remaining I’ll do in my ff where will I go actually I’ll go because I’m gonna end my both the ff’s soon???.

Okkkkkkk tell me how many of u all felt like kicking me n how many felt relaxed that I’m leaving u all….
Sorry guys it was a prank n don’t scold me or beat me or kick me because remember I’m b’day girl yeah!!!!!! Okkkkkk kaan pakadke sid ke puppy face ke saath sorry I’m sure u all will accept it
Love u guys!!!!❤????❣????????N srsly soooooo sorry for the mistakes in this as well as my ff’s I srslt don’t have a habit if reading it I won’t read my exam paper only because I feel bored u all believe it or not sacchi I dont check so sorry?

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  1. Right dear wen i saw sid in jdj …. I was shouting like hell… My happiness was hving no boundations … I was sooooo happy…..My brother said that i hve gone mad….
    Post soooonnnn dear….
    Can’t wait…..

  2. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear thanmy
    Happy birthday to you
    May your year fill with happiness
    God bless you
    love you
    And ha exited for both episode post asap
    once again happy birthday ?

  3. Fan

    First of all happy birthday dear???!!!!…u know after reading ur story on how u started watching tei..i remembered mine..coincidently even i started watching it because of my sis..anyways have a gr8 day dear..enjoy this day to the fullest..may all ur wishes come true..keep smiling..btw awesome promos..i am eagerly waiting for the next episodes…loads of love❤

  4. Happy birthday navya!!.. May God fulfills all ur wishes.. sorry for the late wishes.. hope u enjoyed ur day to the core❤❤.. U know what.. even I m very impatient n get irritated easily??.. see we both r libra so trait to similar hogi nah?? but u used to hate sid first but I liked him from first?? n then like changed to love??

    The promos seems quite interesting.. post the epis soon ??

    And coming to your journey of tei tu it was interesting.. I wasn’t irritated ??.. somehow my journey as a silent reader was similar as yours??

  5. Sara28

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Thanmy, u kept such a big secret from me???? Lol on top of that u decide to give me a heart attack by saying ur ending ur ff ? When I meet you, I will definitely get payback ?

  6. Happy birthday to u thanmy or my cute navya… Hope u had a blast… Yeh wala birthday tere liye super se bhi uper wala b’day rahe… Nd both the promo was superb… Nd i feel like kicking u for the ending news but tera b’day hey isiliye chod rahi hu… Bt yaar apna ff mat end karna they r tooo awesome…

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Happy birthday thanny…..luv u loads…..awesome promo …..waiting eagerly for the episode.s….

  8. Ranabulbul

    Haye meri fighter pilot….today ur promos made me so excited….
    Happy wala bday dear I have ur should I message u or not….never mind I have posted my pilot wala ff
    Do read it as a bday treat

  9. Sayeeda

    Thanmy dear …..( add the word which I call u with….coz I can’t take that name here everyone will think wrong????) ….
    Ur bday was yesterday…..I know how much u were excited for this article to be posted at TU but it didn’t happened yesterday nd u were sad coz of it …but koi it I’m happy that it got posted today …..

    Once again….A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY….MY _ _ _ _ _ _ ….U know what I means from the blanks…..

    Thanks for the promo dear ….. it was sooo good… amazing..I’m so excited to read next episode coz promo is worth appreciating…..loved it….

    Keep smiling always….
    yesterday u were becoming extra emotional…. though I was consoling u but I know that sometimes it’s good that our feelings should be expressed in form of tears coz it gives us satisfaction……but still u promised me that u won’t do it again……keep that promise….

    Love u sooooooooooooooo much Navyuu ……???????????

  10. Meeta

    Happiest Birthday Thanmy.
    Same pinch, I watched TEI for Zain at first.
    N at last too. Zain is ?
    Well, what you wrote is.?

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    happy belated birthday….dear…srry late wish krne k liye……& promos are amazing interesting….eagerly waiting for next part….

  12. Happy birthday Thanmy.May all your wishes come true…amazing…fab…awesom promo…do post soon.

  13. Chiku

    Happy birthday thanmy❤️❤️❤️
    Happy birthday tonu ???????
    Hey swetu. Its ur bday ryt.
    I wish i knew before ki its ir bday nahi toh i would have posted one os for u but no os is ready for now. Sorry
    Hey sweetheart enjoy hain.
    Party hard.
    Acha come fly to mumbai will go to meet sidhant ??????
    Come fast.
    Love u

  14. Adya

    Ok……I’m late by still A many many many many many many many happy returns of the day thanmy…….it was awesome and yeah u cherished all the memories yr………again a very belated happy birthday to you??????????????????????????????

  15. Kritika14

    Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday ❤️ Honestly, when i read that you are gonna end both your ff’s I was just thinking in my mind to kick you cuz of your stupid decision and when i continued reading I was like “abhi mein iski baand bajati hu” but i left the thought when you apologized and as you know mera dil bahut bada hai so chalo jao maaf kiya ? Hoping that you enjoyed your birthday thoroughly. Anyway, your promo’s are exciting so post the next episodes of both the ff’s soon! Don’t keep me waiting okay? ? Challo now i did too much bak bak so bye bye! Ruk ruk, I forgot to say something so important … guess guess? ? Chall main bata deti hu. I Love youu (okay, I know i am super lame but I know you love me too right? ?) #waytoocheesy ?

  16. Sameera

    Happy birthday thanmy I wanna kill u for not telling before but leave it bday girl ko nahi marna chahiye ….?????
    Do cont soon ur episodes as I can’t wait for it yaar …..????
    Again a very happy bday n ur journey was awesome yaar haha maza aagaya padh ke

  17. Many more happy returns of the day thanmy…thanmy try to post tei s2 ff soon…

  18. Ramya

    Happy birthday to u my dear thanmy
    I’m so sry fr late
    Mai busy this
    Sachi sorry.
    N have a happy long life dear

  19. Twinjfan.tamanna

    firstly many many happy returns of the day… I know I m late…. sorry…maaf kardo…yaar promo seems interesting…plz post asap…

  20. SidMin

    Happy Birthday Mere jaan 🙂 Love you and the promos are interesting 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  21. Thanmy

    Thanq sooooooooooo much guys for making my b’day unforgettable day in my life
    Love u all n no sorries….

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