Hello guys how r u all today thoda meri bak bak Seha Lena actually I told u all na that I stay in Hyderabad sooo today it was raining soooo much from morning 7:00 o god never in 15 years it rained like this it was raining sooooooo heavily because I had a test I had to go to school mein chotu sa bacchi kitni mushkil se baarish mein bhigke school gayi aur vahan jaa ke mujhe pata chalta hai ki school nahi hai What a experience!!! Par mom se dhant tho khane padthe hai na sooooo and ya now coming to thanks giving ceremony jasmine nandini is only twinkle she changed her identity to search her mom dad and sayu diiii I’m sooooooooo sorry for making u cry????and yeah I don’t think u hurt anyone because u only told na that we love u soooo why would we get hurt batoo???and yeah thank u soooo much angita,fan,monica,chiku,priya,sidvee,jisha dii,purnima,sameera dii,meeta,sidhanshi,sana,sidmin-daamini,kruti,romaisha dii,baby dii really thanq a lot literally I blush when I read ur comments thanq sooo much OK bohut bak bak kar diya na baaki episode ke ending mei let’s start

Kunj gets up in the morning and as he got up he saw twinkle he thought he was again imagining abhay as twinkle and…
K: abhay kuch chahiye subah subah yahan kya kar raha hai
T: its me kunj nandini is anything wrong with ur eyes
K: if I say nandini u say ur abhay if I say abhay u say ur nandini who r u finally???
T: kunj how many times should I tell u I’m nandini ur friend
Kunj went a cupped her face twinkle did not even utter a word simply she was enjoying his touch then he lift her up and thought
K(himself): light weight matlab saach mein nandini aayi hai
Both if them share an I lock and kunj was still lifting nandini
UV & abhay comes there n sees everything and coughs
They come back into senses and
K: ohhh miss taneja u here and that too morning pls meet me in the office if u have any work I’m busy right now….
Twinkle had no idea why was kunj behaving so weirdly

Twinkle POV:
I know kunj is angry with me but it doesn’t mean that he have to break our friend did I hurt him sooo much???babaji pls help me I can’t afford to lose kunjs friendship I had to behave like that kunj I was helpless but….
She was thinking when kunj snapped his fingers and brought her out of her imagination world
K: miss taneja meet u in office…..
He went to freshen up
In the bathroom kunj was thinking all the moments spent with twinkle car accident then presentation friendship day rakhi day trekking everything thing and a broad smile appeared on his face

O god nandini ur making me crazy day by day first hatred without meeting each other then friendship and love but I had to do this nandini I really want to see whether u love me or not u take ur own time to confess but I want to know ur feelings u made me Mr.altenero to fall in love with a siyappa Queen this is gonna be a unique love story no one will see a such a crazy love story……and I have a feeling that u also love me if not siyappa Queen made mr. Altanero to fall for her so Mr.altanero will also make siyappa Queen to fall for him its my promise
Then he comes out sees twinkle in the hall and smile eventually appears on his face and then makes a serious face and
K: miss taneja chale office ke liye
Twinkle abhay mavi were too confuse (bechare?)
Twinkle thought to convince him in the office and therefore went with him in his car both of them did not even utter a word

wow this love matlab yeh feeling hi kaamal ki hai I just love this feeling this cannot be described in words this is a heveanly feeling
He was in his thoughts when
T: kunjjjj office
K: vahi jaa rahe hum
T: jaa chuke hai our office
He realised that he came more forward then he took back his car to office
Kunj went to his cabin twinkle was following him but he was too fast

enough yeh kunj samjta kya hai apne aap ko problem kya hai wait jo mei soch rahi hoon kahi voh saach toh come on twinkle isse vajah se tum usse dhoor jaati hoo usse Dante ho hurt karti ho phir uske baad kaise soch sakti hai voh yeh kar sakta hai???
She went to his cabin and came to his table then she decided to convince him later soo TWINKLE POV:
Tab se miss taneja kiye jaa rahe ho na now watch
T: so Mr.sarna shall we see the presentation yesterday I made it
Kunj was in a complete shock. He did not expect this from her(of course no one can)
His face was blanked out but he decided to stay strong phela pyaar hai na ..
They both started the presentation kunj was just staring at twinkle while she was explaining
Rabta plays in the background…..

