The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 13

Episode 13
its morning
Laksh goes at MM
Ap opens the door n gts happy to see laksh n was about to hug him…..but Dp cms thr n she stops…Laksh smiles n enters inside n hugs Ap…she hugs him back n smiles
…Dp fumes
Laksh looks at Dp…..
Lucky:Hello…Mr Durgaprasad Maheshwari…..its been a long six month…..isn’t it???
Dp:hw dareu tok to me this way?y dd u come hea??
L:i came to show u smthng
he holds dp’s hand n takes him out …..he points at a very big poster outside the MM with Lucky’s pic on it….he smirks at dp…
L:look at this Mr.Durgaprasad…this is my fame……im known world wide….everyone is just wishing to see me atleast once…..i hv gt 20x money that u gt………im durgaprasad…….
Im more famous n successful thn uu…..ur just knwn in Kolkata but im knwn everywhere in ths world…….(he evily laughs)n guess wat im nt known by anyone’s surname im only knwn as Laksh…..Laksh the king of hearts…..the superstar…
Dp angrily holds his collar but he jerks his hand …..
L:dont u dare evn touch me….i came here to take my mother u mistreated her alot…..
Dp:i’ll kill uu Laksh
L:i knw durga prasad tht truth is alwats bitter….but its ur choice which way u wanna take it….
Its either u take me as the winner or u thnk urself as the looser
he holds Ap’s hand n leaves frm thr
Dp looks at thm angrily while Sanky who is watching all this frm upstairs smirks
The whole house is decorated by pink n yellow flowers n cloth
its sangeet n mehndi ceremony….
Ragini is wearing a yellow n pink massakali….she sits as she’s tired n feelings dizzy…just thn Laksh,Ap,Sania n Sanky arrive……Lucky introduces Ap to Ragu n Abhi….Ap asks abt Swara but no one knws abt her whereabouts…..thy ask Ragu…but she says she dsnt knw eithet….sanky gts worried fr her evryone thr notices him thr…Music plays thy all turn n find Swara thr….shes wearing a pink n yellow lehnga…..her bun hairstyle made her look hot….sanskar gvs a sigh of relief…..she gvs abhi a watch ths out ….evryone watches ths n smiles Swara starts dancing while singing
Radha music plays

phangat pe aake saiyaan marode baiyaan
and everybody crazy on radha
chede hai humka daiyaan bairi kanhaiya
n evrybody crazy on radha
hoga woh lakho dil ka chor
humka to lage woh
huwa aisi bawra jo kehta jaye

Abhi cms on the floors n joins Swara…she gvs him a go to hell look
he continues the song
o radha teri chunri
o radha tere jhalla
o radha teri natkhat najariya
o radha tera jhumka
o radha tera tumka
o peeche peeche sari nagariya

sm of Swara’s frnds join
Radha on the dance floor
radha lyks to party
Radha lyks to move tht
s*xy Radha bhai

Sanskar N sania join too…..thy all dance tgthr
swara n sania r on one side while abhi n sanky r on the other side

sania sings n dances looking at abhi
Mathe pe pank mor
kehte he makhan chor
bhajaye basuri
bara aya chit chor
(but radha wants more)

swara continues while looking at sanky
dhoondungi charo or milega koi aur
dungi me hathoon me mere dil ki ye dor
(coz radha wants more)

Abhi n sanky go to swara n sania n continue the song
both boys sing it together

o radha radha Bholi deewani hai
o radha radha do pal jawani hai
o radha ko sambalo
koi use bata do
ke mile ga na koi sawariya

o radha teri chunri
o radha tera jhalla
o radha teri natkat najariya
o radha tera tumka
o radha tera jumka
o peeche peeche sari nagariya

thy continue dancing n partners change now its swasan n abhinia

sanky looks into Swara’s eyes n pulls her closer
hey radha radha kahe itna ghuroor bhala
chhoro ye nakhre bhi ye kesi ada

Abhi pulls sania closer n she luks away
abhi continues the song

tumne kya socha ek tum hi mashhoor yaha
lakho he gopiyan bhi humpe fidha

sanskar n Abhi leave swara n Sania
thy gv hi-5 to each other n continue singing
mana ye dunya he naari hai
shuru humse teri kahaani hai

swara n sania cm to san n abhi n hold their ears n thy continue singing

rehne de tera kanha
bhulega tu satana jab chaungi mein banke bijuriya

o radha teri chunri
o radha tera jhalla
o radha teri natkat najariya
o radha tera jhumka
o radha tera tumka o pechche peeche sari nagariya

evryone joins on the dance floor swasan r on one side while abhinia r on other side

swasan r lost in each other no but no one notices this….sanky takes shona frm thr thy go to the store room…sanky closes the door swara asks him wat he is dng but he directly kisses her lips ….she first resists but thn finally gives up n responds to his kisses
…thy move to the end of the wall…
He kisses her lips passionately
thn kisses her neck…..he continues going down while kissing her swara closes her eyes n caresses his hair……he touchs her belly n passionetly kisses it….but thn swara cms to her senses …she pushes him away n runs to her room ….she runs to her room n closes the door
precap:bachelor’s party…..

Credit to: Albina

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  1. What kind of revenge is this?

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