Heloooooooo everyone how r u all ??? I know enjoying because of bandh but look at me I’m not at all happy plss bear for few minutes if I don’t share this with u all then I’ll be crying whole day…
Actually its my friends b’day today or rather say enemy’s b’day actually the bond which v share is like that we both r more than best frnds for each other and not even a single day goes without a fight between us when I was small around 1st class she joined our school I was from UKG she befriended my bestie my only friend after joining in that school from day 1 I used to fight with her for my bestie as if 2 heroes fight for a heroin o god those fights were soooo cuteee and then around 6th class slowly v became frnds that tooo because of our bestie then we were more than best frnds n more than worst enemies we both beat,pinch,catch our hair n even bite each other seeing our fight whole class would not come between us after fight both of them laugh heartily I enjoyyy soooo much with her soooo coming to the point I’m in class 10 the last year of schooling n I did not meet her on her b’day see my fate arghhhhh I miss her so much after all such a shweeeeeet bond we share okkkk so big happy b’day to her I just love her to infinity I know ull must have got bored with my talks and sooooo OK let’s start and yeah I gave compensation….a longer episode as well as a promo hope ull enjoy it and yesterday I replied to ur comments hope u all saw itttt so let’s start first smile then start reading here v gooo

Episode 23
Twinkle in the car
T: ria yeh ria voh ria ria ria kiye ja raha tha voh I will also see now when I meet her ria kya cheez hai
Kunj was in his room and was getting ready for the meeting
He goes to mirror and was combing his hair he looks into his eyes
K:(himself) pyaar toh tujhe hogaya par tu yeh kaise bhool gaya ki tu kaun hai ur a vamp kunj how is this possible???
He feels depressed due to this thought

Kunj POV
Im a vamp and how can I fall for a human u mean its not a rule that u have to fall for a vamp but I can’t live without nandini nor can I die but waittt I’m having that with me right how can I forget that yaar jab tak voh mera saath hai toh no problem at all once u find her and give her back to them then I can drink that yeahhhh get ready nandini ur vamp is cmg to u
He gets ready and goes to pick twinkle but waittt
K:(himself) OMG she will kill me someday I thought only sun and werewolf can kill me but she can also nandiniiii Yessss u can only kill me with ur looks you look sooooooo beautiful
(Of course our Punjabi pataka can look stunning in anything)
She brings him back to reality as he was lost in twinkle…..
T: shall we gooo
K: haan haan we will goo
He wanted to hug her and tell her how beautiful she was looking but controlled himself and again started about ria (feelings jaana hai boss!!)
Kunj was continuously talking about ria twinkle was fuming
They reached the venue

kunj was having a packet with him a gift like thing but twinkle was least interested as she was angry with him
They reached as soon as they reached kunj spotted ria and
K: riaaaa
She came to him both side hugged twinkle face ?
K: happy b’day to u
Happy b’day dear ria happy b’ day riaa
He claps
R: wow kunj u remember
K: how can I forget my Bestie b’ day
K: here is the gift ghar jaake kohlna
R: come on and ur miss nandini taneja right
T: yeah
Kunj and ria were walking in front while twinkle behind them
She was mimicking kunj
T: riaaa blah blah blah
They were talking about the deal and finalised it
K: thanq soooo much ria it will be a grand sucess trust me
R: working with u is my pleasure kunjjj
Twinkle was burning and while saying all these kunj did not forget to watch twinkle Her expressions clearly told that she was possessive about kunj and how much she she loved kunj
To irritate her more kunj went with ria to dance

Disco deewane was playing and both kunj and ria danced jumped enjoyed while twinkle….
They were jumping jumping and finally got exhausted and came and sat
While dancing also kunj was watching twinkle..
Kunj felt soooo happy seeing her expressions T: kunj shall we leave
Kunj was smiling naughtily
K: thodi aue der ruko naa
T: I’m waiting near the car u come when u want to come
K: 10 mins I’m coming u gooo
This was enough for twinkle she fumed away in anger
Again she was mimicking kunj
T: ria yeah ria voh blah blah (so funny)

K: thanq soooooo much ria u helped me a lotttt I came to know that my Lady love also loves me thanq to infinity
R: come on kunj besties bestie ke hi kaam aate naa
(So it was ria diis n kunjs plannn)(bechari twinkle)
K: voh toh haiiii byeeee pata nahi jal ke kaala ban jayegi voh
R: okkkk byeee kunj
K: byeeee
Kunj came to car and saw twinkles expression and decided not to speak a word because twinkle was burning in anger
Kunj was stammering due to fear
T: bye vai sab kuch thik se hogaya
Kunj was happy because of twinkles reaction
They both sat in the car and while driving
K: tumhe pata hai mom dad mere liye rishta dhoond rahe hai…
Twinkle eyes were moist listening to this while kunj was shocked he did not expect such an intense reaction from twinkles
She did not respond but kunj tried to make the situation lighter but twinkle was not in a mood
He dropped her and while driving to sarna mansion he was thinking
K: agar nandini mujhse itna pyaar karti hai toh mujhe hamesha hurt kyun karti hai????