After sometime they finish their presentation
T: so how was it kunj
He came to his senses k: what???(bechara)
T: how was the presentation kunj???
He was happy to listen his name rather than Mr.sarna
K: it was wonderful ms.taneja I liked it keep it up
T: enough is enough kunj yeh kya lagaa rakha hai miss.taneja stop it..
K: who am I to call u by ur name what relation do I have with u??
T: kunj I’m sorry na galti se nikal gaya pls kunj OK friends
K: miss taneja I think u r getting late for lunch..
Twinkle was irked with him and thinks to do her pet puja first she was about to walk her sandal strap got opened and she was about to fall and

She fell down yes kunj did not catch her and more over he was not able to control his laughter seeing her funny expressions
K: haha haha hehehaha….
T: what the heck pakad sakte ho na
K: (clearing his throat)ummm who am I to do that why should I care for you who am I to do that….
T: enoughhhhhh pls uthaoo
Kunj could not see her like that and twinkle gives him her hand and kunj pulls her up but due to pressure she came and fell on kunj and kunj on his chair both of them were on chair twinkle on kunj…
They share a cute eye lock
(Sooo cute☺☺)

Twinkles hair strands was falling on her face disturbing them kunj gently put them back behind her ear twinkle closes her eyes due to his touch and kunj smiles seeing this…..
Both get up and compose themselves
T: u know what Mr.altanero I love challenges and today I challenge u that tumhe aaj raat 9:00 se phele mana kar hi rahonga..
K: oh really challenge accepted
She walks off from there
K:(himself) hayeee saach mein yeh ladki mujhe pagal bana ke chodegii
He smiles…..

PRECAP: mission kunj mannao and voh bhi thoda haatke????

I want to share a thing with u all I don’t know if u all know this or not but to be frank jdj is really the sick show of all everything politics like seriously guess what after sidhant’s elimination there is no elimination at all for 3 weeks now I feel that they just brought sid for trp’s I really feel I don’t know whether I’m right or wrong but this is not fair they can’t do this to us
Okk I want to ask u all one more thing whom r u all imagining as abhay I want to know…
And yeah bohut irritate kar diya na aaj sooooo sorry bakwas karne ki aadat hai so majbur hooo maaf kardo and yeah
How was the episode
Twinj scenes???
Please drop ur comments and thanq silent readers
Love u all?
Byeeeee see u all?

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  1. Sameera

    Hahahaha thanmy u know baarish ki wajah se mein to college gayi hi nahi
    Seriously itni zyada baarish Jo rahi thi
    N about the epi yaar amzing hahah kunj bechara pehle pyaar ka mara
    Loved all the scene
    N I am imagining Vivian dsena ad abhay
    Do cont soon ?????

  2. Priya_

    Are u serious..? There r no eliminations for 3 weeks after sid’s..
    What the heck.. I really feel that jdj is a crap show which just runs for trps..
    And about the episode…it was so sweet, awesome
    Waiting for the next one

  3. It was so cute epi…i imagine vivian dsena as abhay

  4. Fan

    Hey thanmy u stay in hyd????..even i stay in hyd..same pinch..but we didn’t have holiday?..btw u r from which school??..anyways awesome epi as always yaar!!..loved it..

  5. Jisha

    Episode was so sweet n cute…I imagine Vivian as abhay…pyaar ki ek kahani vala…n frankly I too think jdj is crap…I was watching it only for Sid…

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Navya yaar mazaa aa gaya
    Twinj scenes were so Awsome
    Kunj ka behaviour for twinkle sometimes becoming hilarious dude
    N I didn’t get ur question
    I mean u said that whom we r imagining as abhay…… as I’m confused how to answer so mere Mann mein is question k do Matlab nikal rahe hai
    1. Konsa actor play kr raha hoga is role ko
    2. Doosra, abhay vampire hai ya werewolf
    So now the time for answering
    1. See frankly I’m just predicting that maybe or most probably Vivian dsena is playing the role coz ……..see I will explain it to u …some years ago TV par star one aataa tha phir maybe voh band ho gaya n life ok aa gaya uski jagah (not sure about the replacement of channel )
    Ussi star one channel pr ek serial aataa tha PYAAR KI YEH EK KAHAANI n voh serial ka plot bhi vampire wala tha …………….usme bhi hero jo vampire tha uska naam abhay thaa n voh character bhi Vivian dsena ne play kiya tha ………..( now sorry if I wasted ur time coz maybe mera pehla jawaab galat ho aur shayad tumhe iske baare mein na pataa ho … sorry ) n yaa by the way dude it’s just a simple question …..just wastage of time but still wanted to ask u that if u remember about star one so u ever saw sarabhai vs sarabhai……..aise he poochhh rahi hoon …Mann kr raha tha that’s all coz that one was my favourite show
    2. see he is werewolf n yaa it’s revealed also ???
    So……. sorry agar maine apne dono jawaab se Aapkaa keemti samay barbaad kiya ho toh
    So again epi was superb
    Keep writing like this N plz reply if I answer right !!!???????????

