REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 8)


Hello guys I m back!!!!!first of all a very big hearty congratulations for TEI for completing one year of its journey and ofcourse congratulations to all the cast and crew jasmin, zain, naman and vaishanavi ma’m and of course celebrations would be incomplete without sidhant our favorite so all I want to say is keep going like this and once again congrats to all of them. Now thank you for all who commented. Thank u purnima, zakiyah, sidvee ,priya ,shatakshi , baby, sidhanshi,angita,sameera, joonakansha,arundahti,monica,sujina,aamu,kruti……soooooooo much……..

ABAHY was still pulling twinkles leg and she asks way for washroom. Mahi tells her directions and she goes.
T:(herself)OMG I think I lost my way now where should I find for this washroom
Unknowingly she goes to basement and spots kunj over there. She decides to call him but sees her surroundings.
T:(herself)lagta hai yeh basement hai par kunj yahan kya kar raha hai usse kuch zaroori kaam tha aur bahar jaane wala tha tho yahan kya kar raha hai(this area looks like a basement and what is kunj doing here he was supposed to go out for an important work what is he doing here ?)
Twinkle was following him and he goes into a room
T:(herself)karmra aur vo bhi basement par kunj ko yahan kya kaam? (what a room in the basement I think it’s a store room but what kunj has to do with it)
Kunj goes into the room and shuts the door before she can peep and kunj did not know that twinkle was there in the premises
T:(herself)yeh kamre mei kya hai jo kunj itna chupke itna secretly maintain kar raha hai(what is inside this room that kunj is maintaining as a secret )

There is a wall full of two peoples photos related to them news articles and many more related to them [please guys try to imagine if not think it as ek hasina thi durgas secret room] Twinkle on the other hand is trying to listen to what going inside the room
Inside the room
K:luking at the photos: aaj tho aapki moth mere haath mei paaci hai dho saal se iss pal ke liye entazar kar raha hoon finally voh pal aagayi(today your definitely you both r going to die in my hands I was waiting for this moment from 2 years )
K: dho saal intezar kiya tha shayad aap badalgay honge par nahi bilkul nahi badle aur India ko bhi nahi aa rahe the daar ke mare ( from 2 years I was seeing that maybe you will change but no and u were not even coming to India because of fear)
Twinkle who was standing out was not able to hear anything and she was making funny faces. In the room….
K:aur aap dono jis daar se India nahi aaye vo daar saach hone wala hai aap ka decision India aane ka sabse galat hoga pachtaengi aap(because of which fear u all did not come to India that fear is going to turn into reality u all r going to regret for this situation)
Just then kunjs phone rings and some one from the other side
Sm:sir they have landed and are going to their mansion
K: ok good follow them and tell me the exact location when I call you again
Sm: yes sir
K:(to photos): get ready aapki moth aapki paas aa rahi hai(get ready ur death is coming to you all)
K: aaj hoga revenge vs love mera bhai ka pyaar ya phir aap dono ka badla kisi ek jeethegi and that is obviously love(today it goona bhi revenge vs love today either my brothers love will win or ur revenge and its obviously love)
Kunj takes out his gun and smirks. Here twinkle was not able to here a thing. Kunj keeps back his gun and goes to open the door. Twinkle hears the bolt sound and runs from there. After she runs some distance kunj sees her he locks the room and
K: nandini
K:tum yahan kya kar rahi ho (what r u doing here)
T: kuch nahi raasta batak gayi thi washroom jana tha( nothing I just lost my way I have to go to washroom)
K: issliye mei tumhe siyyapa queen bulata hoon washroom ke bajay basement me aagayi aao mei dikatha hoon rasta(that’s why I call you siyyapa queen instead of washroom you came to basement come I will show the way)
Abhay and mavi sees them and again
Abhay: bhai bhabi aap dono I mean nandini
Twinj understood that again he was pulling their leg and
K: bas yeh raasta batak gayi thi aur basement mei aagayi aur mei isse washroom ka rasta dikha raha tha(she wanted to go to washroom but by mistake came to basement so I was showing her the way)
Abhay: oh toh itna time laga basement se aane ke liye aur bhai aapko kuch kaam tha naa aapko nahi jaana mood badal gaya kya (oh you took so long to come from basement and u had an important work wont u go ur mind has changed?)
Kunj gets frustrated and asks mahi show her the way to bathroom and he goes away from there and twinkle and mahi also goes abhay and uv smiles…………………………THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY


So who do u all think the person who shot them and were the persons RT and LEELA
So guys thank u for supporting me and keep commenting like this and thank u to everyone who read my ff. ok aaj ke liye itna kafi hai byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    I think the man who shot them was Kunj!

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    Loved the episode waiting for the next one want to know who was the one who was shot and the one who shot him

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    Plz post soon

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    awesome amazing epi

  6. Awesome epi.. eagerly waiting for the next.. I think those 2 ppl r rt and leela and kunj shot them.. just guessing

  7. Angita

    Amazing yaarrrr
    Love the episode till the core
    Lobe you

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    Amazing one ! Continue soon x

  9. Awesome… waiting to see who shot whom…I think it is kunj…

  10. Baby

    hey thanmy amazing episode n i guess dose 2 ppl r nt rt and leela n if dey so kunj is nt d 1 to shhot dem osm epoisode post nxt asap dear

  11. Shatakshi

    Hey thani
    I m just loving kunjs acting
    Will be waiting to know the reality…
    N the episode was rocking
    Girl u nailed it
    Love u❤❤❤

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