REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 3 & 4)


Hello everyone!!!!!!!!! I am back nice to meet you all again. Zyada bak bak nahi karunga aaj directly episode mei chalthe hai accha 1 bthing there is a surprise for u all at the end . don’t scroll now. For now read the episode…………..

Twinkle is shown driving somewhere
T(herself):agar yeh deal sarnas ke saath ho jaaye toh mei maa aur papa ko aasani se dhoond sakti hoon they are vey powerful I Amritsar(if this gets finalized with sarnas I can find mom and dad easily)
Kunj also leaves to the office he is the MD of sarna industries
On the way twinkles and kunjs dad gets dashed both come out of the car and
T(without looking at kunj):oh god ehat the hell did you do tumhe driving karni nahi aati hai toh karte kyun hoon?(if you don’t know driving why are you doing it)
K(without looking at her):what???mujhe tum par doubt aa rahi hai tumhe driving aati bhi hai yaa nahi license kis ne diya tumhe(I doubt on you whether u know driving or not who gave license to you)
As they were speaking they were looking at their damaged cars as soon as they see each other they share an i lock . they feel attracted towards each other but strongly feel that there is something definetly wrong wid each other and feel weird
T(herself):what is this I feel attracted towards him as well as weird I know I can sense them and this is the same feeling but the thing is he is an human what twinkle what the hell r u thinking……..
K(himself):what is this a mixture of feelings I m feeling so weird
Some people gathered there and broke their eye lock some of them
P:I think galti ladki ki hai(I think mistake is from girl’s side)
P:kyun bahi galti ladka ka bhi ha sakta hai na (the mistake is from boys side)
TWINJ comeout of their thought

Twinj:Galti kisi se bhi ho sakthi hai aap logo ko bolne ki zaruurat nahi hai ham sambal lenge(mistake can be from any side you don’t have to say in the middle we will manage)
People:bahle ka zamaana hi nahi hai pehele toh ek dussre se lad rahe the tashan dikha rahe the aura b ek dusre ke side le rehe hai vaa!(there is no place for goodness only in world first you were fighting with each other and now you are taking each others side wow)
Twinj:jo bhi ham kare appko hamara jagda suljane ke liye nahi kaha aab jayeye yaha se(whatever we did not tell u to solve our fight why are you interfering u all go from here please)
Twinj gets astonished that they were telling the same thing at a time. Everyone walks from there and….
Twinj: I am sorry I will pay for your damage(again at a time)
Twinj:its ok it was my mistake(again)
They laugh and
Kunj:its ok looks like u were in a hurry
T:yaa I have a meeting ,once again I am sorry
Kunj:its ok all the best
T:thank you I’ve got go bye
They both leave reluctantly and think about each other and smile………………………
Now time for surprise

IN the office kunj was thinking about twinkle and smiling everyone were wishing good morning and he was not responding everyone were bit shocked by his behavior
Here twinkles car breaks down and she catches a cab a was trying to reach to sarna industries.
Tia is kunjs assistant and she calls him from her desk.
Tia:sir today you have a meeting with tanejas to finalise the deal
K(himself):what did just say tanejas is she the one for whom I am searching for.. no no she can be the one, there could be many tanejas in this world once I find her only once then I can get out of my guilt but I have to ensure their protection(you all will understand soon till then please)
Again he calls tia

K:tia when is she going to come and what is her name is?
Tia: her name is nandini taneja she should be here by 10 sir
[twinkle is only nandini she changed her identity to search her mom and dad] K:its 10:15 she hasn’t arrived yet?
Just then while taking on the phone he hears a sound of glass breaking sound
K:who was that?
Tia :sir miss taneja has arrived in a hurry she broke the coffee cup as she dashed the waiter
K:tell her to meet me in the cabin
Tia:yes sir
Tia:miss taneja please go right and take left to meet ouR MD
T:thank you
She comes to kunj cabin and he was facing the wall and sitting and twinkle came in with out knocking in and he gets more anger
K:miss taneja manners naam ki cheez nahi hai knock the door and come
Twinkle gets furious and gets out and comes in
T:may I come in mr.sarna
K:yes (still facing the wall and he feels the voice similar but he did not turn back)
T:hello mr sarna I am nandini taneja(she sits )then speaks something for few minutes but kunj wont turn back as he hates waiting)
K:ok miss taneja you may wait in the presentation room I will come and see the presentation
T:okay (while getting up she drops a file down from the table kunj gets more furious)
K:how childish
T:I know how I am see u in presentation room (walks out of the cabin)
K:himself:what a girl she is no manners .no punchuality. And where ever she goes she creates a problem .iska naam nandini taneja nahi hai siyappa queen hai perfect naam.everywhere she goes she creates problem
t(herself):yaar kaisa ladka hai yeh itna attitude ek bhar bhi peeche nahi mudke dehka iska naam hai kunj that means sweet he is opposite of that iska naam kunj sarna nahi MR.ALTANERO hona chahiye(altanero means arrogant in Spanish language )
K: now see I will also make her to wait


So guys how were the surprises did you all like it. And thank you everyone for commenting and even the silent readers and for my last episode I did not get much comments if you all did not like it please tell ur suggestions I wont mind and only in a good language or if you all feel it is not good then I can adjust and end it in 5-6 episodes. Ok for today byeeeeee. See u all…………..

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