Hello guyz how r u all OK mera mood zyada kuch thik nahi hai soo no bak bak today and I replied to everyone comment hope u all saw it OK let’s start Episode 20

All of them reached sarna mansion without speaking a word kunj went to his room mavi abhay were little bit worried they decided to leave him alone for some time….
Mahi:UV I’m scared for kunj he loves twinkle a lot he is not aware of his feelings but I can see it in his eyes..
UV: yes mahi he is not aware of his feelings if twinkle is going to hurt him like this he is going to breakdown
Abhay: only u can do that bhai pls go and talk to kunj bhai
UV: let him stay alone for some time
They get freshen up
Kunj was in his room and was going on thinking about twinkles words

what does she think of her self she asked me why do I care for her right this is tooo much doesn’t she understand the meaning of friendship she was the one who tied friendship band on my wrist and now enough she asked who am I right now see nandini oops sorry nandini taneja only business relation is left between us and now u just wait and watch u were soooo rude to me u indirectly broke our friend ship by ur stupid questions I’m going to make it official no more personal between us only business deal
He was continuously thinking about her unknowingly he did not even come for lunch
Now mavi n abhay were worried for him UV went to talk to him
He went to his room and found kunj sitting on the bed he was sure that kunj was thinking about twinkles words
UV: kunj don’t want to have ur lunch
K: aapki behen toh mera pet bhaar diya apne words se toh bhook kaise laghegi
UV: what wrong did she tell kunj the fault is with u
K: oh really so caring is waste everyone should not care about anyone in this world new principal by UV and his so called sister uv: oh really kunj nothing is wrong with when r u going to realise ur feelings for her
K: what the hell r u speaking bhai
UV: today nandini spoke to u harshly and ur just shouting on me this u have to realise how much she means to u
K: what nonsense bhai

UV: come on kunj don’t behave blindly just think what will be ur life without nandini u will automatically come to a conclusion that ur in love with her
UV: the way u care for her is more than friendship what she means to u is more than a friend fact is that u can’t be without her remember if she doesn’t speak to u u won’t sleep peacefully that day kunj I know what love is and that I have seen it in ur eyes for twinkle just think its a high time now better understand ur feelings
He walked away leaving kunj in dilemma
Do I really love twinkle am I serious what bgai said is true I can’t stay away from her can’t see her when she’s hurt and in short I need her she changed my life I was only living in my own so called revenge taking world but when she came into my life things changed but she her words her everything makes a difference to me is this love???
He searched on internet for 2 hours and finally came to a conclusion that he loves twinkle he did wanted to be sure about his feelings finally when he realised that he loves her his happiness knew no bounds
I’m in love with nandini o god this is such a good feeling
For sometime he forgot his identity He was sooooo happy that he started dancing
(Plz read the lyrics I’m sure u all will understand it and I wrote even the way kunj dances so plz)
It was 7:00 when he started dancing

O o o o o…
Jaise ghadi ki girah se waqt kahin pe gira ho
Jaise roshani subah se ho jaaye juda
(he looks at his watch roam here n there stands there looks outside but sun has already set he makes a pout)
Jaise gaane aur najam se sur koyi chura le
Waise aadha adhura main hoon tere bina
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(He started dancing like a duck moving hands keeping near chin forward n backward and duck steps he was walking in the whole room)
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(He stood on this couch and jumped down from there)
Khaali jo raat ho, main khaab chaand taaron se woh puri bhar du(he runs out to balcony see the stars point out at them first with right hand then left and come inside) (He takes out twinkle s picture then sing the lyrics given below)
Teri jo baat ho main bin kahe hi aadhi pauni puri kar loon
Jo aadhe se hum hai, woh pure ho tumase
Na jaane yeh sauda bhi kab tai huwa
Adhure se kisse baraabar se hisse, tu dil toh main duwa
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(He starts doing the duck step again)
Kal tu jo khoyi ho, toh gumshuda yeh jindagi basar kar du
Manjil jo soyi ho, toh khwaab saare tere hi najar kar du
Tu aadhe se dil ko laayegi bhi toh

Main sau khwaaishon se hi bhar dunga woh
Karega yakin tu abhi ke abhi tu, toh aake aajama
(He climbed on the bed jumped as if his going to walking on coals?and took the bedsheets out and spoilt the condition of the bed and while doing all this he was having killer smile on his face)
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(Got down of the bed and started doing duck step again and took a pillow and did salsa with it?)
Jaise ghadi ki girah se waqt kahin pe gira ho
Jaise roshani subah se ho jaaye juda(again looked at the watch roamed in the room and when he looked at the door to his surprise he found twinkle standing smiling then he went to her)
Jaise gaane aur najam se sur koyi chura le
Waise aadha adhura main hoon tere bina(after bringing her to the room though her expressions clearly showed her confusion he caught her hands put his hand on her waist caught the other and started dancing with her again)
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(Still he was dancing)

