The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 15

Chapter 15(Last episode)
Swara reaches home….she goes to the door n knocks it….when she finds no response….she goes to the pipe n starts climbing but she slips ….she tries again n again but she slips…just she hears smone laughing she turns n finds sanky thr….she throws her shoes at him n asks him y hes laughing at her
sanky:yaar wat r u dng
swara:cnt u see idiot am climbing on the pipe
Sanky:its nt pipe….its a piece of cloth u idiot…thts y u r slipping…..
Swara:oh thts y
sanky ek bat kahu
Sanky:ha kaho
Swara:i love u so much
sanky :i love u swara
Swara :Hahaha so nw we r bf gf
Sanky: Ya
swara :im Jacqueline n ur sooraj
sanky:no we can’t b thm
swara:but y
sanky:bcoz u dnt want me to kiss uu
swara:n wen dd i say tht
sanky:just n-
she runs n falls on him….thy r nw laying on the ground….she realises the position n was abt to stand but her bracelet gts stuck into his chain…so she falls back on him…but ths tym their lips touch….he was abt to kiss her but she opens the door as she has found the key in her pocket …..she runs to her room n lies on the bed…sanky runs to her n closes the door of her room..thy r now all alone. Swara goes n hugs him tyt….he hugs her by touching her bare back she feels ths n tries to leave but sanky pulls her so closer tht thy had only an inch distance btn thm…thy both move at the same tym n kiss each other…..thy kiss like fr smtym n sanky carries her in his arms while thy r still kissing …he lays her on the bed he cms on top of her…he nw kisses her lips more hard thn slowly Moves to her neck …he moves down to her belly…he kisses it….n this tym it was out of her control….she also kisses him n thy finally consumate their love….
Its morning
Swara wakes up n finds her head hurtin….she turns n is shocked to see sankar beside her…thy both weren’t wearing any clothes r wear so close….sanskar wakes up too n is shocked thy both try to hide themselves with the same blanket….thy both try to recall wat happened last nyt but thy dont as thy both wer drunk as f**k….
Swara turns on the other n asks sanskar to change n leave….
Sanskar wears his cloths n was about to leave but he stops
he sees swara sitting thr she has also changed already….he goes to her n holds her hand….swara is crying…he hugs her
Sanky:swara….plz dont cry…plz swara….ik u r thnking wat hpnd btn us but dnt wry….ill not tl this to anyone..
swara :its my wedding tdy nn im hea wid smother guy
sanky :we ddnt do it intentionally
Swara:sanky just leave
sanky:swara…just admit it yaar…just admit tht u love n nt tht abhimanyu
swara:ya i do love but it dsnt matter…just leave
she pushes him out of the room n cries ….he recalls his moments with swara tears roll down his cheeks …..he leaves fr MM
Swara is continuously crying
……she says she dsnt want to gt married….she goes to abhi n sania
Swara:i love sanskar….i can’t gt married to uu..n ik tht u n sania love each other so i cant cm btn u guys….i rly cant Abhi…im sorry
Abhi smiles at Sania n asks her to gt ready he says the same to swara

wedding starts
ragini cms down wearing a red lehnga…she’s in veil n laksh is wearing a red n white sherwani
just thn abhi cms down with Swara she’s also in veil…she’s wearing a blue lehnga….n abhi is wearing a blue n white sherwani
thy r sitting on the mandap the pandit was abt to start the mantars but just thn sanskar cms n asks thm to stop the wedding…he angrily goes n separates swabhi
abhi:wat nonsense is ths
Sanky:u cant marry her….
Abhi:n y is that??
Sanky:coz i love her n she loves me….Swara is,myn n im hers u cant separate us
smone cms n taps at Sanky’s shoulder he turns n is shocked to see swara
Sanky:if u r hea thn hu is she…
Abhi moves the veil n sanky is shocked to see sania
Abhi tls him tht sania loves him n he loves her too…..n tls him all ths was just a plan to bring him hea n confess his love…
Swara hugs sanky….
N all three couples gt married

n lyk every story their story also had a happy ending


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Credit to: Albina

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