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REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 10)


Hello guys I know that I am late but I was bit busy and a bit sad too by your response that I know even that I am a bad at writing as I hate literature and I am even new to TU family if u all wont guide me who will do it ? I mean to say that I need ur suggestions to improve myself and I will see more 2-3 episodes if I don’t get a good response then…………..arre don’t think that I am showing a lot of attitude first listen to me completely if I don’t get a good response then I will still continue writing in the same way because there is a hope that some day I will become a good writer by getting a good response. u all are thinking that what is wrong with me accha don’t get irritated I will start now and one more thing pls don’t get irked the thing is I need a help from u all I will tell u all at the end becoz if I don’t start now u all will kill me I can understand ok bohut hogaya bak bak now I am starting

Kunj was now crying in his vamp avatar only
K:(himself):bigada kya tha mere parrivar ne sirf ek deal ke liye mere chacha chachi ko mar diya mere bhai ka halat unn 2 saal mein ne dekha aur uss bechari ki kya galti thi jo 2 saal aapki vajah se usse itna kuch sahana pada kyun kiya(what did my family do to u only for a deal u killed my aunt and uncle and those 2 years I saw how my bro was suffering a that girl what was her mistake she have to bear so much because of u all)
K:aap jaise logon ko iss duniya mein jeena ka haq hi nahi hai tayaar hojayeye apne bayanak moth ke liye(u both don’t deserve to live in this world now get ready to face your death)
He stands up and takes the two persons lying on the floor and runs to a forest and he throws them near a cave (by now it was evening)
{vampires have an ability run fast so fast that they cannot be seen running just like air but less than light of course no one can run faster than light hahaha}
He stands there and watches them

K: I am sorry par apne jo kiya vo galat hai mein ne dono ka badla liya and my brothers love one not your revenge now its their time to kill you all bye otherwise they will kill me also
It was almost 8:00 when kunj reached home and everyone in the family were present and abhay starts again
A:bhai thoda phele anna chahiye na bhabi chali gayi(bro u must have come a bit early just now bhabi left)
K: what (saying that he goes to uv)(abhay was confused)
K: bhaya mahi bhabi kahan gayi? (where did mahi bhabi go?)funny tune plays
Abhay hits his forehead and just then mahi comes and
M: main tho yahi hoon mei kahan gayi(I was here only where did I go)
A: bhai apka kuch nahi ho sakta( bro u r just impossible)
Kunj was smiling and everyone were going to have dinner and
K(thinking ): kyun abhay thang kichna sirf tumhe aata hai mei acche se janta hoon kit u nandini ke bare mein baat kar raha tha aur abhay mei bata nahi sakta ki mei tere liye kitna kush hoon mein ne tumhara nehi hamara badla pura kiya(what abhay u think only u can pull someones leg I know very well that u were talking about nandini and u now abhay I am so happy for u today I completed our revenge )

everyone saw that kunj was not coming and lost somewhere and smiling to himself
bebe:kunj dinner nahi karega(wont have dinner kunj)
kunj comes back and again think how he drank the blood
abhay: nahi nandini ki yaad aa rahi hogi uski smile usski words usski face unhi se bhai aapna peat bhar lega(no he must be thinking about nandini her smile her words her face he will fill his stomach with her memories)
k: tu chup kar nahi bebe mera peat bhar gaya bhook nahi hai mujhe(u shut up and bebe I am no feeling hungry my stomach is full)
bebe: aisa kya kaa liya tunne ki tera peat bhar gaya ( what did u so much that ur stomach is full )
k: khoon(blood)
whole family : what??

He realized what he said
K: jo abhi mei abhay ka peene wala hoon(now I am going to drink abhays blood) [saying that he started running behind abhay and abhay also started running]
Both of them run and whole family starts laughing and uv also runs behind them to stop them and they beat each other with cushions and have a lot of fun and finally abhay gives up kunj sits on him and uv beside them and
K: dheka pee gaya na tera khoon( see I drank no ur blood)
A: aap mujhe pe aaise kyun bhate agar nandini bhabi dekhegi tho kya sochegi(if nandini bhabi sees u sitting on me like this what will she think?)
K: tu phir se shuru hogaya ( u started again)
Every one gets up and
K: bebe mujhe sach mei bhook nahi hai aap khayeye bye good ni8 I am going to y room
A: I know I know
Every body laugh and kunj moves to his room and
K(himself): babaji pls mere paarivar ko hamesha ais ahi kush rakna aur mera bhai ka khaas dyan rakhna( o god pls keep my family always happy and especially abhay)

PRECAP: what happened to those two people who kunj threw them near a cave how did they die?????

