The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Laksh rings the bell….n Ragu opens the door….Laksh looks at Ragu wid teary eyes….she hugs him n he hugs he back n cries
Ragini:kya hua laksh???(she cries too)Laksh plz tlm wat happened
he dsnt answer she holds his hand n takes him in …Swara is shocked to see lucky in this state….she runs n kneels infront of him
Swara:Laksh wat happened ??
(He dsnt reply)Laksh dd ur dad say smthng
Laksh(angry):hes nt my dad
Swara :so it means u had an argument wid him
Laksh hugs her….Ragini leaves to bring water fr him
Laksh:i challenged dad tht in six months ill bcm more sucessful n famous than him..
Swara :Thats gud Laksh… the first tym u spoke in front of ur dad….
Laksh:Swara…what wl i do???who wl gv me work?hw wl i gt sucess n fame in six months
swara: I knw smone Who cn help uu…..i recognised ur talent…..but ddnt knw tht smdays its gonna work
Laksh:what talent???
Swara:Aree budhu??u sing so well….ull bcm the best singer
Laksh:n hu wl help me??
Swara:Abhi’s dad…..he’s in newyork….Abhi told me tht thy wer in search of a new gud singer who would perform in their show which is gonna happen in nxt two months
Laksh:are u sure ths is gng to work???wl thy lyk my voice???
Swara : Nw u r making me nervous idiot….i knw my Laksh so well….he can do anythng u cn do it Laksh ….u can do it…..soon ur posters wl seen everywhere n all wl b proud of uu
Ragini:yes Laksh n moreover we r all with uu
Laksh hugs both Swaragini n smile
Laksh:thnk uu soo much my pagals thank uu
swara punches his stomach n Ragini pulls his ears
Laksh : Ouch,,,,,ur hurting me idiots
swarag: Wl u say thanx again???
Lak:no baba …im sorry
thy trio laugh
Ap is crying while Sanky is consoling her
sanky : Dw hes gng to cm back ……he’s just abit angry wen he wl b ok hes gonna cm back
Ap:i knw laksh….ik he wont cm back unless he wl win his challenge
Sanky:thn mom just pray fr him to fulfil his challenge soon
Ap hugs Sanky

ragini is in Laksh’s arms
Ragu: hmm
Laksh:wl u b able to stay without me???
Ragu:no….i mean yes….
Laksh:u sure?
Ragu:Laksh plz….u knw i cnt live without but ill learn n pray fr uu to fulfil all ur wishes n cm back soon
Laksh tightens his embrace while Ragini rests her head on his chest

In Swara’s room
Swara finds Abhi angry…..she goes n sits beside
Abhi:Swara…i think i btr leave fr newyork
Swara:y wat hpnd Abhi???dd i do anythng wrong
Swara:thn wats the prblm???
Swara :(takes his hand n keeps it on her head)tumhe meri kassam he …telme
Abhi gts more angry n pins her on the wall
Abhi:i love uu goddamn …..i love uu n i wont b able to stay here knwin u love smone else
swara is shocked….aftr smtym Abhi gts to his senses but goes in his room without saying evn a word

Swara is in tears…she recalls Abhi’s confession n decides smthng…..she recalls hw he was wid her in her gud n bad tyms…she runs to his room n hugs him…he hugs her back
Swara:i also like u alot tho it wl take tym fr me to love u but i promise tht ill nvr hurt uu…i promise tht i wl be thr fr u always.
He smiles n breaks the hug ….thy share n eyelock….thy gt close n wer abt to kiss but smone knocks the door …thy both r shocked to see Sanskar….
Sanky gts angry n was abt to punch him but swara stops him n slaps him hard
Precap: 6 months leap

Credit to: Albina


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