REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 7)


Hello guys I know I m late and I am really sorry for it !!!!!!!! sorry sorry !! actually I was busy with my projects. And I am sooooooooo happy with the response I got for my last episode thank u guys really thank u so much for your encouragement , motivation and everything . thank u angita, jisha di, shakakshi ,saby , monica,chandra ,sayo di, ishu,kruti,romaisha,sidhanshi ,purnima,sujina,joonakansha,sidmin,aamu,baby,zakiyahand and priya keep commenting!!!!!!!! So lets get started

KUNJ was sitting on the ground in him room and was crying bitterly thinking of abhays words . His eyes turned red and got swollen up abhays words were echoing in his ears as he was thinking about abhays words he was crying more and more. After 1 hour he got up wiped his tears and he went to washroom and washed his face.
He came to his room and took out gun from his cupboard and filled it with bullets. He went to mirror looking at his gun then looked at himself in the mirror and
K(himself): aaj mein kisi bhi keemat pe mei unhe mar dunga, jo kaam do saal phele mera bhai ne jo kaam adhura chod diya tha usse mei pura kaurnga aaj unn dono ki vajah se mera bhai ne aap ne maa papa ko kho diya (today at any cost I am going to kill them the work which my brother left it that day I am going to complete it today because of them my brother lost his parents)
K(still looking at himself in the mirror):Aaj tho mei unhe nahi chodonga aaj sirf aur sirf unke vahaj se mera bhai mujse nafrad karta hai unhe marke hi mei ghar lautunga nahi aaj unhe moth se bhi batar saza doonga tayaar hojayeye marne ke liye MR___________(I am not going to leave them only because of them today my brother hate me today I will kill them and return home no no actually I wont kill them but I will show them the situation which is even more worse than a death get ready to die I am coming MR.__________)
HE puts his gun behind and gets out of the room his phone starts ringing. It was twinkle
K(himself): yeh ab mujhe call kyun kar rahi hai aaj mein ne usse kaha tha ki mein nahi aapaunga phir kyun call kar rahi hai(why is she calling me now I told her that today wont be able to come and meet her)
He lifts up the call.
K:kya hai mein ne bola tha na ki nahi mil paunga phir kyun phone kiya(what I told u no that I cant meet you today then y did u call me again)

T:chill MR.ALTANERO tumne ne milne se mana kiya phone karne se nahi dosti ki phele din hi itna rudness very bad she pretends to cry(relax mr .altanero you told not to meet today but did not tell not to phone)
K: aacha sorry mera mood aacha nahi tha issliye now tell me what you want why did u call me
T:ok apne ghar ke aage aao na please (come out of your house )
K:what mein ne tumse bola tah ki mei tumse nahi milunga ( what I told u that I wont meet you today)
T:tumne bola ki tum nahi miluge par mei mil sakthi hoon na jaldi aao aaaaa kunj she shouts and she cuts the call(u told that u wont meet me but I can meet you na aaaa kunj she shouts)
Kunj gets tensed and runs to the enterance and asks what happened r u fine what happen tell me. She takes his hand and takes out friendship band and tied on his wrist
T:yeh dena tha happy friendship day my dear first friend after collage
K:siyappa queen tumne tho mujhe dara diya mein janata nahi tah ki aaj friendship day hai sorry my dear first friend after collage(u scared for few moments I did not know that today is friendship day I am sorry my dear first friend after collage )
T: muhje siyappa queen kyun bola vaise mein bhi tumhare collage ke baad first friend hu(why did u call me siyappa queen am I also ur first friend after collage)
K: mujhe bhi mr .altanero bulaya nay a ur my first friend after collage vaise I have to also tie u friendship band no chalo come with me [and he takes her his home] He calls everyone and introduces twinkle as his business associate and friend everyone greets her and goes away leaving abhay , twinj, mavi alone to talk
Abhay: so bhabi (addressing to twinkle)
Twinj: what
Abhay : nothing nothing [ he wispers to uv jaldi toh banegi na ]both of them give hifi to each other and smile
Kunj understood what was cooking between them and was happy seeing abhay totally recharged. He goes to mandir and brings red color thread and ties it to twinkle
Abhay :why not yes yes

Kunj gives what the hell wala look and remembers about the gun and promise he made to himself and
K: chalo siyappa queen tum mere family ke saath vaqt bitana mujhe ek zaruri kaam karna hai shayad mein late aaunga wait mat karna (ok siyappa queen I have 1 work u talk and spend time with my family may be I will be late I have to complete an important work)
Abhay: pet name bhi de diya wow![twinkle looks angrily at kunj ] Abhay to uv : (slowly)yeh toh pucca mera bahbi hai aur aapki saali ek dum pati patni ki tarah baat kar rahe hai(she definitely my bhabi and ur saali they are just talking like a married couple )
Uv :[slowly]haan yaar tu thik kaha raha hai
And both of them giggle and kunj understood that they were talking about him and he going away from there just then abhay calls him
A: bhabi ko bye nahi bologe
K: what
Abhay: mahi bhabi ko aap kiske baare mein soch rehe the (to mahi bhabi of course who were u thinking about)
Kunj goes away from there to his house basement and there walks towards a room


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