The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 7


Chapter 7
Sanskar’s POV
You dsrv it Sanky u do dsrv it……she is ryt in her place…she is ryt…no one cn ever love an arrogant, greedy,selfish person lyk Stupid …im selfish,,,,,,
I love Swara…i love her….no one cn snatch her away frm me nt evn god
She’s myn n i learnt to fyt fr wat is myn

in Ragini’s room
doctor comes out n goes to Swara
Doctor:Swara….you knw Ragini is still weak…n u also tht any kind of stress myt keep her lyf in danger…..plz Swara take care of ur sis n dnt gv her any kind of stress
Swara:but Doctor she was ok ….i dnt knw wat happened all of a sudden
Laksh looks on
Doctor:u dnt need to worry ….fr nw she’s fyn u take care of her n of urself too n plz do call me if needed
Swara:thank u so much doctor uncle
he leaves
Swara goes to Abhi
Swara:u go get sm rest too am sure u must b tired
Abhi:no Swara…Lado is nt ok n obviously i wont leave u n her alone
Swara:thnk uu Abhi (she hugs him)
Laksh goes in Ragini’s room n asks Swabhi(Swara + Abhi) to excuse him fr a while….thy leave
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand n comes closer to her
Laksh:you knw Ragini……tdy i hv realised hw selfish im …….hw bad i am…..hw much i hurted uu but stl ur wid me….i am bad Ragini ……but ths bad Laksh loves u alot n can’t live without…..Ragini plz ragini forgive me plz …. I love u Ragu …..i love u so much….i promise nvr to leave uuu…i cnt promise uu tht ull nvr face any prblm but i cn asure uu tht u wont face anythng alone …

He cries n dsnt evn notice thn Ragu is conscious already n listening to him
Ragini:i love u Laksh…n i hate uu also
Laksh smiles n wipes his tears:y do u hate me ??
Ragini:bcz u cry n make me cry too…Stupid
Laksh hugs her while shes laying on the bed ..he cms closer to her n cups her face….he rubs her lips wid his thumb n cms more closer..thy both kiss passionately till both r out of breath……Ragini open her eyes n shyly looks down ….she stands up to leave but laksh holds her hand n pulls her tht her back bangs his chest she culd feel a hot breath touching her neck
he moves the hair around
he kisses her neck
N thy finally consumate their love

Swabhi r together in Abhi’s room..
Swara:so dd u gt any gf???
Abhi :ya i dd….
Swara;you’re so mean …..u nvr evn told me abt her
Abhi:shes nt my gf yet i love her alot
Swara :so go n tl ha na??!
Abhi:she loves smone else
Swara:bt still u need to tl ha
Abhi :Wat if the girl was u Swara????u love Sanky alot n i come n tl u abt my feeling will u except me???….wl u love me???
Swara:(in mind:sanskar always hurt me…but Abhi is always there fr me …i thnk i wuld choose Abhi)yes Abhi i would hv accepted ur love …tho it wuld tk me abit more tym to love uu back
Abhi:oh fyn thn ill tell ha abt my feelings soon
Swara:u need to tl ha bfr its too late
Abhi:ok meri maa….ill tell ha
Swara:by the way where is,my gift???
He opens his bag n removes a locket…wid a silver heart
Swara:wow, this is really by beautiful….shall i open???
Abhi nods
Swara opens it n smiles
Abhi:dd uu lyk it
Swara:i liked it idiot thnk u so much …
She hugs him tyt….n he hugs her back

Its mornin
Raglak r disturbed by Laksh’s phone as smone calls
first laksh wakes up…..he finds Ragini so close…he just keeps the phone,n silent n continues staring at her ….he kisses her lips…she opens her eyes,n looks at him
Ragini:U need to go home or else ur dad wl gt mad at uu
Laksh:he’s not my dad Ragini….Ragini plz dnt tok abt him coz i dnt gv a f**k abt him ……i’m only Laksh Maheshwari n this is,nvr gonna change
Ragini :ok baba dnt gt angry uk i ddnt mean to hurt uu ryt??
Laksh:ok let’s nt tok abt it
Ragini hugs him tyt n he hugs him back

Dp:wer is Laksh ???
Sanky:he’s at Ragini’s house cz she’s sick
Dp:shes sick nt dead
Laksh enters n listens this
Laksh:mind ur language Mr. Durga Prasad……dnt u dare cross ur limits
Dp:Laksh …im ur father hw u dare tok to me that way…..i cn throw uu out of the house …..all this ego n arrogance is bcoz of this money once evrythng is gone ull be ok
Laksh:fyn thn durga prasad Maheshwari ….tdy i Laksh swear tht ill leave ths house n in 6 months ill have more money n fame than uu
Sanky n Ap r shocked
sanky goes to him
Sanky:no plz Laksh u cant leave ….ma cant leave without uu…u knw tht ryt
Laksh leaves without turnin back evn once

Precap:Laksh to leave fr New york fr six months…..Swara accepts to gt married to …..???

Credit to: Albina

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