REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 17, 18 &19)


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Episode 17,18,19
It was morning
K:strange I thought everyone would wake me at 12 and wish me its 7 and no one is not even bothered to see whether I’m awake
He goes freshens up and comes out and surprised no one was there in the house(u all thought there was a party)
K: maa papa abhay bhai bhabi where r u all come out….
Every one were hiding in the kitchen along with twinkle it was her plan
He comes down and goes to the dining table there he finds a letter written by usha
Kunj was shocked to read the letter seeing kunj expression no one were able to control their laughter
K: wow mera birthday mere liye function arrange kiye bagere kisi aur ke function chale gaye what a family I’m feeling hungry let’s see what’s in the kitchen
As he went he found a medium sized box he picked it up

Twinkle and abhay gave HiFi to each other and counted numbers on their fingers
Kunj opened the box a boxing hand came and hit his nose immediately he started crying like a small baby now this was enough for abhay and twinkle both of them laughed loudly
By this kunjs nose became red all came out and shouted happy birthday mere pyaare cry baby
K: it was all ur plan matlab b’ day boy ko rulate kya?
They were continuously laughing kunj was miffed with them and he walks away…
U: I told u na twinkle c now he is miffed with us
A: don’t worry mei aur UV bhai and bhabis will make his mood alright
All 4 of them come to hall kunj was sitting on sofa they 4 of them come and dance on matargasti and finally make his mood alright and make him laugh
K: siyappa Queen yeh sab tera plan tha na

T: u liked it
K: yaaa so much ( sarcastically)
Then everyone bring cake and kunj cuts and feeds bebe usha manohar and he took blessings he came to abhay UV and mahi fed them also cake and came to twinkle he was about to feed her then he only eats the cake twinkle got furious and everyone were laughing then twinkle took the cake and acted as if she was feeding him but instead she applied it on his face he was just looking like joker….

Then what??? He took the cake and ran behind her usha bebe manohar went back and decided not to come between their fight he was not able to catch twinkle so he threw the piece twinkle bent and it went and hit mahi now mahi was also in the cake game in no time UV and abhay joined the cake war in 10 minutes they made hall the hell
Twi&abhay: ewwwwwe this is so dirty pls clean it soon( kuch yaad aaya)
Kunj was like : tum log hi yeh halat karo phir yuckkkk bolo
After sometime it was clean and sparkling and they changed and came down and sat on sofa 5 of them
K: so bhai what is evening plan??
UV: OK actually the hill on which v r going to treck is in xyz forest
Again their faces turned pale (abhay twinj)

He continued
UV: sooo after walking around half kilometre in the forest a hill comes and we r going to treck it and after we reach on hill top we can camp there for around 5 hours and then come back and one side of the hill has waterfall and one side dense forest
If v r going @5 we will reach near the hill around 5:45 then to climb and reach the hill top it becomes 8: 30 then we set camp by 9:00 then again 3:00 clock v will start again and at 5:00 v will reach down and 6:00 out of forest by 7:00 in the house

K: ohhh its going be very tiring…
T: yaaaa
M: what about the animals???
UV: actually the animals will be after 3 kms range but we r going only half km range no need to worry
@ evening
They got strict instructions from parents to take care ( even my parents o god almost half n hour they will take my class?because parents r parents)
They reached the forest
Mahi was too scared she was catching UV s hand very tightly
They walked into the forest and twinkle was about to fall because a branch but at the nick time kunj saved her she was in the arms of kunj and closed her eyes due to fear and when she opened kunj n twinkle shared an i- lock mavi abhay coughed they came back to their senses
K: dho aakhein di hai na bhagvan ne tho dekh ke chalo
They continued and reached the footstep of the hill

they started to climb the hill but it was most tiring to UV and kunj than anyone eles…..
Mahi and twinkle were not able to climb that easily so kunj and UV had to pull them up( imagine their state?)
But one thing …..whenever kunj pulled twinkle it was like both of them r hugging each other felt peace in each other arms and at the same time….as always weird.
Finally they reached the hill top abhay was screaming everyone closed their ears
K: chuppppp
UV: tu kyun chilaraha hai aur jaanvar hair yeh kaam karne ke liye
But he was least interested
They setup 3 camps and a bonfire
A: let’s dance
T: what????
A: come on don’t tell me u all came to enjoy nature we r here to do masti come on…
He made Every one stand and played kaala chasma song
Throughout the song everyone were dancing like mad people and were enjoying as if they r not going to get these moments again and while dancing (how can we forget) twinj I locks and they came close to each other many times…
Finally every one sat down they were too tired…
K: bhook…
T: bhookad

