REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 14)


Hello guys I am back!!! Were u all waiting for me ?? No no yesterday only I met u all so how was the twist??and I won’t forget this I mean I can’t the ones who supported me I mean who commented thanq sooooooo much thanq romaisha dii,angita,purmima,sidmin,Monica,sayu dii,shatakshi,sidvee,kruti, sidmin damini,sujina baby dii, sameera dii for commenting
ok let’s start zyada bak bak karne ke mood mein nahi hoon I am really very very very till infinity sad ☹

Episode 14
Next morning twinkle came to her normal form she went took her bath and came to her mom dad photo
T:(to photo) kal ke baad mein aur strong ho gayi hoon vo vampire jo bhi hon bach nahi sakta(I became mor stronger yesterday now no one can save that vampire)
She reaches office kunj was there in his cabin
T:(herself) hamesha aisa kyun hota hai jab bhi mei kunj ke saath hoti hoon toh mujhe kitna aacha lagta hai par ussi time pe itna ajeeb kyun lagta hai jaise koyi kair chodo ab mera heart beat kyun raise ho raha(every time when I am with kunj I feel so happy but at the same time I feel so weird now my heart is beating so fast)
T:(herself) ho kya raha hai mujhe twinkle relax kunj tera friend hai itna vaqt bitaya uske saath Kal chalo uske cabin mei project shuru karni hai(what’s wrong with me twinkle relax kunj is your friend yesterday u spent so much of time with him go to his cabin u have to start the project also)

Meanwhile in kunjs cabin while taking a file he by mistake drops water just then
T: Mr.altanero may I come in
K: come on siyappa queen v r friends now u need not ask. She comes in
T:who knows kab tumhara mood kaise hogaaaaaa
She was about to fall but kunj was about to catch her twinkle sees that and
T:(herself) oh no if he catches my hand….
Thinking that she did not give her hand to him and
T: ouch!!!!!
K: yeh kya kiya twinkle pagal ho(what did u do twinkle r u mad)saying that he helps her to get up
K: seriously twinkle mei kya untouchable hoon jo mera haath nahi pakad rahi hai tu(twinkle am I an untouchable that ur not touching me n taking my help)
T: abhi toh mein tumhara haath pakad ke uthi hoon(now only I caught ur hand and got up)
K: oh really thodi dher phele yeh gayn kaha gayi ( before 5 minutes where was your brain)
K: problem kya hai Teri matlab siyappa queen naam de diya toh usse tu saachi prove kar rahi hai(what’s ur problem every time y do u create a siyappa)
Kunj was not at all coming to a stop he was going on scolding twinkle
T: chuppp(shut up)
T: arre pagal ho kya aagar mei tumhara haath pakadti toh tumhe scratch aa jaata(if I would catch u then u would have got a scratch on ur hand)
K: toh ek scratch hi toh hai mei koyi MR.WORLD competition mei thoda jaa raha hoon ( so what it is just a scratch what happens I’m not going to competition)
T: ek scratch tumhe pata hai mera ek scratch tumhe bhi mere jaise were…..(only one scratch my one scratch would turn u into a ware….)

She realized what she was going to tell and stopped
K: batoo mei bhi tumhara jaisa siyappa queen nahi nahi king ban jaata(what if I get a scratch I would become a siyappa queen no no king)
T: kunjjjjjjj
K: come on twinkle ur not a werewolf that if I get ur scratch I would turn into one
T:weeerr woo lfff
T: tum inn sab mein yakeen karte hoo( do u believe in all these)
K: pata nahi shayad honge(don’t no maybe they r really there)
K:(himself)what may be I’m only one of them but twinkle itna ajeeb kyun behave kar rahi hai
T: ok shall we start the project
K: yeah sure oh no mein file ghar pe bhool gaya ( I forgot the file in the home)
T: oh ab kya kare(what will v do now)
K:we will go home and work if u don’t mind
T: OK ek baar uncle aunty ko bhi dekhlungi (OK once I will see uncle and aunty also)
Both of them reach sarna mansion
Abhay was watching TV UV and mahi went out on work and every one else were in their rooms

PRECAP: who were the people who were killed by kunj
So I am very sad because of the news that sidhant is getting eliminated First of all when he was quitting TEI only I cried for 2 days not jdj also

and is it true ??because I got the news that it is poonam and poornima who r going to get eliminated If sidhant is going to get eliminated then its not fair he dances so well what ever the form maybe so pls tell me who is going to eliminated
And yeah how was the episode???
Next one I will post on Wednesday as I am having tests so pls tell me who going get eliminated and how was the episode and I got a bit less comments on the previous episode never mind maybe everyone were shaken up by the news sooooooo
Bye love u all❤

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  1. Priya_

    Nice episode..
    I have a doubt.. Is kunj a vampire or a werewolf?

    1. Thanmy

      He is a vampire Priya he meant that if he(vampire) can exist why not werewolf
      And thanks for commenting

  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing… Awesome episode Thanmy…. I literally loved it…..
    Twinj scene’s were superb…..

    Yes yr even I’m very sad after knowing the news of Sid getting eliminated… Coz of that show he left TEI nd now we can’t see him more I’m JDJ….
    Gonna miss him…

    Love u ??

    1. Thanmy

      Thanq sooooo much diii but r u sure that he gonna get eliminated from jdj I want to confirm because poonam n priyanka got eliminated this week noo

  3. Thanmy

    And even thank u jisha diii apne mera update karne ke baad update kiya sorry

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey Thani
    The episode was too good
    I m loving this ff becoz it have a different concept
    U really write Amazingly
    Love u❤❤
    N yaa I m hell sad after hearing Sids eviction?

