Revenge Nibana Saathiya Part 1


Pari arrives in the prison. She seems irritated by the disgusting female inmates in cells, shouting ” Look at this madam, what crime have you committed?” Pari ignores them in disgust. She walks on. She thinks to herself of how Gopi and Rashi could defeat her? The constable pushes her towards her cell. In the cell, she meets two women. Pari instantly recognises one of them as Gaura.
” Oi heroine. Why are you here?” Gaura laughs.
” None of your business!” Pari shouted.
” Mind your tone, heroine. What happened, why are you so hostile? Did the Modis play a dirty joke on you?” Gaura asked.
” I was defeated by that gawar Gopi and that idoitic Rashi!” Pari shouts.
” Rashi? As in, the little girl?” Gaura laughs, hollowing with laughter.
” Not the little girl! Rashi, as in, Rashi Modi, the wife of Jigar.” Pari said.
” Rashi was supposed to be dead?” Gaura confusely said.
” She was alive and I was the one who kept her imprisoned in London. But Gopi and Ahem rescued her from London. I even stole all the property of the Modis, but still I lost. I even made Rashi kill Gopi, but I was doublecrossed and my truth was revealed.” Pari sobs.
” I thought you were a goody-goody but you turned out to be a kamini!” Gaura laughs again.
” Mind your language, Gaura. At least my plans worked. I ruled the Modis for 11 years and you could not even inflinct any harm on the Modis in a year.” Pari shouts.
” Shut that mouth of yours or I’ll break that kamini face of yours.” Gaura warns. The other woman intervenes. Pari does not recognise her.
” The Modis are our enemies. That is what we share. Us three. Pari I have never met you but knowing what you did to the Modis impresses me.” The woman said.
” And who are you?” Pari questioned.
” I am Tripti.” Tripti said.

” Tripti. As in the one who worked in Radha. Because of you and Radha, Meera lived as an orphan for 8 years!” Pari gets excited. ” But I am not so pleased that you worked with that witch.”
” Oh please, I tried to kill her but Gopi saved her. It is hillarious that Gopi killed her in the end!” Tripti laughs. Pari sits down, not knowing there is another woman in the cell. She is quite old. She has grey hair, asleep on the bed.
” Tripti, Gaura, who is she?” Pari asks, pointing at the woman.
” She has been here for more than 18 years. She also committed a lot of crimes and harmed a family. In fact, just like you and Radha, she ruled a family for 18 years.” Gaura said.
” What is her name?” Pari asks.
” We do not know. She does not speak to the other inmates.” Tripti replies. Suddenly, the woman wakes up and looks at Pari, she approaches her. Gaura and Tripti look in shock. The old woman speaks.
” I do not talk to other inmates here. I have been here for far too long. You are Pari.” The old woman says.
” Yes. And you?” Pari asks.
” We have to form a good relationship before I reveal my name.” The old woman chuckles.
” What is your story?” Pari asks.
” My story?” She laughs. ” My story is very long. When I was a young, I was in love a man. We loved each other so much, but he died. After his death, I became very depressed and mentally ill. During that period, I met a man called Om. He showed fake love and was already married. He married me also for money.” The old woman cries. ” His wife I hated a lot. You mentioned Gopi. Describe Gopi?”
” Gopi is a gawar. But she acted like a devi. She was the life and soul of the Modis. She was their protector and I tried to destroy that.” Pari said.
” Gopi reminds me of Om’s wife. Gopi is exactly like her. Her name is Parvati. I tried to kill Om and I put the blame on Parvati. Parvati was sent to prison for the death of her husband. In prison, she faked her death. After 18 years of my rule in the house, she returned in a new avatar. I was defeated and sent here. Then Om was suddenly revealed to be alive. I was released.”
” Did you get payback on Parvati?” Pari questions.
” Of course. Parvati suffered a lot. I sent her to a mental asylum and she got shocks.” The old woman laughs.
” That is what I did to Gopi!” Gaura laughs along.
” But Parvati’s granchildren saved her and I was defeated and sent to prison. Since then, I have been here.” The old woman sadly says.
” Why are you telling me all this?” Pari asks.
” Because I see potential in you Pari, Gaura and Tripti. I believe you three will destroy both Gopi and Parvati.” The old woman says.
” But why would we want enmity with this Parvati? ” Gaura shouts.
” Because if you dont, then I wont help you get rid of Gopi.” The old woman says.
” First tell us your name!” Gaura demands.