K: mei tumhe thoda kaa raha hoon..
They 5 of them have dinner and 4 of them except kunj start admiring nature they roam see the waterfall and enjoy it while kunj was sitting alone
T: kunj come naaa
K: nooo u enjoy
UV: twinkle he is actually hydrophobic so
T: ohhh
Kunj was getting bored and was looking here and there when he found blood marks it was some one else blood finished he decided not to look at there but he couldn’t control so his eyes started turning red and fangs were about to come out he controlled him self as the blood stains were fresh he threw water on them they got washed away he was relaxed but his red eye balls before they could go twinkle saw them….
But immediately they went away after twinkle seeing she gets doubt on him she comes to him and…
T: pls come kunj
K: no twinkle

After argument she takes him near water he was closing his eyes in fear
T: kunj listen to me its just water its not going to grab you relax look at it for 10 minutes
K: noooo
T: Yessss
Kunj looked at water n he was feeling a bit relaxed
( u all know even I’m hydrophobic whenever I see large water bodies I just close my eyes n sit?)
T: r u feeling better
K: okkk
T: r u still scared??
K: don’t know
Everyone sit
UV: so more 3 hours we will sleep for 2 hours as v all r tired and then pack back and move
Everyone agrees to it
They all chit chat for sometime actually not everyone only mavi n abhay twinj were just staring at each other…

T: kunj do u put lenses
Kunj got scared
K: w….ha…t noooo
T: ohhh I just now saw ur eyeballs red in color so I thought its OK maybe my misunderstanding….
Kunj was still tensed and twinkle was still having doubt on kunj
All slept under tree as it
Would be suffocating inside camps n all of them slept in sitting postures under trees mavi abhay and twinj under one one tree
After around 45 minutes wolf howling sounds r coming twinkle got up due to sound and when she got up she did not see abhay she wondered where he went
T:( herself) where is abhay and this howling omg I need to get out of here before anyone sees my real avatar
She went and stood behind the tree and as howling sounds were heard her hair on her body grew eyes turned blue hackles were getting raised in human face only…when sounds stopped she came to her original form and when they were heard again in were wolf form after around half n hour sounds stopped she relaxed and came back and then abhay also came back
Both were shocked
A: bhabhi aap iss vaqt

Due to noise everyone woke up
K: wow two kumbkarans got up so early??
Both abhay and twinkle pouts
Everyone decides to go back soon because of kunj allergy they started to pack back
While twinkle was wondering about kunj red eyes and abhays disappearance
They got down of the hill and again yunj have to help twihi
They came out of forest and
they were standing on road but twinkle wanted to do something on her phone but no network it was morning 5:00 she walked in the middle of the road she got signals and was standing there only and doing her work
A truck was approaching her and everyone saw it except twinkle they shouted her name but she was engrossed in her phone
Then kunj started running( remember his running speed??) He saved her
It was kunj time
He was going on scolding twinkle so much so he did not stop it was 5,10,15,20 minutes he was not stopping
K: what was this blah blah blah blah what do u think of ur self I won’t be there to save u every time r u a kid….

Twinkle lost her patience abhay and mavi were also scared as they never saw kunj sooo angry
T: enough kunj what’s ur problem I did not tell u to save me who told u to do so? What do u think of ur self what do I mean to u what is the relation why do u save me care for me scold me why??? Its OK as a friend but its not like a friend
This was enough for kunj he just walked away from there in anger thinking of twinkle words
Everyone except twinkle reached sarna mansion and she went to taneja mansion

PRECAP: jab mila tu ru tu ru !!!!!

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    1. Chiku

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    1. Thanmy

      Awwww so sweet of u damini
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    Hello umm I don’t know what hydrophobic.. Plsh explain
    Episode was a blockbuster

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      Hydrophobic is fear of water not in everyday life but large water bodies there was a water fall on other side of hill so kunj got scared
      And thank u sooooo much for such a lovely comment

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    1. Thanmy

      Hiiii shakatshi I missed u a lot I was waiting for ur comment anyways maybe u were busy I’m happy that u r back and that car wali scene I did not take it from twilight It did not even remind me of that and that was pkyekh idea only that was in my mind and Edward n Bella also luk good now only I imagined them

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