Accha guys I forgot to ask u all whether u all guessed who those two people were who were shot by kunj???
Now coming to the help I told u all no actually ummm ….. I wanted to write an os on sidmin so I want u all to tell ur favorite scenes of twinj in tei till kunj accident in goa only till there only some scenes hope u all will help me I too have some but I need more so please I need ur help in this so u all will help me na??apni choti ya badi behen whatever plsss
And yaa thank u some much guys who all commented it really really really really really reallyyyyy means a lot to me and even the silent readers thanq and pls help me ok take care everyone I may be back on Wednesday or else tomorrow as I told u all about my exams so pls maaf kardo byeeeeeee

  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey thanmy
    Awsome eagerly waiting for the next one n Precap is mast!

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous….& twinj scenes…..ummmmm….ek toh airport wala jb kunj ne twinkle ko roka tha… jb vo sad thi matargashti wala song play hua tha… mrs amritsar me kunj ne twinkle ko ready kiya tha…..unka shaadi k pehle wala drama….unka confession… vo hotel wala scene….honeymoon pr gye the jb unka dance…..kunj ne twinkle ko bachaya tha vo wala bhi….church wala…..jb uv acting kr ra tha toh twinkle kunj k paas aane ki koshish kr ri thi taaki uv ka sach saamne aajaye……aur bhi h bhot saare….ab kuch kuch hi bataye…..srry…..& eagerly waiting for os…..

  3. Kruti

    Amazing epi thanmy……
    and regarding twinj ka fav scene every scene was my favourite….i tell u d bst 3
    1. the scene when they r drunken and r trying to kiss eo
    2.that farmhouse thing ka confrontation
    3. Twinkle ka peek on Kunj’s cheek in hospital on 150 epi of tei

  4. Baby

    hey thanmy amazing episode osm luving it
    n post nxt asap dear
    about d twinj sidmin scenes i luvd all bt if u want sm den
    d srk 1 wen sid came n dat romantic noodle date tuk place
    d scene wen ring game tuk place n dat sid askd fr kiss frm jasmin n den dey were drunk n dey tried to kiss bt a dialogue came dekhaaaaa mene kha tha na ki naak bich mein aa jati hai
    n many more yr truly i m crying ryting dese scenes
    den dere consummation scene wajah tum ho song n d game
    n den d 1 on holi sid put color on jas cheek wid his n den how jas came in btween d sword n sid n sid saved her i luvd dese all infact all d scenes wen dey were in icetruck n jas was nt responding how cutely sid gave breath to her yr har ek pal har ek scene har ek fite unki dono ka ek dusre ke liye tang hona or ek tab jab twinkle was in hospital n she was jst reapeating kunj kahan hai kunj came n said ki dr app iss siyappa qeen ko injection dijiye n twinkle ki chunni car ke tyre mein aakar atki thi n voh accident hne se bcha tha
    n d funny musical room zara sa jhoom lun mein song jahan hua tha jahan pta chala tha ki kunj ko sickle cell anemia hai
    n yr unka love confession
    n unki nok jhoks shaadi se phele
    n twinkle ne anita ko marne ki acting krke jail mein jaana kunj ke paas
    n twinj ka voh 2 3 cute kisses wala kitchen ka romance on mehndi day of twinkle in fake marriage
    everything was jst so perfect wen sidhant gupta was dere
    yr sy pakane ke liye bt srsly miss dem alot
    luv u thanmy n ll b w8ing fr ur os amazing episode luvd it

  5. Baby

    yeah yr voh airport wala bhi n matarfgashti wala bhi n jab voh usse propose krne vala tha den manohar heart attack tb jo unn dono ko tayaar hote hue spne aa rhe the romantic wale voh bhi n bhot kuch

  6. Kritika14

    Firstly, i am sorry as i couldn’t comment on the previous episode because i was traveling but i surely read it. That one was amazing and so is this one! Loved it! Waiting for the next episode. Looking forward for more of this. Honestly, coming to tell my favorite scenes of twinj in tei will never finish so its better i don’t start it. I am sure others will give you. Sorry 🙂 Continue soon and love you xx

  7. Heyy.. awesome epi.. and Tei scenes.. umm.. there are many scenes which are my fav.. I’ll tell u some:
    💕 their first meet
    💕their first fall (twinkle on top of kunj) in epi 19
    💕their FIRST marriage ( I told first cuz twinkle has done many marriages 😂😂)
    💕their first suhagrat in the hotel and jail😂
    💕their cute Nok jhoks in goa (first honeymoon)
    💕their matargashti
    💕that scene where twinkle helps kunj in getting admission in college
    💕their love confession
    💕their consummation night and morning
    💕all their sajna ve moments
    💕when kunj climbs on the ppl to get the ring from the chandelier and place it in twinkles finger
    💕their last sajna ve moment😢

