Hello guys first of all I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to your comments and one more sorry if this episode is gonna be boring because I am not at all well mentally n typing this episode only to reduce my stress my sister is admitted in the hospital as she is not at all keeping well and this feeling that my sister is not with me is taking my life I can’t imagine even 1 second of my life without her and I can’t share my grief with anyone except u all as for the first time in my life I saw my dad crying and if I go and cry before them they break down more from that time I’m hiding n crying n if I talk to my friends as they r celebrating teachers day in the school I don’t want their mood to be off and even u all r my family so I’m just sharing this with u all whole night till 12:30 she was not admitted in the hospital thank God finally she is admitted n my mom dad r not even telling me what’s the problem as they r fearing that I’ll break down but as far as I know it’s something serious so it’s just that I can’t bear the feeling that my drama queen is away from me after a lot of time they agreed to take me to the hospital I was going on crying and I just pray that she is fine so I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I can’t post the next episode after this till she gets fine as it’s my silver jubilee I want to be happy while posting it sooooo pls don’t be angry and don’t forget me so let’s START

KUNJ was sitting in his room and was thinking about twinkle
He was seeing her photo in the mobile and was smiling endlessly thinking about the possessiveness she showed
Just then mavi,abhay come to his room and saw that he was seeing twinkles photo n decided to tease him
UV: mahi u know ab mein is situation ke liye perfect song gaatha hoon suno
KUNJ heard UV voice n came out of his thoughts
UV continued
UV: muskuraane ki vajah tum hoooo
A: yes Bhai come on…

UV: gungunane ki vajah tum hoooo
M: kitna besura gaate hoooo tum UV arjit Singh ka song hai pagal daang se Gaoo accha tumhar bass ka nahi hai mei gaathi hoon suno
A: come on bhabi go for it
M: mein jo jee raha hoon yahannnnn vajah tum hoooo oooo vajah tum hoooo
A: perfect ab mujhe bhi ek gaana yaad aa gaya listen
K: enough mujhe ched rehe hoo aap very bad
UV: nahi Bhai hum tumhara taang keech rahe hai koi problem u start abhay
A: okk
Tenu itna main pyar karaan
Ik pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan

Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi sans aake rukhe
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi sans aake rukhe
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahan
Tu hai to hai ismein zindagi

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahan
Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahan
Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahi
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasle
Main tujhko kitna chahati hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake rukhe
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Ankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein
Ki chehre se teri na hatein
Neendon mein bas tere
khwabon ne li hai karwatein

Ki teri ore mujhko leke chale
Ye duniya bhar ke sab rastein
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi sans aake rukhe
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

UV : kya gaaya hai tune awesomeee mujhe nahi pata tha ki tuj me yeh talent bhi haii
(Sayu diii this one was for you arjit Singh songs n how can I forget my sister yesterday u told not to forget this is not fair never I will forget u in my life and the bond between us is really special)
K: just shut up very bad I’m not talking to u all
A: accha sorry pls naaa sorry

After a long time he forgave them and in TANEJA MANSION
TWINKLE was talking to her Mom dad photo
T: u no mom dad I love KUNJ for the first time I saw him I have to find u all n me I’m not even a human and that’s why I
Hurt KUNJ so much n he doesn’t understand but enough I will confess my feelings tmrw I can’t loose him and I’m having that no problem n I’ll find my mom dad also
Saying that she cries badly

Precap: confession !!!!

Sorry guys if I bored u all with the episode as I told u all I’m doing this to reduce my stress n just pray that my sister becomes fine I’m totally broken from inside sooooo jodne mei time lagega please intezaar karna for the next episode if im stressed again I’ll reply to ur comments I’m sooooo sorry I won’t even be able to comment also but I’ll try to read ur ff’s
Ab kuch thik lag raha hai aap se share karke
Thank u byeeee love u all

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Navya dear …don’t be sad positive ..ur sissy will get fine soon …n I know u will post ur next epi , silver jubilee wala epi soon coz ur sissy will also get fine soon …u just pray that ur sis come back soon , hale and hearty ?…..n epi was great…just waiting for their confession u ????

  2. Baby

    oh god thanmy dear dont wry
    ur sis ll b f9 we r praying fr her
    i jst wish its nthing serious
    dear god is wid all of us ur sis ll b prfectly f9
    dont wry n dont stress urself soo mch
    thnk if ur drama queen wuld b wid u n c u in so mch of stress wuld she lyk it
    no naaaaaaaa dear so try n understand jst pray to bhagawanji he ll do evrythng n take care of her n she ll b wid u tmrw n u both wuld b fiting agn n playing wid eo
    jst take care of urself n take care of ur sis n jst give luv to her
    we all luv u n take care of urselfno wries post wenevr u want
    jst i m praying n i m sure she ll b prfct n fit n f9 n wid u tmrw
    luv u dear jst take care of u parents as well u ll hv to behave as their strength
    god bless her luv n care to ur sis dear

  3. Baby

    n yah episode toh bhul hi gyi very cute d way dey teased kunj shooo cute wid d songs n all luvd it 2 d core

  4. thanmy dear…dont stress urself n i m sure tht ur sis will b f9…u love her so much tht ur love will make her f9…so b strong coz whn ur sis will see u in tht condn she ll also b weak…so make sure u ll smile seeing her coz smile can heal d pain n she ll b f9 ..n i’ll pray god tht she’ll b f9…n epi was cheesy when abyuhi were pulling kunjs leg…n w8in 4 confession…love u n take care

  5. Sameera

    Omg thanmy dong worry yaar
    Ur sister will be fine …very soon
    As she has a cute sis like u yaar
    Be strong yaar don’t worry
    N about the episode it was amazing yaar thanmy
    Do cont when u r free n happy
    Don’t take so much stress
    We will also pray for ur sister
    That she becomes fine
    Love u yaar …..
    Do take care of yourself ok

  6. Navya plz don’t be sad be a strength for ur parents we will surely pray for your sister she will be alright soon that’s for sure god bless you

  7. Kruti

    It wasnt boring thanmy…..I loved d epi
    Hope ur sister gets well soon

  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…. Awesome…
    Loved it to the core….
    Nd I said you earlier only I’m praying for ur sis..
    InshaAllah she will be fine soon…..
    Don’t worry we all r with u…

    Love u ????

  9. Kritika14

    Amazing episode. I loved the teasing part … Sorry to hear about your sister. I am sure she will be alright really soon. I’ll pray for her as well. Love you ?

  10. Navya dear don’t be upset.. ur sis will be fine and that too very soon.. don’t worry 🙂 and coming to the epi it was not boring.. it was awesome.. I loved it 🙂

  11. Awesome … .

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