” Trishna! My name is Trishna!” Trishna shouts.
” Trishna? Now I remember you! You were running the elections once!” Gaura says.
” I was, but I had no interest in politics. Politics was just a means to an end. To rule India!” Trishna laughs.
” You crazy woman!” Pari says. ” But maybe with your help, we could get rid of Gopi. We could rule the Modis once more!”
” Exactly. Both Modis and Agarwals will fall.” Trishna says.
In the Modi Mansion, Kokila is waiting eagerely for her friend. Gopi approaches her, ” Maaji what shall I prepare for your friend?”
” Prepare something tasty and spicy. She will like anything. I have not met her for years.” Kokila says.
” Where did you meet her? And do not tell me she is your childhood friend and she wants revenge like Gaura?” Gopi laughs.
” No.” Kokila laughs along. ” She was my college friend. She was really lovely. When I recieved her phone call yesterday, she told me about her struggles in life and she has finally protected her family from harm. Today, her family is happy after a long time. She reminds me of you.”
” What is her name?” Gopi asks.
” Her name is Parvati Agarwal. She has been in politics and is a business woman. She is a powerful woman and I really look up to her.” Kokila says. Suddenly, a woman arrives at the door in a traditional sari.
” Namaste, Kokila.” She says.
” Parvati! I am so happy you are here, come and meet me my daughter in law Gopi.” Kokila says. Gopi approaches Parvati and touches her feet. Parvati gives her blessings.
” Stay happy.” Parvati says. Parvati sees similarities between her and Gopi.
” I was just telling Gopi all about you. Gopi and you are very similar.” Kokila laughs.
” Yes I do see it, Kokila. It is like seeing me in a younger version. Same personality and same sanskaar. Kokila told me all about you and what you have been through. It is great that you saved this family several times.” Parvati says to Gopi.
” Thank you. Come and sit down. I will bring the food shortly.” Gopi says. Parvati sits down with Kokila. Gopi arrives with the food.
” Gopi, where is Rashi today? Do not tell me she has gone with her mum again.” Kokila asks. Parvati laughs.
” No Maaji… she is still asleep.” Gopi says.
” It has been 11 years and she still hasn’t changed.” Kokila smiles, she never thought that she would have to scold Rashi again. Kokila was happy Rashi was back. ” Parvati, Rashi is Hetal’s daughter in law. We thought she was dead but she was kept in London for 11 years and now she is back.”
” But thanks to Krishna, you have Rashi. Always have your faith on Krishna Kokila, and everything will be ok.” Parvati explains.
” You are right, Parvati.” Kokila replies. ” Gopi, go wake up Rashi.”
” Ok, Maaji.” Gopi goes off.
” You have a great family Kokila. Reminds me of my own. Always protect your family, Kokila.”
” I will Parvati.”

Precap- Trishna says that Gopi will lose everything she has. She will lose her biggest strength. This plan will cause her downfall.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Loving it u should give classes to the writters of saathiya and I have a question will u bring in Master ji the one who killed rashi and sanskar Meeras old boyfriend

  2. They will return after the leap as will all the villains. The leap will be really good. I promise it will keep you all excited.

    1. Leap of how many years

    2. Leap of how many years????

      1. 18 years- it had religious meaning so that is why it is 18 years.

  3. Spoiler alert- meera won’t be with dharam in this fan fiction

  4. Can u bring back radha like it was shown that gopi stabed radha twice thats all so u could show a fb were radha is taken to the hospitl and survives and does drama of being dead and planning reveng please bring back rhadha and u can make others villan lile Kamla and Mani the modis old maids

  5. Can u bring back radha like it was shown that gopi stabed radha twice thats all so u could show a fb were radha is taken to the hospitl and survives and does drama of being dead and planning reveng please bring back rhadha and u can make others villan lile Kamla and Mani the modis old maids and dont forget vivaan

  6. jasmine Rahul

    Pari,Gaura n even tripti meet in jail.but im surprised abt kggk characters here.Parvati as Kokila’s friend n Parvati Gopi!Trishna was fooled by Om,so she troubled Om Parvati n ended up in jail?Did Om really fool her or is she lying?Cant believe that Om fooled her/with KGGK characters its becoming more interesting.Now all vamps 2gether 2 take revenge.
    If not Dharam ,then who is with Meera in this ff?Will dharam accept Durga?U said there will be Tolu Molu’s wedding track.Im waiting 4 that.

    1. Sorry I cannot reveal who meera will be paired with. You will find out after the leap.

  7. Love it post next soon

  8. When will part 2 come out??

    1. Today. And the leap will happen today too. Enjoy all for the next part.

  9. Normally I do not read fan fictions but this… is AMAZING. It should be the actual storyline in Saathiya, would get highest ratings ever!!

    Much loveeeee!

    1. Thank you!!!!! Next part will be uploaded today. It is quite long but will keep you all entertained.

  10. Its a unique thought on commenting parvati from kggk and gopi from sns.Its seems to be interesting

    1. Yep. It will get more interesting soon. Parvati will have a major role in this track.

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