PRECAP:why will twinkle always hurt kunj n suffer herself and kunj……


aisa kya huva jo sab kuch bigaad ke rak diya
Soooooooooooooo how was it I just hope I reached to ur expectations plsss drop ur comments n suggestions because u r the only support system and yeah
Did u all get any name to the bond we shareee???
Okkk for today I irritated u all a lot and RIA DII what gift do u think kunj gave u?? I’ll tell u next episode but u guess and yeah how was my gift
Okkkk byeee
Love u all n enjoy❤?

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  1. Sameera

    Awesome awesome awesome
    Thanmy yaar loved it really
    Hayee promo omg do cont soon

  2. Romaisha

    Heyy di today’s episode was fab!! 😀
    And happy bday to ur friend.. U share a really weird friendship but Haa my friends are nevertheless the same???
    Today’s episode was really epic… Twinkle burning in jealousy .. Haww ria di has so much effects ????
    Promo…seems a bit confusing .. But.after all it is a promo ..
    Post next episode soon nah please im waiting 🙂

    Bye love you ❤❤

  3. Kritika14

    I loved this. Waiting eagerly for the next episode as its gonna be one of those revelation episodes. SO DAMN EXCITED, CANT EVEN EXPLAIN. Also, i feel really sorry for you as you couldn’t meet your friend on her birthday, but you can call her isn’t it? Anyway, write soon as i love reading your ff because its just so amazing! Love you ?

  4. Awesome epi navya.. twinkles jealousy was at the peak??.. and the promo seems interesting.. do cont soon ? and happy birthday to ur friend 🙂

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Navya !!!!!!!!
    Superb dear…..
    N it was amazing imagining twinkle burning ??
    N promo is just killer
    Finally each’s family is gonna complete …
    See u asked for a suggestion …………….. I don’t think so anybody would demand for it but ………….? I want an emotional episode …………coz it will be amazing watching intense emotions between vamp n werewolf………I mean ……I hope u understand n I am just predicting that ur up coming episode maybe emotional coz when twinkle was having tears in her eyes so I just thought that she was missing her parents with the fear of loosing kunj…so that’s all ……
    Anyways whatever will be the arrival ..I know that it’s gonna be Awsome
    Keep writing like this my dear sissy
    N Plzz tell me that who is playing the role of abhay as I’m really eager to know that as I just predicted in one ff that he is Vivian dsena
    Love u ???????
    Jaldi vaapas ana naye epi k saath??

  6. Kruti

    I am so damn excited coz of d promo
    Amazing……awesome…..loved d epi thanmy

  7. Baby

    thanmy amazing yr
    luvd it 2 d core
    osm yeah yr wowwwwwwwww
    yr speechless jelous twinkle haye as said previously
    n warevols n vamps ka koi relation nhi ho skta?
    actually pls tell i dont no mch about dem
    yr i mean as u said thanmy so is it
    n guess wt u r near ur silver jublie yeah u r gonna cmplete 25 episodes so we need a treat fr it hehe yr
    osm dear luvd it becahri twinj
    post nxt asap dear

  8. Sayeeda

    Thanmy yrr sacchi u gave such a wonderful gift to Ria…. She is so blessed to have a sis like u….. ???…..

    Amazing episode… Specially Twinkle burning in jealousy….
    It was all Kunj plan…. What an idea Sir ji ???……

    Loved the episode to the core…. Hope so that Twinj confess their love with eo soon….

    Thanmy I never said this to u but I don’t know why today my heart says to let me tell u everything… As very soon I’m leaving TU…..

    U know what ur comments r the most most most special one for me… When the first time u commented on my ff… I was like woow today I got one more reader ??….. But after that slowly ; slowly the bond between us strengthen so much that I feel unknown relation with u…. I got a sis in ur form….. U always make me feel extra special…. Thanks for everything u did for me till now…. Thanks for giving me a kind hearted person like u…..
    Gonna miss u…..
    But always remember ur Sayoo di….. ??……

    Love u sooooooooo much…… ??

  9. SidMin

    The relation you share with your friend is quite similar to the one I share with my friend I mean we don’t fight physically but by words the job in which she does not taunt me or I don’t do it for her does not get completed So Happy birthday to your friend
    Loved the episode and Kunj and Ria’s plan Loved it
    Waiting for the next episode I guess it is the flashback or past (never mind I would wait for the next episode)
    Love you and your birthdate…

  10. Nice one …. Plzz update nxt part soon………

  11. Chiku

    Thammy its sooooooo cute episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I wish tu jaldi se twinj ko sath misn kar de

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi…loved twinkle’s possessiveness….

  13. Jisha

    Wow… Twinkle burning in jealousy.. seems interesting…sad to hear u could not meet her…

  14. Shatakshi

    Ria I m gonna kill u???
    But I love u more than I hate u???

    But kunj is still my

    Navyu….I m loving this jealous twinkle n hating this jealous me???
    It was Awesome
    Loved it to the core
    Love u loads❤❤❤

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