REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 13)


Episode 13
Everyone in the house were enjoying and
Bebe: Arre yeh raksha bandhan toh aur bhi special bangaya UV , kunj,aur abhay ko dho dho began milgaye mei bohut kush hoon(this time all 3 of u got 2 sisters I am very happy for u all)
K: sirf kehene ke liye dho bata nahi kab aayegi vo USA se bouhut intazaar hogaya ab abhay sirf 2 nahi 3 sisters hai(only for name sake she is our sister don’t know when is she going to come from USA and abhay is having 3 sister)
A: haan mujhe aap dono se jayada behen hai yeah(yaa I am having more sisters than u all yea)
T: aur ek behen kon hai vo USA what r u all talking( who is she)
A: she is my sister after after maa papa death she was in a shock to recover we sent her to USA and till now she did not return and only speaks to us in Skype
And he feels bit bad after saying that….

T: I am really sorry I did not know about this really sorry!!!
Kunj and UV decide to cheer up his mood
K&UV: kya bola tune abhi??(what did u say just now ?)
A: kya bola Maine ??(what did I say??)
K: once revind ur words MR.ABHAY SARNA..
Uv : kya bola tune ki Sam sirf Teri behen hai haan?( what did u say that Sam is only your sister)
A: accha sorry galti se nikal gaya( I’m sorry I told it by mistake)
K: accha sorry chaloo sorry abhay ( sorry abhay)both kunj and UV start chasing him
3 of them run around the hall

A: arre mere bhabi cum beheno khadhe khadhe tamasha dekh rehe ho yahan dho rakshas mere peeche paade huye hai aur aap dono enjoy kar rehe hai( o my sister cum bhabis here 2 monsters are chasing me and both of u r watching the show )
A: rakhi bandhe na dono aake mera raksha karo( u tied rakhi no come and save me now)
UV: oy pagla rakhi iss liye bandhte hai ki bhai behen ka raksha kare behen bhai ka nahi( oy stupid rakhi is tied to save sister not brother)
T: Asia kahan likha hai(where it is written like this)
She and mahi come in between UV ,kunj and abhay.abhay is standing behind mahi & twinkle. Both UV and kunj saw mahi and twinkle and both of them were moving backwards
M: bataoo peeche kyun haa reho ho( tell me why r u going back)
Abhay was making funny faces standing behind Mahi and twinkle?and was laughing seeing their condition?
A: batoo pasina kyun chhut rahe hai bhabhiya puch rahe hai na( why r u all tensed tell bhabis are asking no)

After so much fun everyone sit together
M: this rakhi purnima is the best ever one l am so happy
Listening to the word purnima twinkle and abhays face turned pale
T:(herself) shit main isse kaise bhool gay yaar aaj purnima hai matlab full moon day aaj tho mein(how could I forget this today is a full moon day and today I will )
Twinkle gets tensed so abhay
T: OK mein chalti hoon I am already late
K: thodi dher aur rook Jau na( stay here for some more time)
T: rukna tho mai bhi chati hoon par nahi ruk sakti I need to leave bye(even I want to stay here but I can’t)
K: OK should I drop you
T: no I will manage
K: OK bye

She leaves
In the car
T: its 7:00 I need to go back home asap
Here in sarna mansion
A: mei bhi apne kamre mein jaata hoon(I am also going to my room)
K: ab tujhe kya huva(now what’s wrong with you?)
A: nothing I ate so many sweets na so stomach problem
M: should I give u some medicines
A: no bhabhi if I take rest I will be better
M&k&UV: OK bye gud ni8
A: gud ni8
Here twinkle reaches taneja mansion goes to her room and locks it she goes near window and stands near the window she sits on the railing
Its night 12:00
Moon was shining very very brightly

Suddenly on twinkle’s skin hair starts to grow she gets up and hair keeps on growing and her height increases almost 7-8 feet her face turns into a wolf and her eyeballs turned into blue she stood stiff on 2 legs her hackles raised ears were erect with her tail.
She was completely in the form of a werewolf along with her someone else is shown turning into a werewolf but face is not shown then both of them together start growling it was too long after 5-6 growls it seemed as if they grew more stronger and she started moving out she went to the kitchen and picked some fish and ate it so did the some one whose face was not shown after some time she went back to the window and howled again…………..

PRECAP: twinkle is about to fall and ….

Hello guys I know I am early so I am early because my exam got postponed its on Monday and yeah thanq so much for your support guys ur words were too encouraging u all made my day as I could not celebrate rakhi as my brother was out of station my mood was off and you all set it right and thank you all sooooooo much and yeah

Sooo guys how was the episode was it short I mean my laptop got damaged so I am writing it in my smartphone if itz short next one I will make it long and yeah not to forget
PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN- SAKSHI AND SINDHU MADE US PROUD I am soo happy CONGRATULATIONS and did I manage to scare you all? tell me about ur reviews and take care
Love u all❤

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  1. Romaisha

    Heyy!! Loved today’s episode alot .. Liked the way the gurls stood up for abhay .. N i seriously thought twinkle was also a vampire like kunj .. Anywy it doesnt maater ur ff is really spookifying awesome !! ?? sorry me n my words ??
    Please do post ASAP 🙂

  2. Angita


  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing funny shocking….twinkle wolf……mujhe toh lga vo bhi vampire h ……bt mera naam sunn k dono twinkle aur abhay k faces…..hahahah …..

  4. SidMin

    Loved the episode Interesting Please post the next part soon 🙂

  5. Kritika14

    woah? It was just so good! even twinkle is a wolf now? Loving the track. Its so unique. Continue soon x Love ya ?

  6. Sayeeda

    ?????…. Twinkle is a werewolf….. Haaan..!!!!!!! …
    I was thinking her to be a vampire like kunj but no… She finally revealed to be the one who r considered as the biggest enemies of vampire’s….

    Amazing yrr… Loved it… Awesome…. Plz post next one soon….
    Love u ??

  7. Superb epi.. and twinkle a warewolf ??.. I thought her to be a vamp like kunj.. but anyways it’s becoming interesting.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  8. Kruti

    Thanmy i thought twinkle was a vamp but she turned out to b werewolf……wow
    Amazing….awesome epi loved it

  9. Shatakshi

    Hey thani
    U know I had an intuation that twinkle is a werewolf becoz u gave a hint in one of ur episodes
    It was really Amazing
    Plzzz post asap
    Love u❤❤???

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Thanmy superb
    Everytime u just give something new
    Loved it

  11. wow dil khush kar diya…
    post nxt asap…
    n whose d nxt werewolf…

  12. Baby

    oh god thanmy amazing n i thnk d odr 1 is abhay luvd it oh god really i was scared wwoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh…hhehehe d warewolves osm dear post nxt asap n luv u alot dear

  13. Sameera

    Omg Twi is werewolf amazing yaar thanmy
    Now waiting to see Twi n kunj revenge ?

  14. Jisha

    Loved it dear… Saturday Sunday tu me thoda kam aati Hun…so late ho gai comment kerte…. some where in my mind I felt she is werewolf… Awesome episode…

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