The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 9


Chapter 9
Swara’s POV
Im sry sanky….i culdnt blv tht i actually slapped n it was just fr he is nt any Abhi..hes now my bf…i shuldnt hv slapped him…i dd wrong i shuld tl him sorry
one side of my heart told me tht wat i dd was ryt n tht sanky shuld b sorry….

Swara held Sanky’s hand n tuk him out of the room….sanky was burning out of anger…he couldn’t evn sense anything fr the tym….he holds hr hand tyt n takes her to her room n locks the door…..Swara is shoxked to see him so angry ..he holds her by her shoulder n shooks her
Sanky:Swara…..i tld u sorry ryt…y the hell dnt u understand???y dd u do all tht drama??….y dd u pretend to be in a relationship wid tht idiot???…y swara ??? Why dd u break,my heart???i told u sorry thn y dd u do all this??….u shuld hv said u dnt love me n nt such a big drama swara…
swara is shocked tht Sanky knws everythng….he luks into her eyes
sanky :luk into my eyes swara…..cnt u feel tht im saying the truth dammit?….cnt u feel tht im rly repenting…tht im rly regretting fr wat i dd??dnt u love me Swara???were uu just takin revenge frm me fr all ths days???answer me swara ddnt u evr hv any feelings frm me??dnt u care fr me at all Swara???
swara:(is in tears)enough plz just stop(shetries to leaves but he pulls her hard n pins her on the wall) u r hurting me sanskar plz leave me
he leaves her n goes away

Swara looks on tensed…..she goes to laksh who is packing his stuffs
Laksh looks at her…
Laksh:wat hapnd to u nw
Swara:(she tls him evrythng abt sanky n abhi)wat shuld i do lucky??
Laksh:who do u love Swara???
Swara:i..i dnt knw lucky….i dnt knw hu do i love….one way there’s Abhi hu is always thr fr me in my both gud n bad tyms….n on the other side its sanky hu hurted me so much but made me feel worthy as well…
Laksh:thn swara close ur eyes the person u see is the person u love
Ragini cms in the room n looks at both thm…thn turns to Laksh
Ragini:its tym to leave Laksh
Laksh hugs Swara n asks her nt to any decision in a hurry n to take care of his Ragu..she hugs him back n asks him to take care of himself n all the best..thn she excuses herself leaving Raglak alone..

Ragini hugs Laksh n asks him to take care of her laksh… He hugs her more tyt n asks her to take care too n not to ovr stress…..she breaks the hug n asks him to leave or else he wl miss the flight
he pulls her closer n asks her to wsh him all the best..she keeps one hand around his shoulder n other hand on his chest n kisses his lips…he keeps his hand around her waist n kisses her passionetly…….
aftr smtym Laksh leaves…Ragini bcms sad n hugs Swara
Swaragini title track plays in bg
Swara goes to her room n closes her eyes recalling wat Laksh said…..she sees Sanskar’s face
She thinks to try it again but thn she sees sanky again
swara to herself:so it means….i love i cnt do ths i cnt hurt Abhi…no i cant Abhi is be heart broken if i tl him tht i love sanskar
Abhi pats on her shoulder:but u r ready to gt hurt
swara gts shocked

6 months later

I ddnt decide abt the precap yet

n thank u soo much to everyone reading n commenting on my ff ….thnx to my silent readers too….n im sry fr any mistake n im trying my best nt to disappoint any of uu

plz guys do comment evn just a full stop to knw tht ppl do read my ff plz guys
i love u so much

Credit to: Albina

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