revenge n love story of true lovers season 2 episode 1


Hi guys I know u think that first season is not finished n suddenly second season but trust me its attached to the season 1 this story inspired from movie hate story 3 so here we go

At a cliff
5 peoples surrounded 1 man
“Today is last night in world Mr. Shaad (yes guys he is shaad)’,one the people said
“Bcoz of u five people I lost my friend trust my family n my dreams ruined y did u do this to me ha y’,shaad ask
“Oh shaad u know na we don’t need give ur answer ‘,a woman said
“I trust u but u betrayed me but Dhokhebazo ka dhokha dekh Liya ab Bharosemand ka bharosa dekhna he will come he will destroy all of u never leave I told him everything about u now u guys see the real revenge’,shaad said n a girl shoot him says alwida Bhaijaan n they goes from there

After 2 hours
Two man come a man is near about 26
years old second man near about 31 year old
“We track his mobile n his here switched
off,sec man says
“I m sorry my friend I didn’t reach the time ,’first man said n cry badly n suddenly he feel someone’s movement n see him says shaad u stop there I come there
“Rehaan bhai (yes guys he is rehaan) come see there shaad he is alive I m going to savehim”,frist man said
“No while(yes guys he is ahil)there is danger u can’t go there ,’rehaan said
But he didn’t listen him n jump n take shaad out of there shaad
“Shaad wake up look I m came’,ahil said n cry
N shaad opens his eyes
“Aahil u came I believed that’shaad says
“Iet’s go we will take u hospital ‘,ahil says
“No don’t I have time n plz promise me u will destroy that basturds who play with me plz promise me’,shaad says
“Ya I promise you I will them main unki aisi halat karunga kind Marne she pahale hzzar base marenge’ ,ahil said in anger
“Thanks ahil ‘,shaad says n he takes his last breath n close his eyes
‘Shaad shaad sha……d ,’ahil shouts n crying very badly n says – main apani sachchi Dosti ki kasam khata I will destroy all of them its my promise

So guys here I m done how is this plz tell me n comments

Credit to: priya tripathi

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Nice priya! Keep going like that! Keep it up!


  2. Very gud priya☺☺

  3. Sunehri

    Good going priya ?

    Love u

    Sunehri Mehta ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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