REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 1)


Hello guys!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you all so much for your comments it really means a lot to mean your suggestions and whatever you all want to express feel free to express I wont feel at all!!!!!!!
Thank you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh
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And the spelling of my name is not correct actually you all have to spilt and read it then you all will get correct pronunciation that is than-my for registration I did it. And this is not the story is on my own not qubool hai 4 and I did not feel infact thank u all so much and coming to Abhay’s character you all can even imagine even Vivian desai its ur wish I just wrote parth because I like him its ur wish

So let us get started……………….
A big mansion is shown with name plate TANEJAS.NOW Lets peep inside the mansion. No one is inside. It is empty. Inside in one room….room is very beautiful and a girl is standing near the window. she talking to someone on the phone(convo…)
Girl: are you sure that he is in Amritsar
Guy: yes madam our information is 100 percent correct
Girl: thank you and anything more
Guy:yes madam he is a vampire according to our info

Guy: but madam this isn’t sounds crazy I mean in today’s world do they exist?
Girl: I know it must be a wrong info thank you for the info. Bye. ENDS THE CALL
Oh so he is a vamp I thought about its by seeing those stains on my mom dad kidnapping day. and this is not crazy when I am existing then he also can. He is going to die in my hands definitely it is his fate.
Then another big mansion is shown. With a name plate SARNAS.
Iside the mansion an old lady is shown shouting

Old woman: oy! Khothe kaha ho tum dono phir se so rehe ho . its 10 o clock utho koyi itne der se soothe hai kya?(o hello get up its 10 o lock and you two are still sleeping will anyone sleep till now?)
A boy voice comes in reply
BOY: oh come on baby its only 10 o clock ab itna mat chilao kaan dukh rahe hai….(oh come on baby its only 10 o clock don’t shout my head is aching)
Old woman:chup kar mei tumhara bebe hoon baby nahi aur sar kyun nahi dukheka raat bar piyo aur subah hangover me pade raho dono ki dono khothe,pagal(shut up I am your bebe not ur baby and why wont your head ache whole night you go to your parties and drink and be in hangover in the morning stupids idiots…)

(so the old woman who was shouting is bebe and the guy who answered is revealed as ABHAY SARNA)
Abhay:arre baby mein apko kitne bhar samjaoo ki kunj bhai pete nahi sirf mein pete tha hoon aur jab mein peeke gir jata hoon toh bhai mujhe ghar le aate hai tab tak vo car mein wait karte hein aur your bebe only for uv and kunj bahi ur baby for me(oh baby how many times should I tell you only I drink and not bhai only he waits for me in the car so that when I drink and fall down he picks me up and brings me to home he wont drink and ur baby for me not bebe)
Bebe : sharam nahi aati thuje yeh bolte huye pagal khotha besharam tera toh mein(are you not ashamed of telling this u stupid idiot wait I will)
Boy: arre bebe shant ho jaavo itna gussa kyun kar rahe ho unn dono pe(oh bebe relax why are getting hyper on them)

Bebe:tu chup kar tu kuch bhi naa bolo tho hi accha hoga tera aur kunj ka pyaar ne abhay ko bigad ke rak diya(u shutup uv your love nad kunj’s love has spoilt abhay)
Uv: accha mein abhay ko samjadoonga chinta mat karo(ok I will talk to abhay don’t worry )
Bebe: haan mujhe pata hai ki tum kaise baat karogi usse tum jaa kar bologe ki chote aisa nahi karte galat hai phir vo tujhe sorry kahega aur baat khatam(ya I know how will u talk you will go and say chote you shouldn’t do like this, this is wrong and then he will say sorry then u will say its ok then finish)

Usha : bebe chodo inn dono ko mahi ne breakfast ke liye parathas banaya hai pade rehene dijiye unn dond ko apne karmre mein aur tu bhi jaa UV unke paas(bebe leave them alone let them be in their room and mahi made parathas for breakfast and u also go to them)
UV:mein unhe leke aaonga (I will take them and come)
Everyone moves to dining hall and UV to abhays room


Thank you so much guys for your support I really did not expect this at all from you all really your support means a lot to me and next episode will be published on Wednesday or Thursday love you all a lot and please comment. And even thanks to silent readers.BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE and sorry for errors.

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