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Episode 26
Kunj returns to sarna mansion and went straight to his room
He sat on the bed and was continuously thinking about their date and was smiling endlessly
He went to mirror and was thinking about twinkles kiss and was rubbing his cheeks gently n was smiling to say frankly he was blushing he became a red tomato but still was thinking about twinkle
Abhay was passing by his room and saw kunj rubbing his cheeks blushing his attire n understood that he met twinkle soooooo he came to his room n
A: bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

K: kya hua isa kyun chilaa raha hai????(why r u shouting what happen)
A: aapke gaal(ur cheeks)
K: kya hua mere gaal ko??(what happen to my cheeks)
A: oh no!!!!!

K: bata naaa
He started singing (actually this was sung by manik aka parth in ky2 for nandini I modified it hope ull will like it!!!!
Laal laal gaal jaise tamatar(red red cheeks like a tomato)
Bhai ka gaal ho rahe hai laal laal (my bro’s cheeks r turning red red)
Kaise bataoo unhe lagta hai daar
(How should I tell him I’m soo scared)
Kahoo kuch tho marenge vo baar baar mujhe (if I tell anything he will beat me again n again)
[Hope it was good]

Kunj understood how badly he was blushing he immediately put abhay out out of the his room locked it changed n slept ……
Morning morning he called twinkle but our beauty queen was still sleeping
Twinkle she lifts up the call n in an sleepy mood
T: haan who the mad fellow is calling in this morning u know what u did disturbed my sleep twi..she stopped I mean oh cut the crap yaar who r u???
Kunj was hell shocked that she can be soooo moody he thought she was a calm girl he was scared to speak
T: bolne ka erada hai ki nahi cut Karroo call ko(will u tell anything or should I cut the call)
K: noooo siyappa queen mei hoon
She get up n gets startled
T: tummmm

K: mein kya socha tha tum bohut calm hoo I never thought u were soo moody
T: what do u mean haan ab pata chaala tho kya karoge break up karoge (what will u do will break up)
K: listen to me yaar baby once listen to me
T: what should I listen haan I told u already once smtng is mine I will never leave it okkk
K: accha baby shant ho javoo
T: aur yeah baby baby kya laga raka hai haan who is she
K: who is she matlab tum hi ho yaar haan voh alag baat hai ki mera aur ek frnd bhi hai ussi naam se par abhi tum hi hoo(for now ur my baby but I also have 1 more frnd named baby )
[I hope u all dont mind I divided TU family into twinki n kunj frnds will come out slowly] T: how many more frnds do u have first ria now baby haan??
K: ohoo possessiveness haan
T: yeah feeling hi toh confess karvayi naa and yea bhi bataoo ki tumhare kitne frnds hai aur
K: bohut hai choodo naa hamara relationship ka pehala din hai aur tumne mujhe daant diya(its 1st day of our relationship and u scolded me soooo badly)
T: so sorry actually vo mei soh rahi thi tho

K: I have to know a lot about more
T: u only fit one sentence into ur brain [this sentence was created by me which suits me perfectly I’ll tell u all at the end] K: what sentence
K: what I did not get u
T: baad mei samaj aa jayegi
K: okkk
T: byeee c u
K: byeee
It was Sunday everyone were lazy kunj got freshen up n went to kitchen prepared some toasts n stuffed them in his mouth n drove off the car to a old bungalow
Two people a man n a woman were talking to each other when kunj came
Man: why did u come again
K: I told that every week I’ll meet u all

Woman: no need of it we r fine
K: what fine this condition of urs is because of me n u all r saying don’t worry no need n all
Camera is revolved n those two people r RT N LEELA
Rt: this is not ur fault kunj
K: n aunty u r telling u all r fine I know u all won’t be fine until I find ur daughter n bring them to u
L: when destiny wants u will meet her beta now only u r taking soo much care its not needed
K: u tell I’m like ur son n now doing formalities I have to tell u all smthng
Rt: Yessss tell
K: I’m in love

Rt n leela were shocked kunj continues
K: n u know what that girl is same like ur daughter I mean she has all the qualities in her that ur daughter has cute moody sweet bubbly anger on tip of her nose tashan everything except name
Leela: leave all this but ur not a human kunj
K: I know but I have that magic potion once I find ur daughter n give her back to u all then I ll drink that n become human
Rt: but its risky
K: I’ll manage until ur blessings r with me
Rt: let’s see by the way congrats

K: u both r sooo nice
Here twinkle is talking to leela n rt’s photo
T: mom dad I love kunj n I confessed it once I find ull and kill that vampire then I’ll tell everything to him n drink that magic potion n become a human
Here kunj is talking to rt n leela
K: I’m telling no once I find ur daughter n tell abhay the whole truth then I’ll drink that magic potion and become a human and tell her everything I’m sure she will understand
Screen splits on both of their faces

PRECAP: #flashback!!!

UR MY LIFE BUT I AM UR DEATH it suits me because when I get connected to some people I love them sooo much that everyone whom I get connected will become my life n I will become their death that means I irritate them sooooo much that …….they will get frustrated like u all r bearing me (hope u all understood)

And plsss I’m sorry for the late update my quarter term exams r gonna start n I have to prepare for them soooo I will visit TU less and I won’t be able to revert back to ur comments nor post comments n update regularly n I want to know is it fine if I post 2 episodes at a time irregularly so plzzzzzzzzz try understand my condition have to top my class sooooo plsssssss guys and u all don’t stop commenting as it is my main support system once again happy b’day baby diii
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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey !!! Yaar it was amazing ……n dear no problem…first study then ff ……in fact same is with me but….but u really rocked n I’m shocked ….I mean …seriously ….kunj with leela n rt ….anyways superb darling ???

  2. Chiku

    Loved it
    Itna kamaaaa
    I am waiting ki kab dono ko sach pata laga
    Waise i am also like u. Wen i get connected to smoone that person bcms my life and i disturb them alot.
    Luv u girl❤️❤️

  3. Sameera

    Oye thanmy no need of ending it yaar
    We r here for it ???
    Epi was asking yaar kunj protecting twi parents awesome

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    Plyzzzzzz post next soon

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  8. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Twinkle’s parents also like Kunj so now there is no problem from Twinkle’s families side 🙂 Love you 🙂 All the best for your exams 🙂

  9. (Y)

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    kunj is so caring…loved twinj convo n kunj blushing…love u dear n all d best 4 exam

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