    Well these are some of my fav scenes from Tei.. I remember these much for the time being.. eagerly waiting for ur os ☺

    1. 💕when kunj n twinkle find each other in that chess room
      💕when kunj n twinkle hug other in goa when kunj has pulled twinkle as she was abt to fall from the rock
      💕all their Nok jhoks

      I so miss Sid as Kunj in TEI.. hope he comes back.. and there is a never ending list of fav scenes of tei..(until 27th may cuz after that Tei is total crap)

  8. I have soooo many fav scene in tei… Twinj’s first meet, their love confession, their suhagrat… everything… Bt now everything seems incomplet without sid… Missing him alot in tei…. Btw nice epi.

  9. Sayeeda

    Hey dear first of all u r a very good writer… Infact the way I imagine kunj as vamp in ur ff is too good to imagine… Don’t get disheartened please very soon u will get more comments on ur ff….

    Coming to the episode it’s wonderful… Amazing…. Awesome….
    Specially kunj’s dialogues were fab….

    About my fav scenes… Their r sooooooooo many to tell… But let me tell my most fav one..

    Twinj first meet….
    The way Kunj consoled Twinkle when Yuvi was not trusting her love for him….
    Their all fights……
    Twinj marriage….confession…. Consummation….
    All sajnave moments…
    College scenes…. Where Twinkle acted as a pregnant lady…
    Goa scene’s.. When they went for first time….

    Their Confrontation where Kunj tells Twinkle that it was Yuvi who tried to rape her….

    Nd many r more…
    Waiting for ur OS….

    Love u 😆💞💟

  10. Ranabulbul

    Hey hey don’t u think that ur ff is boring otherwise I will kill u

    Hehe jyada ho gya but don’t be sad ok and abt my fav . scenes

    Thier first meet sajan ve moment

    Chess room wala scene
    Their non jhoks
    Their admission scene when tw acted like a pregnant lady

    Rajjo part
    Their shuru se shuru karne wala part third dates

    Mahi ki hurt ki wajah se barush wala scene

    Their dream sequence
    Their first and last honeymoon

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    the episode was amazing…loved the bond of the brother..mujhe sidmin ki sab scenes pasand hai lekin hmmm fir bi…
    the kitchen scene when mehenndi of twinkle n yuvi in fake marriage….
    n wo shadi se pehle ka uv aur kunj ki fight sunset point par jab uv ne tw ko push kiya tha lekin kunj ne tw ko girne se pakda aur kaha bf ko pitthe dek gf ko bura lagta hai..
    n wo shadi se pehle tw pool me gir gayi thi aur kunj apne baare me soche bina pool me kood gaya tha n many more…

  12. u r amazing writer love ur ff…n ab n k bromance…post nxt asap…
    sidmin all moments cherish me…
    matargasti…boxing…colz admission…wed 1st ni8…t telling k 2 sleep on bed…tw n k drench in rain…rajastani disguise…goa…t.drunk..both drunk…church…confession…imagining eo…boxing…k telling t 2 kiss if t nt remain quiet…n many more…

  13. Shatakshi

    Yaar thani mai late ho gaye
    All of them told my fav scenes
    N the episode was too good
    Loved it to the core❤❤

  14. Jisha

    Amazing…loved it…
    About twinj scenes in tei..many are there…
    – twinj falling on each other on hotel room at the start(Jasmin in white n green skirt)
    – kunj trying to be cheap to make her say no to proposal
    – Twinkle trying to be close to kunj to expose him
    – twinj first marriage n first night in hotel n jail
    – twinj fights
    – twinj giving their marriage one more trial by dating each other.
    – kunj ddlj scene, aaja sham hone aayi song, noodles scene n all
    – rajjo part,holy,kunj coloring Twinkle
    – their first kiss in ice room n Kunj’s dialogues (it happens soon after marriage)
    – swimming pool wala scene n kunj kiss
    – realization of kunj after her accident in swimming pool
    – realization of Twinkle at gurdwara
    – confession n consummation
    – last bye from kunj…😭😭😭
    All aaja ve sajna scenes…

    I know thoda long ho gaya…

  15. Angita

    I went through all you comments and I guess enough scenes
    Episode was marvelous’re a great writer

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