  7. Soo good… Loved it yaar…

  8. Kritika14

    Oh i just loved it! You make me go crazy for your ff day by day and i am really serious about this. It just one of the best. Moreover, i hope you are okay .. because you told hyderabad had heavy rain so. Also, I loved the precap. And honestly, i am starting to hate jdj now, tho i am been watching this show since 2 years .. but this is completely unfair. I really hope sid comes back in a wild card entry (tho i know this won’t be possible, but i just wish). Anyway, you continue soon and love you ?

  9. Shatakshi

    Aaj Navyu tera to lucky day tha….
    U know the best feeling is when u go to school or college n its declared closed???
    N the episode was boom…I mean Awesome??…aaj mai tapori ho gaye
    N I m lovingggg this track???
    N this is for both of ur episodes as I read both together???
    N n coming to jdlj…..I agree with u completely
    Before this season I never watched this show as I found it partial….I liked that drashti dhami, sanaya Irani n Faisal khan wala season but as they started doing partiality I stopped watching….n now I only see sids performence on Instagram
    Love u loads Navyu❤❤

    1. Shatakshi

      N Haa….u will find it hilarious but I never imagined abhay particularly with a face
      Sometimes Karan Wahi to kabhi koi aur??
      Silly me…

  10. Chiku

    It’s awesome ???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    U write so well. Navyaaaaaaa tu kaaaamaaaal karti hai.
    U r making me crazy. Omg werewolf and vampire ki luve story. Waiting fr next one. Jaldi se post karde❤️❤️??

  11. SidMin

    Loved it and The way Kunj made sure that the person he was seeing was Twinkle just loved and The presentation part when Kunj was Looking at Twinkle just loved it and Loved the part when Twinkle feel down and Kunj pulled her up and then Twinkle on Kunj on the chair Just loved
    In short Loved every bit of your episode and the recap sounds interesting so waiting for the next episode 🙂

  12. It was jst mind blowing………

  13. Loved it!!

  14. Sayeeda

    Thanmy dear….. What to say to u….. I’m not able to find words to compliment u…..
    What a amazing…. Cute episode…
    Those POV’s were brilliant… Mind blowing…..

    Kunj staring at Twinkle made me go crazy yrr….. Hats off to u for such a wonderful episode…..

    Love u ???

  15. Baby

    what d hell thanmy ..
    srry sry dar gyi na
    actually yeh uss news ke liye hai
    mene tumhari ff mein abhi pheli baar sunaa ki jdlj mein ko elimination nhi hai sid ko elimainate krne ke baad 3 weeks tak
    n i m srsly crying out of no where bt yeah muje bhot gussa aa rha hai
    how can dey b so bullshit
    oh god yyyyyyy???????????? yyyyy only sid
    shit yr
    n d episode was jst fab thanmy luvd it 2 d core
    yr post nxt asap n abhi i m nt in postion to cmnt more phele mje mood thik krna hoga apna
    yr how can dey b sooooooooooo selfish
    ughhhhhhhhhhh……………i really need justice for sid
    anotherwise i ll kill dem first tei se exit n ab jdlj se bhi n tei bhi end n den dese exams all is
    going bad
    yr sry amazing episode bt i feel lyk killing evry1 around me
    lu u thanmy u r fab

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous cute epi

  17. Wow navya.. I really loved this epi.. full of twinj???.. it was superb.. and honestly I didn’t imagine anyone as abhay???.. idk why ??.. and coming to jdj it really sucks.. I watched previous season of jdj CuZ I liked sanaya.. and I had decided not to watch this season.. and then I got to know sid will b in jdj.. so I was watching it for him only.. they r really biased ahh.. after scoring 23,26,26,27 and that is a top score still he was eliminated.. he was dancing better than other contestants.. can’t these colors tv see talent???.. and I also got to know that there is no elimination for 3 weeks.. like seriously.. ughhh.. and there are only colors ke bachas now after sid exits.. I will stop watching jdj after sid exits..

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