The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 2


Chapter 2
Swara starts packing her stuffs n recalls all her moments wid her family….tears flow off her eyes n she leans against the cupboard n cries just thn smone keeps hand on her shoulder….she gts shocked she wipes her tears n turns

she smiles finding lucky there (lucky aka Laksh Maheshwari
…..son of one of the top businessman in Kolkata
He’s Swara’s best frnd)
Laksh:tu itni bari woh hai……u ddnt evn inform me tht u gt scholarship n u r leaving fr Mumbai tmrw
as he completes his last word he notices tears flowing frm Swara’s eyes….he hurriedly wipes her tears n hugs her
Laksh: wat hpnd Swara???y r u crying???Everythng okay
she breaks the hug n runs outside just she collides wid smone (he’s Sanskar Maheshwari..Laksh’s brother)
her leg strumbles she was about to fall but he holds her she holds him tight n her eyes r closed tightly too.
she opens her eyes slowly while sanskar is just lost in her beauty….they share a romantic eyelock
just thn lucky cms thr n coughs teasingly n thy both cm to their senses
Swara:thank uu
she leaves n Sanskar keeps on staring at her
Laksh :oyeee..stop staring at her she’s my best frnd n nt of ur type
Sanskar:she’s hot man….just luk at her
Laksh:Sanky behave yourself…..n y did u cm here!??
Sanky:papa has called u at home…its urgent
Lucky:nw wat happened?!!
Sanky:its a suprise …just lets go
Lucky:No wait …i hv to meet my Ragu first
Sanky:okay fast am waiting out
Sanky in mind:lemme go find that hot gal
Lucky goes in Ragini’s room
he locks the door
Ragini turns is shocked to find lucky
Laksh:Ragu…y ddnt u answer me???
Ragu:plz Laksh…i already said tht i dnt love uu
Laksh holds her tyt by her shoulder n pulls her closer
Ragini:laksh u r hurting me
Laksh pushes her on the bed n leaves
Precap:Swara faints n sanskar takes her home
Ragini tries more hard to hide her feelings
Laksh is shocked aftr gtng sm news

hi guys
thank u soooo much fr ur comments n thnks to the silent readers too
i’ll try my best to fulfil all tht u wsh in my ff
Thank uu once again n bye

Credit to: Albina

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