The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 14


Chapter 14
the episode swara thinking wat to do …..she culdnt just blv wat happened btn her n sanky……but smwer in her heart smhow she was happy….she changed in a green salwar…n went down stairs. She goes to Abhi…he gives her a doubt look
Abhi:wer u wid Sanskar???
Swara:no…y wuld i b wid him???
Abhi:u both disappeared togthr…
Swara:i went to change….i have to go apply mehndi
Abhi:rly….thn y r u blushing?
Swara:im nt
she leaves to go apply mehndi
Sanskar is happy bcz smhw he nw blvs tht Swara stl loves him n he stl has chances to gt her….but how tmrw was her wedding…..he dsnt hv any idea…..lucky cms to him….
L:sanky….r u ok?
S:no… I mean yes im ok …y r u asking
L:i noticed tht u luk tensed…..u love swara dont uu??
S:yes….no(he stammered)i dont
l:i knw u vry well Sanskar…..if u love her thn just confess it bft she gts married to Abhi
S:she wl nvr accept me
L:wat if she says yea???
Sanky is thinking….lucky leaves him alone

Sania thinks to confront Abhi….she goes to him but he avoids her…
Sania:fr hw long wl u avoid me dammit?i love uu….
Bcz of u i had to all ths bcz of uu i unintentionally broke the relationship btn sanky n swara…..only if i wuld hv knw tht my foolishness wuld push uu away frm me completely….i wuld hv nvr hv doubted on u or ur love….plz yaar forgv me plz….i rly do love uu
she hugs Abhi but he breaks the hug
A:ill only forgive uu if ull b able to rectify ur mistake…..u broke my best frnd’s heart….u broke her relationship wid sanky…now ill only fgv uu if u help thm gt back…..if u make sanky confess his love fr swara infront of everyone…..
Sania is shocked..while Abhi leaves.
swara cms to her n asks her to apply mehndi too….Sania hugs swara n tls her sorry….swara luks at her n tls her its ok…thy both go to apply mehndi
Laksh takes Ragini in her room n asks her to rest…he dsnt want her to b tired or feel unwell on their wedding day….he was Abt to leave she holds his hand
L:yes honey
R:i heard tht there’s a bachelor’s party tonyt
L:ya…..hw dd u knw???
R:so u r gng?
L:ya…n guess wat am gonna wear???(ragini fumes)the black tshirt wich u love the most ….n wenever i wear u say any i luk so hot in it
Ragini gives him a deadly glare n lies on the bed…without telling him anythng…laksh strts laughing
L:smone is jealous….Ragini smthng is burning cn u smell it…
Ragini stands n takes a pillow n throws at him
R:im nt jelous ok….u go anywhere wid any gal i dnt care okay???(she throws another pillow at him)i.hate uu

laksh cms to her n pins her on the wall…
L:wat dd u say??
R:i hate u.
L:fyn thn lemme call jane n tl her to cm wid me cz i knw atleast she loves me

he leaves her n takes his phone to call smone but Ragini stops him.she throws the phone on the bed n without wasting anymore tym she kisses his lips..he pulls her more closer n kisses her hard

Swara is applying mehndi….her frnds tease her by taking smones name in her ear n she blushes….
Sanskar stands at the pillar n stares at her just thn Abhi goes n sits beside her..
Sanskar fumes in jelousy n gts angry n punches the wall. His hand starts bleeding…he leaves n goes at the balcony
Swara excuses herself n goes to the balcony n closes the curtains…sanskar thinks its laksh n without turning he says
sanskar:i love her Laksh but its too late already…i lost her already yaar….its her wedding tmrw….lucky i wont b able to live without her….I won’t….
he turns but dsnt find anyone thr
Swara silently leaves without sanky noticing it….she sits back at her place….she is thinking abt sanskar tears fall frm her eyes…..the mehndi designer asks her the name of the groom…she says sanskar without realising as she was in deep thought abt Sanky’s confession…….the mehndi designer writes Sanskar’s name…. Abhi n Sania watch this n smile….
Sania tls the designer to write Abhimanyu in her mehndi as tmrw is her wedding too….Abhi turns n is shocked to see his name on Sania’s hand. ……she goes to him n says i hv gt an idea she whispers smthng in his ears n he gts glad he was abt to hug her but realises the situation n smiles

at night
all boys r gtng ready fr gng to the party…..Laksh dsnt go as he promised Ragini to be wid her……Sanky gts ready…he’s wearing a black T-shirt wid black combat n black lather coat..he made a punk hairstyle…he lukd hot n dashing…
In Abhi’s room
he’s wearing a red T-shirt black jeans ….with black shawl….he looked cool..he had a rough hairstyle n made him look so dashing…..

At the party
Abhi n sanky enter…..all frnds r thr but thr r no girls…..thy all look shocked
thy ask each othr about the girls…
Thy all r sad just thn thy hear a car honk…
Thy all go out n alot of girls cm inside
Sania n Swara r also thr…. sanskar n abhi go to thm but thy ignore thm
swara is wearing a black crop top wid black short hot pant ,,,her hair open straight hair..with shr black long boots
Sania is wearing a red short dress with an open back with red high heels…the straight with bottom curl made ger look hot….music plays eveyone is dancing …..swara n sania r dancing wid other boys …..n totally ignoring sanky n Abhi…..thy both go n drink wine both r drunk ….abhi goes to Sania while sanky goes to swara….they start dancing n singin

meri hath mein
teri aakhon mein sharab
thori si pilake
mujhe karle kharab

jaldi so pilade
menu dance Vance vi karna he
aaj phir
aaj phir
aaj phir peene ki tammana hai
aaj phir peene ki tammana hai

thy drink more while the gals try to stop thm but fail…thy pull thm n make thm drink too

drunk drunk drunk i wanna
get drunk drunk drunk gt me
drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk

all girls r now drunk too n r dancing lyk idiots

mene peeli do litre
to nachha me peekar
mere sath mein nachi re
woh stage pe stripper

dil bachelor piye regular
dil bachelor mange liquor

Maine peeli do litre
to nachha mein pikar
mere saath me nachi re
woh stage pe stripper

iski blue blue eyes se mujhko mota sa pack bharna he
aaj aaj aaj aaj
aaj peene peene peene
peene ki tammana he
aaj phir peene ki tammana hai

all r drunk abhi hugs sania n she hugs him back…he caresses her face n kisses her lips….she all responds to him

sanky was also about to kiss swara but she stops him….sania also cms to her senses n leave frm thr….

The party is over Swara is drunk she sings n walks on the road …..Sania runs to her…she holds her n thy both sit on the road…..sania is in her so senses but swara isnt
….sania takes swara’s phone n sends smthng to sanky
she thn stops a cab n sends swara home
she thn calls abhi n says i hv done my job i hope evrythng tht nxt happens according to our plan
Precap:Swasan ,raglak n abhinia’s wedding
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Credit to: Albina

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    1. Thank u so much dear fr lyking my ff…n i cnt express how happy tht my silent reader has commented am realy really vry happy ……im sure many ppl dnt lyk my ff so i thought to end……dnt wry ill b back with a new ff that is called MY ONE N ONLY ONE plz do read n comment……thank u so much once again dolly love uu

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