Kunj lifts twinkle up in the air and rotates he keeps her down he feels that twinkle is tooo fat he was catching her hand still
T: bhai pls leave my hand
Kunj was shocked to listen to the word bhai from twinkles mouth he was not in his senses
A: bhaiiii where r u lost
He came to reality it was abhay not twinkle he was imagining her
K: tuuuu
A: haan mei kuch gadbad hai byeeee bhai c u tmrw morning hope ull be fine by then!!!
Kunj takes out twinkles photo and
K: dekha siyappa Queen pyaar ke phele paal hi mujhe pagal bana diya ab pata nahi kya hoga!!!!
He falls on the bed keeping twinkles photo near her heart
K: I love nandiniii
My siyappa Queen I love youuuu
Okkkk how was it ????
Kunjs realisation I enjoyed I personally feel that this one was the best till what I wrote and pls first time I wrote something other than suspence soooo plz tell me ur views through comments

And sayu diii this one is for you
Its okkkk I’m with u career and future n parents r first its okk not feeling hurt but yeah I’m gonna miss u alot diii when I saw ur post n read it I was not able to comment on it I simply just sat thinking and ur right sooo I was crying when u said that because I’m attracted or rather say addicted to ur writings sooooo this is only because of your writing diiii I just love them each of them is a master piece I’m not gonna start again but plss cont ur first ff aleast for 2-3 weeks 1 episode also no problem kyun intezaar ka phal meeta hota hai
Last but not the least all the best diiii actually BTL for ur career and don’t forget I’m with u and if u read this pls comment on my ff for the last time nothing more than that…..and how can I forget to tell u these things I’m blessed to get a Sissy like u not everyone have this chance I’m blessed as well as lucky and most importantly love u diii and will be waiting for u ……
So everyone byeee see u all and don’t forget to drop ur comments
Love u all

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  1. Angita

    Hawww was shooooo cute and Kunj dance step oh god….???

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi!

  3. Sayeeda

    Thanmy dear what to say to u…. I seriously don’t have any idea how to convey the mixed emotions I’m suffering with…. I know I’m very bad coz I hurted many ppl…. But that decision was required at this moment…. It was utmost priority…

    I’m happy that u r supporting me like always u do…. I’m feeling guilty right now for making my sweet sissy cry… Not only u but many ppl became sad coz of my sudden decision…..
    After reading the msg for me I was crying nd still I’m crying… I’m just saying one thing to me that how will I stay away from the ppl who love me the most nd whom I love the most……

    Don’t worry dear very soon I will be back to TU it’s a matter of 3 months only….. Nd this won’t be my last comment on ur ff it’s ur Sayoo di promise.. Whenever I will have time I will surely comment….. Thanks for being my understanding nd loving sis… I never knew I made so strong relationships on TU within so less time….. I promise u that will continue with my first ff but it will only posted on weekends…. Coz I want to read ur sweet comment…. The way u always make me feel special is beyond my imagination..

    Gonna miss u all…

    Leave all this let me praise ur episode also….
    Thanmy jaan u r making me more crazy for each nd every episode… Twinj dance ???????….. Ufff that was soooo cute nd lovely also…..
    I’m so excited to know what will happen next between this werewolf nd vampire ??….

    Love u sooooooooo much….. Love u beyond infinity….

  4. Kritika14

    It was amazing! Loved kunj’s realisation ? and now I understand why in the precap of previous episode you wrote… Jab mila tu ? continue soon x and love you ?

  5. Chiku

    It’s amazing ????❤️❤️❤️❤️????❤️???
    Love kunj ka realisation. Heheeee those duck steps wr bery cute.
    I loved it

  6. Amazing…cn u tel me plz who is nandini?

  7. Priya_

    Aww.. So cute
    Waiting for the next one

  8. Wow su cute.. I really loved it.. kunj’s dance and drealing abt twinkle was ???? superb.. do cont soon ?

  9. Jisha

    Loved Kunj’s realization… awesome…so cute…

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  11. Sameera

    Awww yaar thanmy
    Feels like dancing with kunj
    Jab mila tu woah amzing
    Do cont soon

  12. Meeta

    Amazing it was.
    n ik that u wrote that for Sayeeda but when I was scrolling down, I saw Meeta. xD
    so i read t n it had to be Meetha 😛

  13. Superb epi… loved it dear…?????????

  14. Lovely :*:*

  15. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Finally kunj realised his feelings for twinki ……..the most awaited day
    U just rocked hope twinki also soon realised her feeling toooooooooooooo
    Love u
    Keep writing like this

  16. Kruti

    Finally ek ko realise ho gayi uski feelings…….amazing epi thanmy and that dance with those duck steps???loved it

  17. Romaisha

    Damn!!! His realisation was just so cute!!!!!
    Loved it so much yaar!!!!!! ??
    Post next one soon 🙂 please !!
    Love u ?

  18. Baby

    oh god thanmy
    luvd d episode 2 d core
    actually truly to say it was d best epsidoe ever of ur dis ff today
    d realisation amazing yr
    luv u dear osm
    bt u give luvly suspense as well i luv dast 2
    post nxt asap

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