The revenge – Swaragini – Chapter 1


Chapter 1
Swara POV

I cant fall weak …..hw the hell can i forget hw he broke my heart???….No Swara enough is enough u should stick to ur plan……i can’t i just can’t fall fr him again…..
(she sat beside the window frame recalling hw Sanskar broke her hear n now wants her back)
2 years bfr
a girl is seen wearin a pink salwar ….shes Swara the princess……she runs downstairs
Swara:mom….dad(she shouts as loudly she could) Mooooooom……daaaaaaad.
A lady comes downstairs wearing a saree. she’s Sumiii…..Swara’s mom
Sumiii:Wat is it Shonaa???? Y u shouting????
Swara jumps n hugs her mom
Swara:mom i gt the scholarship
Sumiii:Really Shonaa???OMG i’m so happy fr uu beta.
thy tighten the hug….just thn a girl comes down wearing a long dress n she’s the beautiful Ragini
Ragini:Swara wat is it y u shouting????
Swara:Ragini i gt the scholarship….i’m leaving fr Mumbai tmrw
Ragini:Rly Shonaa am so happy fr uu but srsly ill miss u alot.
Thy both hug..just thn a man wid age between 40-50 comes downstairs he’s Shekhar …Swaragini’s dad
Shekhar:Am angry now
both Swara n Ragini break the hug n luk at their dad
Swaragini:wat happened dad???
Shekhar:ddnt evn invite me fr the hug
thy both smile n go to hug their dad
Shekhar:Swara we wl miss u so much….y dnt u just continue ur studies here???
Swara:Dad u knw tht i always wshd to study in Mumbai
n nw tht i gt the chance i cnt lt it go(she hugs shekhar)dad no matter wer i go ill always b thr wid uu
Shekhar hugs her back n cries

Precap:Sanskar n Laksh’s entry…..swara to go Mumbai
Hi guys
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Credit to: Albina

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