Revenge n love story of true lovers season 2 episode 2


Sorry guys being so latea but i was suffering from high fever n cold n but now i m feeling better so thought to give u a episode so here we go

at khan vila house

asad comes house n see everyone in hall acept zoya so he searh her everywhere n dilshaad see him ask

“what happend asad u come so early u r fine na beta, dilshaad ask him

“no ammi actuly my work has been finished so early so i came, asad says n once again his eyes search zoya n dilshaad notice his acts

“asad r u searching something may i help u,dilshaad ask

“no ammi i m going to freshnup n than i’ll join u,asad says

“oh ok go ,dilshaad says

n asad goes

“sometimes asad’s act looking weired is ladake ko samagh pana muskil hai,dilshaad think

n dore bell ring n dilshaad open the door n two people near about 55 year old r stand front of dilshaad

“rashid n siddqui sahab u come,dilshaad says with happens welcome them

the girls stand n run hugs them n says abbu accept najma n she was about to go n dilshaad see her

“najma come welcome ur abbu he is waiting for u,dilshaad says with a hope

najma stop n goes towards rashid

“asalamwalekum mr. Rashid khan welcome,najma says with angry n teary face

everyone shock to listen her words n rashid hurts

“najma u taking ur abbu name says sorry to him, dilshaad says with angry face

“no i won’t i don’t have any abbu i lost my abbu 17 year ago i hove only my brothers my sisters n my ammi nothing else ,najma says with angry face n tears roll her eyes

“najma,dilshaad shouts n about slap her but someone hold her hand it was rashid

“dilshaad what r u doing she is our daughter,rashid says

“rashid y r u stop me she is crosing her limits now she doesn’t know that how to talk her abbu i teach her, dilshaad say with anger

“no dilshaad whatever she said its true i never fullfield my duties towards them bcoz they suffer most, rashid says with teary face

“yes mr. Rashid bcoz of u my ammi got always taunts n my asad bhai always suffer very much n me i never saw u i saw u frist time shirin ammi death’s ritual,najma says

suddenly zoya n ayaan come n shock to see them

“who r they ayaan,zoya ask

“he is my abbu rashid ahmed khan n woh jo humaira ke pass he is gaffur ahmed siddqui humaira’s abbu but whats going on here,ayaan says n he goes to nikkhat

“what happened here,ayaan ask n nikkhat narates everything n ayaan shock

“najma its enough he is ur abbu n says sorry,dilshaad says while angry tone

“no ammi i won’t,njama says

“its ok najma i don’t want this,rashid says

“no she should be,dilshaad says

“no dilshaad its ok ,rashid says

“mr. Rashid don’t come btwen me n my ammi ,najma says

n suddenly najma got tight slap dilshaad
“u deserve this,dilshaad says n najma about to fall but asad hold her

“wow mr. Rashid bcoz of frist time ammi slaps najma,asad says in angry tone

“no asad u r wrong i’ll try to stop dilshaad but she didn’t listen,rashid says

“oh ya as if i trust u, asad sayr

suddenly dilshaad feels dizzy n faints n zoya shouts phuphi everyone see dilshaad n shock

sorry guys but i couldn’t update few days bcoz of my health problem i hope u under stand ok bye n silent readers plz comment

Credit to: Priya tripathi

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  1. Nice episode priya..take care of ur health dear..hope ur feelin better now☺☺☺

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Very nice?? Keep writing! I enjoyed this Episode! Keep it up!


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