The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 6


Chapter 6:
Ragini smiles seeing sanky hurt …..while Laksh is angry to see ths….he was abt to leave but Ragini hold his hand n asks him to wait tl thy cut the cake ……
Swara:thank god Abhi u cm on tym or else i wuld hv flowed in Sanky’s emotional blackmail ……..i rly feel bad fr whatever i dd but the reality is tht he dsrvs it
Abhi:u stl love him dnt uu???
Swara’s POV
obviously its weird to tl him wat i feel……bcz the reality is tht i nvr stpd loving Sanky…..the truth is tht wat i dd tdy me way more thn it hurted Him
I love him i wshd to shout wat i felt fr him…..i thnk i Btr go n tl him sorry…i hurted him..he dsnt dsrv ths …no he dsnt

Swara’s pov ends
Abhi:oyeee pagal….im askin u smthng … u stl love him??
Swara:no….i dont
Abhi:Shona…i knw u since u wer a child …i knw wen u lie n wen u dnt….i knw u love him
Swara hugs him n starts crying…Abhi hugs her back n consoles her….while Sanskar is watching this frm far n gts angry n jealous …he goes in his car
swara holds Abhi’s hand n goes to cut the cake while Ragini is wid Laksh
A beautiful cake is brought with swara n Ragini’s statue on top of it
Laksh is stl angry ….he dsnt wanna,be part of ths anymore…..he was fed up but he stayed back fr Ragini….his Ragini
Thy cut the cake …..Swaragini feed each othr first … plays swaragini title song..Ragini thn turns to feed Laksh n she looses her balance but Laksh holds her by her waist n pulls her close ….she feels shy but he holds her by her chin n makes her look at him….she closes her eyes n thy both kiss while watches thm but thn thy both come to their senses n feel awkward
Swara n Abhi feed each other…n share a deep eyelock…Abhi takes sm icing n applies on Swara’s nose..she gts angry n applies icing on his cheeks ….she starts laughing at him…while he admires her…..n all smile at thm thnking how cute thy luk tgthr including Ragini
the only person who was pissed was Laksh….he knew tht smthng was fishy….he knew tht Swara only loves Sanskar ….what he culdnt understand is tht y she dd ths drama ….y dd she lie tht she loves Abhi
he takes Ragini in a corner
Ragini :What r u dng Laksh???wat wl ppl say
Laksh:Ragu i dnt care wat pll say
Ragu:but i do….my parents hv sm respect i cnt loose their respect fr my foolishness
Laksh:u call us being tghtr foolishness
Ragini:no Laksh …i meant..
Laksh:enough Ragini…..its enough already…….i ddnt knw tht our relationship was based on money….wen i was rich u wer wid me n nw tht u bcm more rich thn me u decided to do ths….im done wid u ragu am done….n ya its over
Ragini is shocked …..She luks at laksh who is leaving…she runs n holds his hand
Ragini: I nvr knew tht u wer lyk Sanky too u only see money…..first he insulted my sis saying she is a middle class girl…..thn wen he saw she has money he came back runnin n saying sorry n now its uu…ur also insulting me saying i was aftr ur money….(she slaps him) i hate u Laksh…i hate uu…..nvr ever show me ur face again…i hate uu….i-

before she culd finish she feels dizzy n is abt to fall but laksh takes her in his arms n goes in her room……
The party is over
everyone is in ragini room waitin fr Ragini to gt conscious….

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Credit to: Albina

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    Ragini is pregnant? Swara should make Sanskar jealous hard!

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