The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 5


Chapter 5
Swara Pov
tdy am gng to cmplt my revenge am gng pay back…..ill show him hu is actually the middle class
What dd he thnk tht i forgave him so easily…..i neithr forave nor forget
1 year ago
Swara runs to her room n recalls wat sanskar said …..she decides to end her lyf bcz she culdnt just tk the fact tht the person hum she loved the most would hurt ha so much
She takes the knife n was about to cut her wrist but smone stopped her n she hugged him tyt tlng him everythn
FB ends

Swara POV continues
he stopped me n told me tht i cnt die just bcz tht idiot left me
He gave me a chance to leave once again n am so glad tht today in the party he is gng to cm n Finally im gng to hurt sanskar more worse than hw he hurt me

Ragini comes to her
Lado:guests r here gt ready
Shona:ya am cmn
Lado:Shona …U knw wat u r vry lucky
Shona:hahaha…..y r u saying so?
Lado:u gt smone hu loves uu more thn anythn or anyone in ths whole world
Shona:i knw right ….i knw am so lucky tht i gt a sis lyk uu n a frnd lyk lucky
Lado:u forgot Sanky……actually i was talking abt him
Shona:No Ragini he dsnt….he loves our money thts it…nw tht we bcm more rich thn thm so he wanna gt me
Lado:wat r u saying Shona???r u in ur senses
Shona: Ya i’m ….im ragu (n she starts crying….she stands n goes to the window….n tls ha everythng tht sanskar dd wen she expressed her feelings to him) Ragu its pay back tym…its tym to make him feel wat he made me feel
Lado:y ddnt u tlm abt it???hw dare he hurts my sis?……i swear Shona ill help u in paying him back

Swara hugs her n she hugs her back
Thy both go to their room to gt ready

At the party
The host is on the stage …….
Host:welcome ladies n gentleman….to the bday party of the most beautiful hot n talented girls in Mumbai Swaragini
(everyone claps hands…while laksh n sanskar r waiting fr their princesses
Host:first lets gv a big round of applaud fr our first princess Ragini

Ragini cms down wearing a blue barbie dress with blue gloves a silver crown…her hair straight with bottom curl…she was luking lyk angel Laksh was mesmeirised seeing her he went n stood at the bottom stair n held her hand…..thy share a cute romantic eyelock
The host:n here cms the other beauty our darling princess Swara
Swara cms down wearing a red barbie dress ….red gloves silver long earings…her straightened open hair made her luk more hot every guy was mesmeirized seeing her including sanskar …he goes n forwards his hand but she ignores him n goes away….ppl strt laughing at him but he dsnt care….Laksh is shocked to see Swara’s attitude ….he asks Ragini about it but Ragini dismisses the topic

Host:now it’s dance tym ….there wl b a mask couple dance
everyone gts a mask
Swara goes away without anyone noticing
the light goes off n the music plays….Sanskar sees Swara n goes to dance with her…The song plays Sanam re…..
Both Swasan n Raglak dance passionately
The song is over the lights r stl off……. Sanskar goes on his knees…while holding Swara’s right hand in his left hand n luks in her eyes….n she smiles
Sanskar :Swara …i admit i hurted uu alot n insulted uu so many tyms……n nvr evn asked an apology fr it……Swara im vry sorry fr whatever i dd in the past …..Swara wuld u fgv me n be my lyf partner….Swara wl u marry me?????
Swara luks at him and smirks …..she luks up n sees smone she leaves Sanky’s hand n goes to tht person
Swara:am glad tht ur back Abhi…..i missed u so much
she hugs him n he hugs her back
Abhi:i missed u more bby
Swara:nw dnt evr leave,me
Abhi:i won’t i promise
Swara:i love uu
Abhi: i love u more
sanskar gts shocked n is heart broken everyone laughs at him n he leaves frm there
Swara n Abhi smirk

Precap:Swara to slap Sanskar….n Laksh to breakup wid Ragini

Credit to: Albina

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