REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 9)


Hello guys I know I am late. I am sorry I was not in a mood to write and today I was having special classes so I wanted it to post early but I could not I am sorry……ok thank u so much for commenting on my os as well as ff thank u guys that too very big wala…….and keep supporting like this only guys I need this from u all ok chalo lets start………………

Episode 9
2 people come out from an airport and take a taxi and move to a building it was were dusty as if no one came to it from years. They both get in and…
P1: I know after 2 years we are coming to India BUT THIS DOESN’T mean that the danger which was on us is over it is still haunting us we need to be careful and without my notice u wont go any where and dare u do it
P2 : ok as u say I wont go anywhere
Kunj gets a call from informer that
I: sir they both came and they are in G mansion
K: that’s great u keep an eye on them I will be there in 10 mins I am on the way
I: yes sir
After 15 mins he reaches there and
K: aap dono acche se jante ho aap dono ko India aana koi kathre se kaali nahi tha par maana padege aapki braveness par kya karu mere bhai ko jho vaada kiya usse nibhana pagega na and aap India ki trip ko enjoy bhi nahi kar sakte I am so sorry chuchuchu[a sound generally they make when they feel sorry either in a sarcastic way or normally pls try to understand] (you all both know that you both coming to India is not less than a danger but I have to accept that u are indeed very brave but what I have to do the promise which I made to my brother I have to fulfill it so I am sorry because u cant even enjoy your India trip I am so sorry)
K: get ready MR.____________ your death is coming to u

He starts the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 ……. 1 he was in front of them . they were facing the wall seeing some photos and getting emotional. Kunj comes there and laughs. They both turn and gets shocked to see him.
K: jitna emotional hona hai abhi ho jaavu kyun ki bhad mei chance nahi milega. Mei appko ek shock dena wala hoon kii( how much emotional you want to become u become because u a r not going to get this chance again and I am going to give u a shock)
P1(panicked and he was stammering): tu…..m ka…..un ho…. Hamhe …kai…se …..ja…nte ho?( who r u and how do u know us??)
K: dho saal purana rishta hai itna jaldi kaise bhool gaye hame aacha huva mei toh aapko yaad rakha(2 years old relation we have and how did u forget its good that I did no forget u)
P1: [still stammering]: kau..n ho… r u)
K: (he shouts on top of his voice): 6 zindagi barbad karke kaise bhool sakte ho haan (u destroyed 6 lives and how can u forget haan?)
P1: tum abhishek sarna ke beta(u r abhishek sarna s son)
K: nahi unka bhanja( I am his nephew)
P1: you …. R … here …t..o…tak….e re….veng….e on ….us…(you r u here to take revenge on us)
K: oh yeah accha pehachana jaante ho aur kaisa hoga tumhara moth( yeah u guessed it right and u know how is ur death going to be?)

Kunj eye balls become red and his fangs (teeth type)come out and he completely turns into vampire
P1: you…. R….. a….. vam…..pir….e(you r a vampire)
Kunj takes out his gun and shoots both of them then goes to their bodies and start sucking out their blood but inserting both of his fangs into their left side neck and drinks it.
Now both of the persons r turned into vamps and
K: chalo mein ne vaada kiya ki aapko moth se batar saaza doonga 1 part tho hogaya ab 2 part ( I told that I will give u all punishment worst than a death 1st part is completed now 2nd part)
He laughs evilly and gets up
K: now if I tell the truth to abhay I am sure the hatred for me in his mind will end and I am damn sure (he shouts now) abhay I completed ur revenge chacha chachi ki atma ko ab shanty melegi( now chacha chachi soul will rest in peace)
K: mein ne aapna vaada pura kiya( yeah I fulfilled my revenge)
K: now its ur turn he sees the 2 persons {it takes time to turn into vamps}and he smirks

PRECAP: kunj takes the 2 persons and runs fast into a forest and……….

Guys please I need ur support so and yaa I am sorry I told you all that I will post in 20 hours but I am late so sorry ok zyada paakaunga nahi and today I revealed kunjs identity and 9 is my favorite number and yaa this is my favorite episode as I made sidhant vamp wid red eye balls and fangs wow just imagine ok byeeeeeeeee …………………..see u all tmrw……….

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    Superb epi loved it

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