    1. Thanmy

      Thank you soooooo much shatakshi it really means a lot to me but can u please confirm whether he is gonna get eliminated or not because I will miss him badly
      Love u too

      1. Shatakshi

        Hey thani
        Its confirmed that in 6th week he n helly both r gonna be eliminated in double eviction….
        The bottom 3 r Shakti, helly n Sidhant
        Still we have some performances left becoz before him chef harpal is gonna get eliminated….

  5. Kritika14

    It was awesome! You really write well. Loving this new concept! do continue soon and all the best for your exams x Love ya ?

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u soooo much Monica for commenting and also wishing me for my exams really means a lot to me actually its like a sentiment type I’m wrote my Hindi exam really well after u all wished because I’m really bad at languages especially Hindi but that I did well thanq soooo much

      1. Kritika14

        So glad my wishes really boost you up! I hope all your exams go well ?

  6. SanamMel

    Woooow thany. It’s awesome. Post the next 1 soon

    1. SanamMel

      Sry thanmy

      1. Thanmy

        Thanq Sana Mel its OK yaa if I’m free then I will definitely try toooo post next one thank u for commenting
        Love u and keep commenting

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was just amazing..I too heard the news…I m also sad..when u said ur sad till infinity I guessed that time itself that u must also have heard the news of sidhant getting eliminated…its okay…we should hope fr the u..

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u yaa fingers crossed let’s hope for the best I usually never lose hope in anything but as everyone are confirming my hope is getting decreased day by day but still let’s hope
      Thanq once again luv u

  8. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey thanmy superb as I told u earlier u always give us something new
    Loved it
    n thanmy in jdj 6th episode there will be double elimination
    Shakti, helly n sidhant will be in bottom three
    Only one will get chance to stay back N others two have to be eliminate that means out of the show
    Sadly the two will be none other than our sidhant n helly
    N u know what same here when I got to know that sid is going to leave tei I everyday cried while watching sidmin scenes as I was knowing that I won’t be able to see him again n after his exit ………every flashback in the show of sid made me cry n this jdj news is also making me cry????????????
    Now I want my sid back now tei
    N they should bring him back
    Sorry tohra emotional ho gayi kya karu jab mere sid pe baat aati haina toh main apna dimaagi santulan kho deti hun
    Anyways amazing epi thanmy ???????

    1. Thanmy

      Hey sidmin daamini same with me I’m also crying means its so unfair though jelly is getting eliminated but still I want sidhant back I miss in TEI now also so much I want him back I just miss him soooo much anyways as said fingers crossed
      Thanq for commenting keep supporting like this only
      Luv u

  9. Sameera

    Hayeee thanmy kya epi diya hai yaar
    Loved it twinj
    Fab story yaar loving it alott

    1. Thanmy

      Thank you sooo much sameera di it really means a lot to me!!

  10. so i get 2 knw d sadness…i m also literally crying as 4 d show he quit tei…he got eliminated…bt hope he’ll come wid a blast…
    n abt ur ff loved tw pov n their convo…post nxt asap…all d best 4 ur test…

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u so much sujina for liking the episode
      Even I hope that sid will return in a blast bilkul hero wali entry
      And thanks for supporting

  11. SidMin

    Loved it waiting for Wednesday 🙂 Loved it 🙂

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u so much sidmin I will try to post it if I am free
      Thank u for commenting

  12. Kruti

    Amazing epi thanmy

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u kruti
      Keep supporting like this only

  13. Baby

    thanmy dear amazing episode yr luvd it 2 d core
    its been said dat sid will b eliminated on d cming saturday in double elimination wid helly
    n poonam n priyanka r already eliminated in yesterdays show
    yah i was also crying infct i still cry bcz sid lft d show bt i thnk he ll make a cm bck i m sure n about jdlj its being unfair elimination
    i ll kill dem surely
    btw d episode was amazing oh god post nxt asap bhot suspense hai
    luv u dear

    1. Thanmy

      Awww baby dii so sweet of you I am so happy reading ur comment
      Ya I came to know about his elimination but why he dances so well this is unfair I want him back
      Thanq u sooo much once again dii I will try to post the next one soon

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u purnima keep commenting

  15. Superb epi.. loved it.. and yh it’s confirmed he’s getting eliminated alongwith helly in 6th epi??.. ahh I so hate colors.. biased ppl

    1. And best of luck for your exams 🙂 .. you know I started to cry when I was watching his performance yesterday.. after 1-2 weeks we won’t b able to see him again in tv???.. I want him back in tei as kunj

      1. Thanmy

        Thank u soooo much sidvee
        Even now I miss him in TEI and now I can’t see him in jdj colours people r soo mean I just hope he comes back I really want him back in TEI but naman already signed the contract don’t know what happens but lets hope for the best
        And once again thank u so much for wishing me best of luck for my exams

  16. Angita


    1. Thanmy

      Thank u angita

    2. Thanmy

      Thank u soooo much angita

  17. Awesome episode dear… twinj scenes were awesome… loved it…
    Me too…but this time I didn’t understand the concept of jdj itself…it was meant to be a platform which helps celebrity non dancers to a polished trained dancers…but this time…it sucks….. really salman is a non dancer celebrity? He has won the did season and was a challenger in previous jdj…
    Was just bearing jdj for Sid…. now it is over for me…

    1. Thanmy

      Thank u so much jisha diiii
      I really don’t know what jdj is up to
      Same here no sid no jdj
      Once again thank u so much for commenting

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