The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 10


Chapter 10
6 months,later
a girl is seen standing by the window holding her belly…she’s pregnant
the girl:ur dad is so bad….he ddnt evn miss us …..he ddnt call since ystrday….n ukw im gonna gv him a suprise…..he wl b shocked to see me pregnant of his child
….just thn another girl comes
other girl:areee ragini…..wat are u dng here lets gt ready its my engagement tdy???…n ya dnt wait alot cz laksh is cmn tmrw nt tdy…..
Ragini:i knw swara n that is wat am explaining to this little champ in my womb
Swara:wen r u gng to tl him Ragini????
Ragini:whom n wat??
Swara:wen wl u tl laksh thn u r pregnant Ragini???
Ragini: Wen he cms he wl see by himself
Swara:okay now gt me ready fast ….guest must b waiting
Ragini:r u happy shona?
Swara:(she turns on the otherside)of course Ragu….y wont i be happy??(she says this while trying hard to hide her tears)im gng in my room u come fast ok
she starts leaving but Ragini holds her hand…she turns around n hugs her…she cries
Swara:y dd he do ths to me Ragu???y dd he cheat on me???y Ragu????i hate him fr ths Ragu…n ill nvr evr fgv him
she breaks the hug n runs too her room
Swara’s room
she sits in her room
4 months ago
swara n sanskar r in a relationship…….
1 month aftr thy started dating
thy go to cafe shop fr coffee just thn a girl frm nowhere cms n kisses sanskar n thn hugs him tyt…..swasan r shocked…swara gts angry on her n pushes her
the girl:WTF r u dng???hw dare u push me???do u knw hu im???
Swara:i dnt care hu u r….but how dare u touch him???
Girl:im Sania malhotra,Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari’s fiance
Swara is shocked…she turns to Sanky
swara:is she saying the truth???(sanky is quiet)Sanskar im asking u smthng
sanky:actually swa-
swara:yes or no??
Sanky:yes but-
bfr he culd finish his sentence she slaps him hard…
Swara:i hate uu sanky….dnt u ever show me ur face again….cz nxt tym am gonna kill uu
She leaves
Sanskar pushes Sania away n leaves too..
FB ends
Ragini cms inside wearing a purple Anarkali….with long purple earings n her hair straighened with very light make up which made her luk lyk an angel
Ragini:u r nt ready yet??
Swara is in deep thoughts so she dsnt respond…..ragini shakes her…swara gts back to her senses n smiles seeing ragini
swara:u luk gergous….lemme gt ready too but i bet i wont luk as gorgeous as uu
Ragini:Swara maska marna band kar n go gt ready fast
Swara runs to the washroom Aftr 15 mins she cms out wearing a white chaniya choli…with silver decoration…she lukd lyk an angel…..Ragini smiles at her n makes her sit she does her makeup n makes her ready……

Aftr an hour guests start cmn…..Ragini welcomes thm …thy all r shocked to see her pregnant while shes nt yt married …..everyone starts gossiping abt she listens to ths n gts sad
the groom cms…..face nt yt shown
aftr a while Ragini brings Swara down…….Swara looks lyk a barbie….a silver necklace….wid silver earing..silver bindya……her hair straightened with bottom curl …
Ragini makes her sit …..while the groom is sitting on the otherside ……the groom is Abhi..
they make each othr wear the ring
everyone claps fr thm… plays…n everyone is dancings except Ragini….Swara goes to her…
Swara:r u ok Ragini???
Ragini:ya just a bit tired…u go dance
swara:no ragini….i wont lemme take u in the room
Abhi cms there to Swaragini
Abhi :r u ok Ragu??
Swara:look at ha na Abhi….she is nt ok n stl insisting to stay here
Abhi:plz Ragu go n tk sm rest….
He leans n goes close to Swara n whispers smthng in Swara’s ears she gts happy n hugs him …..thn she turns to Ragu n Swabhi insist her to go in the room
Ragu goes in her room n locks the door she cries recalling hw those women wer tokin abt her…she cries more but smone holds her frm back she gts scared n was abt to scream but tht person keeps finger on her lips….she turns n finds laksh.she hugs him n cries…he hugs her back n kisses her forehead

precap::raglak n sanskar sania’s engagment…..Swabhi romance

Credit to: Albina

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