The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Laksh angrily leaves in the car……….he recalls his moments wid Ragini
Laksh to himself: Y do i feel lyk u r hiding smthng frm me Ragu???y do i feel lyk u also love me but u r nt expressing it to me???wat is this feeling Ragu????
He stops the car n thinks fr a while just thn he gts an idea he decides to go back to Ragini..
He reaches thr he luks around but dsnt find anyone he decides to leave but thn he hears smone crying …..he tries to identify whose sound is it n finally realises it is Ragu …his Ragu
he runs to her room n finds Ragu sitting in down beside the bed crying ….she culd hardly breath as she cried alot …Laksh runs to her n hugs her
Laksh:Ragu plz dnt cry…..(she cries more loudly)Ragu plz yaar its enough already plz yaar plz dnt cry
Ragini:plz Laksh i dont wanna die plz …..plz save me laksh plz
She hugs him back n cries evn more thn bfr…..Laksh gts tnsd
Laksh:Ragu plz tlm wat hpnd plz plzzz
Bfr she culd finish wat she was saying she feels uneasy n rushes to the washroom she pukes blood she gts shocked Lucky cms frm behind n gts shocked too…..
Laksh:Ragu wats this???plz tlm wat happened… Ragu
Ragini:laksh….blood…last..lucky….i….l…love..u.lucky…b..but.i….dnt hv…m..much tym sry lucky am sry
saying this she faints but Laksh holds her n takes her to the hospital……

at the hospital
Doctor n nurse take ragini in the operation theatre
Laksh worriedly sits out n calls swara …he tls her everythng she gts shocked…she cuts the call n rushes to the hospital
Swara goes to Laksh n hugs him ..he hugs her back
aftr 3 hours doctor cms out n luks at Laksh
Doc:she is in the last stage of cancer
Swara:doctor uncle plz save my sis plz
Doctor:listen…..ur sis cn only b saved if she gts the same typ of bone marrow tht she used to hv bfr but tht cn only b found in ppl wid the same blood group as hers ….n the blood group tht she is rly rare to find
Swara:wch blood group
Doctor: 0-
Swara:great doctor ….im o- take,my bone marrow
swalak gt happy

Swalak :but wat doctor
doc:if u gv ha ur bone marrow ull nt hv chances of bcmn a,mother
n we r nt evn sure if ull survive
swara smiles while lucky is shocked
Swara:nthng means to me more thn my sis… ready
Laksh is more shocked he holds he hand n signs her no
She hugs him tightly n cries
Swara:tc of Ragu n urself too
plz dnt tl ha tht y i died plz
he hugs ha more tyt
Laksh:i cnt loose any of uu…ik my shona wl fyt n cm back
dnt evr tok abt dying or else ill kill myself
she keeps her hand on his lips n signs no…he kisses her on her forehead

Precap:doctor luks at lucky wid teary eyes
hw r u ol??
Plz guys tlm if u lyk o not
ik u guys wuld love to see more of swasan scene but dw soon ull gt to see their romance
thank uu so much to ol of uuuu……love uu

Credit to: Albina

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