The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 11


Chapter 11
laksh looks at Ragu…..he cups her face n wipes her tears…she continuously cries n tries to leave but he pulls her closer n forcefully makes her look at him…she signs him to go
Laksh:i ddnt cm here to leave uu Ragini….i love uu n my child too…i knw Ragini u wer waiting fr me to cm …so tht u wl tlm abt the sign of our love….i hv cm back to marry u Ragini… make u myn frvr……to wake up wid ur smile n one day to die in ur arms(Ragini keeps finger on his lips n asks nt to tok abt death)Ragini the reality is tht whenever i see u cry i feel like im dying ….my heart stops beating…..i love uu so much Ragini …..(he goes on his knees n holds her left hand in his right hand while holding a ring in his left hand) wl u marry me???wl u make ths idiot a worth man???wl u gv him a chance to stop ur tears from flowing??wl u gv him a chance to hv uu always by his side???
Ragini smiles n nods yes…Laksh gts happy n makes her wear the ring…..

In the engagement party Sanky n Sania…..Sanky ddnt wanna cm but Dp forces him to go as Swaragini r now their business partners…

Everyone is dancing…..Swabhi watch sanskar n Sania frm far n smile…thy also go on the dance floor n start dancing
tum hi ho plays……
Swabhi feel awkward but thy dance…she keeps her hands on his shoulders while he keeps his hand on her waist…..they dance passionetly…..evryone sees their closeness n stop dancing n decide to leave thm alone on the stage…..sanskar n sania watch thm….sania gts angry n jelous seeing abhi so close to swara n so is sankar

Tere liye hi jiya hai….
Khudko jo yu de diya hai
teri wafaa ne mujhko sambhala

Abhi pulls swara closer …swara feels shy n turns but abhi holds her hands n pulls her…her back crushes on his chest ..he keeps his hand on his belly n she keeps his hand on his hand

saare ghamo ko dil se nikhala
tere sath mera he naseeb jura ….har saas pe naam teraaa

kyun ki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
chain bhi
mera dard bhi
meri aashique ab tum hi ho

Music stops……everyone claps fr thm
sanskar n sania r stl angry to see thm so close
Swabhi cm to their senses n find themselves so close to each other…thy compose thmslvs
just thn Raglak cms down….swara n sanky gt happy to see Laksh…thy both run to him …but thy by mistakely bang into each othr sanky hold on himself but swara was abt to slip …..he holds her by her waist ….thy both share an eyelock ….both sania n abhi cm thr….thy separate thm…sania gv an angry look at Abhi while Abhi smirks

Precap:Ragini’s miscarriage……swasan cute nhok jhok

hi everyone
hw r u all
missed u alot
n thank u soooo much am so greatful to see more ppl reading n commenting on my ff each day
Dear swasan fans
ur gng to have a big suprise on 15 episode so plz do not miss it
Dear Raglak fans
am really sorry fr sm reasons we wl hv to separate raglak… only sm episodes
but the interesting part is tht we wl gt to see their
.true love
.nhok jhok
.harsh but passionate dance
among our favourite raglak
Plz guys continue reading n commenting on my ff
love u so much
take care
see uu tmrw with a new episode in ”the revenge ”

Credit to: Albina

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