The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 4


Chapter 4
FB ends
2yrs ltr
Swara stood up n went to Ragini who was sleepin so peacefully lyk theres nothing else to do in ths world except sleeping….
She takes a bucket full of water n pours It on Ragini
Swara:Happy brthday Laadooooooooo
Ragini is shocked shes cold due to the water
she stands n starts chasing swara…..Swara hides behind the door while Ragu dsnt evn notice ….Ragu thn turns and sees where Swara is hiding,,,,She pretends lyk she ddnt see n runs to the washroom she takes bucket full of water….she slowly heads towards the place where Swara is hiding ……she pours the water on her without seeing hu it is
smone screams n she gts shocked seing Laksh
Laksh :what the hell is this Ragu???
Ragini first feels guilty but thn she luks at him and starts laughin
R:Laksh u luk so s*xy
n she laughs more hard
L:u thnk its funny
he pretends to b angry
she gts upset n tries to go about away but he holds her hand n pulls her closer
She closes her eyes as he cms more closer…just thn Swasan cm thr n cough teasingly
Raglak cm to.their senses n start to pillow fyt with Swara
but thn she make pout faces n thy fgv ha
Swara:happy bday Ladooo
Ragini :happy bday Shona
Both hug each othr thn sanlak join thm n make it a group hug

Sanskar in his room sits n recalls swara n childishness n also hw much he hurt her unknowingly
1 year ago
at Gm
Swara:Sanskar i wanna tl u smthng
Sanskar:me too
Swara:okay u start
Sanskar:no u start
Swara:okay fyn ..sanky actually i…(she stops)
Sanskar:i what
Swara:i love uu
sanskar gts happy n hugs her…swara hugs him back
Sanskar:thank u so much Swara… shall we go out on a date ?
Swara:so it means u also-
Sanskar:ya ……really swara u just made my day …thank uu so much
be ready ill pick u at 9

At the restaurant
Aftr their dinner
Sanskar stands on the table n takes a mike
Swara:sanky wat u dng???gt down plz
Sanskar:no swara wait….lemme anounce smthng
Ladies n gentleman i wuld lyk to share smthng with u tdy
this girl here swara….she told me tdy tht she loves me
Me the son of the top businessman Durgaprasad Maheshwari
(he laughs loudly)
Now days its common fr me wen lower class ppl lyk her cm n propose me
Swara is shocked to hear his words while other ppl point n laugh at her…..sanskar laughs at her too she’s hurt
Sanskar:frst her sis tried to lure my bro n nw shes tryin it on me….Cheap middle class ppl
Swara cries n leaves frm thr
Fb ends
Sanskar cries:am sorry Swara … Am vry sorry i’m stl wondering hw cn uu fgv me aftr all tht i dd
Fr smtym i bcm so selfish tht i only saw money n not ur love…
he cries

Precap:swasan n raglak romance

Credit to: Albina

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  1. swara should not forgive sanky so easily

    1. Ya ….thts y the title is revenge n so she wl tk revenge
      Thank u so much fr reading plz continue reading n commenting

  2. Yar it’s short but lovely

    1. Thnk uu so much Rosey…..ill make it long frm nxt episode

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  3. it is awesome but too short please upload next part soon

    1. Thnk uu so much
      …..ill make it long frm nxt

  4. its nice but short….

    1. THNX n surely ill make it long frm nxt episode

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