REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You episode 11& 12


Hello guys I know I am late but I told you all na I am having exams. I was too busy with history. and history boring sorry if I hurted anyone but seriously I like only to listen to history to remember all those years ufff!!! Ok first thank u all for ur suggestions and I will post my os in September as I have to merge all of them I need little time to do that and Friday also I cant post because of my exams so in compensation I am writing 2 episodes as I am having an holiday and episodes are based on raksha bandhan hope you all will like it. And a big thanks to all who commented it really means a lot to me guys!!!!!!!!
Episode 11 and 12{raksha bandhan special}
In the forest night 11:55

Those two men get up who were been thrown by kunj near a cave they get up and watch their surroundings. They remember how kunj bit them and watch each other and get shocked as their eyes were turning red and hair was immensely growing on their bodies [vamps wont get fangs soo early they take sometime so these people r not having fangs]. They understood that they have become vamps and they were shocked. From the cave wolf howls were coming they got scared. They were frozen to their places and after some time they saw some creatures coming out of the caves. They were in grayish brown in color. They bodies were immensely covered with hair and were having blue eyes and they were very huge and some what their faces ressembled werewolves. Both of them were glued to their places. Werewolves came out of the cave they sensed vamps and looked here and there saw them. They went to the persons and their mouth was watering. They held them bit them with their fangs and killed them.and………………….

Sarna mansion….
Kunj and abhay were sleeping in kunjs room. And bebe come to them
Bebe: oyy khothe jaldi utto har roj utana hai kya ek din bhi nahi uth sakte apne app?(u both cant get up on your own even one day )
A: kya huva baby itna kyun chilarahe ho?(what happen baby why r u shouting?)
B: kya huva ek aisa din bata abhay jo maine tum dono ko nahi danta?(tell me one day abhay when I did not scold you both?)
A: ummmmm every year 23rd April and 11th March
B: kyun unn dono dino mei aisa kya kaam karte ho tum dono ?(why what will you all do on that day that I wont scold u all?)
A:arre bhool gaye baby ham dono ka birthday(you forgot its our birthday baby)
B: tu kisi din mujhe pagal banake chodega ( some day u will make me mad)kunj was smiling listening all these
A: kyun aisa kya hai aaj jo itna peeche pad rahe ho hamara(why what Is there today)
B: mei janti thi kit um dono bhool javuge aaj raksha bandhan hai(I knew that u all will forget today is raksha bandhan)
Both kunj and abhay at once stand on the bed
K&A: gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B: tum dono toofa bhi nahi laaye?(u al did not bring gift also)
Abhay smiles and gets down of the bed
A: tension mat lo bhai baby hai na( don’t get tensed bhai baby is there no)
Kunj also comes down and
K: matlab??( means)
A:hum baby ko hi gift mei dedenge( we will gift baby )
K: good idea

B: dimag kaam kar raha dono ka ufff tum dona ka kuch nahi ho sakta(are you out of ur mind )
She walks out from there and after sometime kunj and abahy they get ready and they come down
Mahi was already standing there waiting for them
K&A: sorry bhabi late hogaye hum( sorry bhabhi we r late)
M: its ok come sit

They finish the rituals ie she applies teeka to them the gives aarti and ties rakhi to them
A: baby yeh sab zarrori hai kya( baby is all this necessary?)
B: jab behen bhai ko rakhi banditi hai bhai usse vachan deta hai ki vo hamesha apna behen ki raksha karega aur chahe kuch bhi hojaye bhai apne behan ka hath kabhi nahi chodega aur hamesha uski saath khada rahega iss tuvyhar bhai behen ke rishte ko hamesha jodke rakhegi( when a sister ties rakhi to her bro it means that bro always protects her and always stands by her side support her and always thinks about his sister before him and this festival also make brother and sister united)
M: u all know the best thing I have got by marrying uv is abhay and kunj my brothers cum devars. Uv pouts while kunj and abahy give hifi and laugh
M: chalo mera gift do abhi
Babe: abhi aayi na baat pe(now you came o the point)
They both get tensed walk towards bebe
A&K: mahi bhabi the presenting you the best gift ever the only masterpiece BEBE
M: matlab gift bhool gaye(u both forgot the gift)

K: arre babhi ek lauta behen ho India mei doosri pata nahi kab aayegi aur aapki gift kaise bhool sakte hai hum?(u r the only sis in India dont know when the other one is going to come and how can we forget ur gift?)
Both abhay and kunj bring a big family collage with some empty spaces in between…..
M: why are these left empty
A: jab hamara family puri hogi tab yeh collage bhi puri hogi u know with my nephew or niece and more importantly my one more bhabi
He was teasing uv and kunj now they both decided to tease him
Yunj: aur most importantly hamari saali
All of them started laughing and abhay pouts. Just then twinkle arrives
T: may I come in
U: aao beta( comein)
T: sorry for disturbing actually ghar par aakeli thi issliye aayi and if u don’t mind can I also join u all
A: of course bhabhi
T: aunty I don’t know how par aapke paaivar ke saath ek rishta sa bangaya apne maa papa se bichad gaya hoon aura b se aakeli hoon aur jab aapke paarivar ko dekha toh aapse ek rishta sa joodgaya so may I also tie rakhi( I was separated from my mom dad and when I met your family its like I have a relation wid u all so may I also tie rakhis)all of them feel sad
Manohar: sure beta you are like a daughter to this house just like mahi feel comfortable and if u want to come you an come anytime
T: thank u sooo much uncle

Kunj was very happy for her and all of them decided not to ask about her past as she was feeling sad
A: noooooooooo
T: what happen?
A: app kis kis ko rakhi bhandoge?(whom r u going to tie rakhi)
T: u and uv bhai
A: oh I thought even kunj bhai
T: kunj is my friend friendship band bandha tho tha
A: haan
She also finishes the rituals and
Uv: gift nahi mangoge u r my 2nd sister jisne rakhi bandha
T: ummm iss saal kuch nahi chahiye aap dono mile vahi kafhi hai mere liye( ummm I don’t want anything this year I got 2 brothers that’s enough)
T: par agle saal pucca(next year cumpulsoary)
A: sure bhabi
Kunj gives an angry look to him.
Everyone laughs and spend some time together

Precap: a full moon night what do you all expect?????

A very happy raksha bhandan my dear sisters. I a very blessed to have 3 families in my life-1 my family 2- my friends 3- TU family so on this occasion if I had a chance then I would have definitely tied rakhis to all of u all but its ok now just imagine I tied rakhi to every one now…………………………………………..i want my gift and badi besharam hoon mein jo apna gift khud hi puchti hoon my gift is ur support not only to me but to everyone in this family I know that we all support each other but this will remain like this only okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haan thoda senti baate kar rahi hoon ab rona mat and yeah wish me all the best for my exams ab sochna mat ki kitni besharam hoon jo wishes bhi puch rahi hoon aisa hi hoon mein ok bohut pakadiya na aaj ok and don’t forget to tell how were the episodes
Keep supporting byeeeeeeeeeeeee have a good day!!!!!!!!!!

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